The Cincinnati Reds have called up shortstop Blake Trahan from Triple-A Louisville. This was their first move made with rosters now expanded. Trahan is not on the 40-man roster, so a move will need to be made to clear a spot for him. C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic was the first to confirm the news, but it looks like “Kinder Baseball” on twitter had it just before midnight last night.

This is a move that I didn’t write about yesterday, but should have now that I have hindsight. Blake Trahan has not hit well this season. He’s hitting .245/.327/.302 on the season in 129 games. It’s rare to see a .302 slugging percentage these days. What Trahan does bring to the table for the Reds is defense. At shortstop. The team has gone all season without a true backup shortstop who can play there every day. They had Alex Blandino as the backup until he was unfortunately injured, but he was more of a “fill-in” shortstop than a true shortstop. That’s what Trahan his, at least defensively – a true shortstop. Jose Peraza could probably use a rest here and there, and maybe he’ll now be able to get a few days off down the stretch.

Offensively, there’s not a lot to look for with Blake Trahan and get excited about. With that said, he has hit much better since the beginning of July. In the first 74 games of the season he hit .215/.321/.262 for Louisville. Since the start of July he’s hit .280/.335/.348 in 55 games. It’s been a big improvement from where he was at. The average is up, and thus so are the rest of the numbers. But he’s only walked 14 times in 230 trips to the plate in that span, and almost all of his hits have been singles. Don’t expect much power at all from the infielder. Hopefully the average can carry forward a little bit, though.

In a bench role, he’ll probably be used for defense at shortstop if and when needed. And while he doesn’t have a ton of steals, he’s got a little bit of speed. So he could also be used in pinch running roles if the team wants to go that route later in games.

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10 Responses

  1. Bill

    It’s and understandable move. I anticipate the Reds will DFA Trahan in the off-season. Since it will be his first time, the Reds will have the ability to outright him back to Louisville provided he passes through waivers. I don’t think he will be claimed or targeted in the Rule 5 draft due to lack of offensive upside. But if he his, Luis Gonzalez can should be ready to move up to Louisville next season although I believe he can leave as a free agent since he has spent 6 years in the minors with the Reds.

  2. Doc

    Does Taylor Sparks have the goods on somebody? Is he Castellini’s grandson? How does someone with his pathetic hitting keep climbing the ladder?

    • MK

      You know Doc I know we don’t like to think it matters but the guy got a nice bit of money by being a second round pick and they are going to attempt to get their money’s worth.
      I had a co-worker who was in Baltimore organization in late 60s who did not get a big bonus who said he knew whenever a new bonus baby was signed he would move back a spot.

      • Ribeye Medium Rare

        The concept of “getting their money’s worth” is backwards thinking. I guess that would make the Reds a backwards-thinking organization. You won’t get much of an argument from me about that.

        PS – I am not saying that you agree with the whole “getting their money’s worth” philosophy.

  3. MK

    Remembering in the Spring of 2016 when Blake got to play in a couple early Major League Spring Training games and folks commenting here had him talented enough to start ahead of Peraza if Cozart were injured. Now he grudgingly gets a month.

  4. Ribeye Medium Rare is showing that Sims has been called up. They also report that Rookie Davis has been sent to Dayton.

  5. Doc

    So Sparks and Bailey currently have the same m.o. Got it. I remember visiting Pensacola for games a couple of years ago and he was around .220. Moved up to Louisville and now he’s around .120. Not sure how that builds a successful organization. Oh, I forgot. We don’t currently have a successful organization.