Friday night saw one of the Cincinnati Reds top prospects, Taylor Trammell, exit the game for Daytona early after a collision in the outfield. The game log notes that he suffered a leg injury, but that report may not have much to it. The collision occurred in the second inning of the game. Trammell collided with right fielder Michael Beltre. The play resulted in a triple after left fielder Randy Ventura raced over to get the ball and throw it to the infield.

Both Michael Beltre and Taylor Trammell began to pull up on the play before colliding. Fortunately they weren’t going full speed, as both players are quite fast, and they are both quite big (Trammell is listed at 195, while Beltre is at 220). With that said, both players were down for a bit of time. However, both were up and walking around by the time the manager and trainer got into the outfield. Beltre remained in the game. However, Trammell did not. He did walk off of the field under his own power, but did go straight to the locker room when he left. That’s all that I have on the situation for now.

Bautista, Garcia extend their hitting streaks

Jose Garcia didn’t wait long to extend his hitting streak to 15 games on Friday night. He singled to center field in his first trip to the plate for Dayton. It was his only hit of the game. Over his 15 game hitting streak he’s now 23 for 70 (.329 average).

Mariel Bautista followed along the same path as Garcia. He too extended his hitting streak with a 1st inning single. His, however, was on a ground ball to the shortstop. It was also his only hit during the game, finishing 1-4 with a walk. That extended his hitting streak to 21 games for Billings, dating back to July 30th. Over the span of his hitting streak he’s hit .396/.439/.659 in 98 plate appearances.

Drew Mount also extended his hitting streak, though his was to a modest-by-comparison nine games. He racked up three more hits on Friday night – his second straight three hit game. For August he finished with a .413/.460/.606 line in 25 games played for the Mustangs. That stretch has helped push his season line to .323/.375/.511 for the former Kansas State outfielder.

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4 Responses

  1. WillieG

    Mount, a former college football player, is an interesting prospect. If he keeps up his production next year in full-season ball, maybe the Reds will find themselves with a late round gem.

  2. Jim

    We seem to have some brittle top prospects lately. I know Senzel and Trammel with 2 injuries/illness. I thought Hunter G left a game or skipped a start earlier this year before being shut down. .

    • Michael Smith

      Jim not sure why a guy who has been out twice in the second half due to running into things would qualify for Brittle. Imo brittle is i tore my acl by walking.

  3. Norwood Nate

    A guy I left off my list yesterday who I also believe has seen their stock rise is Alejo Lopez. He’s hit every year, but to do it in full season ball is a step in the right direction. Don’t know if he has the power potential to stick at 3B, but he plays 2B as well.

    Then thinking about the 40-man roster this offseason. Brice, Bailey, Finnegan, Lopez, Reyes, Stephens, Weiss, Dixon, Aquino, Tucker would make up my “bottom 10” in no particular order on the roster.

    From a quick look back through the 2014-2015 drafts there only appears to be one guy who’s a sure-fire add in Herget. Beyond that guys like Guerrero and maybe a guy like O’Grady would be considered. With Winker and Blandino needing to be added back to the roster in the offseason we’re probably talking 4-5 spots.

    At this point I would DFA Bailey (unlikely I know…), Brice, Stephens, and Weiss to add Herget and Guerrero plus the 60-day guys. If Bailey isn’t DFA’d then it’s between Dixon, Aquino, and Lopez for me. I’d like to give Finnegan one more year to see if he can regain some velocity and become a reliable bullpen piece. Reyes intrigues me as a reliever because of GB%. Tucker is useful depth as a LH who can punish a FB. I’m not completely sold on Tucker either and I could see keeping Dixon over him.