The Cincinnati Reds made another roster move today. The team announced that they’ve called up Lucas Sims. That’s not too surprising given that he was the scheduled starter for Louisville yesterday, but was not used. The team kind of showed their hand on that one. The team also called up Blake Trahan, but that news got out earlier and was already written about here. What wasn’t written about with the calling up of Trahan was that in order to make room for him on the 40-man roster the team released right handed reliever Zack Weiss. He was on the minor league disabled list at the time. Weiss, once the top relief prospect in the organization, has struggled to stay healthy over the last few seasons.

For Lucas Sims, this won’t be his first trip to the Major Leagues. He’s spent parts of the 2017 and 2018 seasons with the Atlanta Braves. This season he made six appearances out of the bullpen for Atlanta. While there he threw 10.1 innings with a 7.84 ERA, eight walks, and 10 strikeouts. He has performed much better in Triple-A this season. With Gwinnett, the Braves affiliate, he posted a 2.84 ERA in 73.0 innings, making 15 starts with 34 walks and 83 strikeouts. Since joining the Reds organization after being acquired in the Adam Duvall deal, he’s been in Louisville. With the Bats he posted a 3.81 ERA in five starts and 28.1 innings with five walks and 32 strikeouts.

How the Cincinnati Reds plan to use him is unclear at this point. Though it would seem likely that he’ll pitch out of the bullpen for the time being. The Reds moved to a 5-man rotation in August, and despite Homer Bailey continuing to pitch very poorly, they haven’t moved him from the rotation yet and because of that it seems like there’s no belief that they will the rest of the season, either. Cody Reed should continue to get more starts after finding some success in his first one this season with the Reds the last time through the rotation.

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  1. MK

    For about three years the Reds selected several UCLA Bruins at a time their program was having great success. Jeff Gelalich, Beau Amaral, Zack Weiss, and Jake Ehret all selected and Zack the last one in the organization and only one to sniff the majors. Too bad his arm could not hold up.

    • Joe

      I can’t wait to see Castillo in a yr or so he Gona b u hittable he’s filthy wen he’s on

  2. MikeinSoCal

    Two guys that were expendable for the Braves are very likely to see a lot of action for the Reds. Small sample size but I think we received some talent in that trade. Surprising and appreciated.

      • Doug Gray

        Does it?

        Lucas Sims is the Braves version of Robert Stephenson.

      • Colorado Red

        Sometimes a change of venue does wonders.
        Sometimes it does not.
        Worth giving him a shot. Nothing to lose.

  3. Krozley

    If Weiss never finds his way back to the majors, he’ll join 14 others in history who retired with an “infinity” ERA.

  4. DocProc

    Lucas Sims should be in the rotation for September. Let’s see what we got. If that means Homer goes to the bullpen or just sits on the bench, that’s fine. He’s in the way. Game over.

  5. MikeinSoCal

    For some reason we don’t do it that way. Is Herrera ready?Ervin, Stepenson? Instead we see Barnhart at 1B, Bailey taking starts. Surely Suarez, Gennett need a breather. Let Herrera gets some playing time. We know what Bailey has. Let him take the rest of the season off.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      And possibly getting Homer to walk away from the contract? Would be nuts, highly unlikely, but not impossible. Ok maybe impossible.