On the final day of the regular season Mariel Bautista came through once again. The 20-year-old outfielder went 2-4 with a double, RBI, and a stolen base for the Billings Mustangs on Thursday night. His hit extended his hitting streak to 25 games, and while the Mustangs will begin the playoffs tomorrow, his hit streak doesn’t carry forward as far as counting games goes.

Mariel Bautista finished the season with 56 games played and a .330/.386/.541 line. He led the team in average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS and stolen bases (16). He was also in the top 10 in the league in average, slugging, OPS and steals.

The power output has been a big break through this season for Bautista. His eight home runs are a career high. In fact, he had only hit five home runs in his career prior to 2018. But it wasn’t just the home runs, he also added 12 doubles and 4 triples to go with those 8 home runs. Here’s your stat of the day: Mariel Bautista had 24 extra-base hits in 2018 to go along with just 29 strikeouts. Let that sink in for a minute, because it’s wild.

At the midseason point of the year I released my updated prospect rankings. The Billings Mustangs season was only 2 weeks in at that point. By then I had moved Mariel Bautista up to #18 in the rankings. Mostly it was due to a few graduations, and the decline from a few guys. Still, he was a guy I had been keeping my eye on. As things sit now that the season is complete, he’s going to be moving up quite a bit more.

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  1. Joe

    Nice to see Batista take that next step very intriguing prospect with very high ceiling.. on other note those who think Votto is over paid n doesn’t earn his keep need look at Chris Davis n miggys contracts. Davis is havin worst yr in mlb history for his pay and Detroit owe miggy 30mill+/yr thru 2023! Thr are others to but I for one I’m glad and proud Votto is a red for life! The eye is what separates him it’s ok if his power goes cuz he’ll syill b productive and earning his keep in yr 10 of this contract

    • Colorado Red

      Votto has been very much worth his pay.
      However, the contract I did not like from day 1 was Homer.
      Injuries have taken there toll, but 1 win for 21 mil (more or less) is really terible

      • Joe

        At th time of signing I actually one of th few who liked it I seen homer as a legit no2 guy who on certain days had th look of a no1. I knew he was th cheapest of th 3 at the time so for th price it was good cuz cueto would’ve took atleast $150mill to sign and Latos coming off back to back good season mayb bout th same but obviously things went south in a hurry and wat we see today is a shell of himself

      • Alex

        If we would have resigned any of those pitchers it would have looked like a bad deal. They all have struggled and been injured. Even Mike leave has been a good bit worse since he left the reds.

  2. The Duke

    Bautista will be 21 next year. Not exactly old for Low A, but he’s at an age where the success he had this year needs to carry forward with minimal bumps in the road. He’s a guy I remember you talking up 2 years ago as an athlete. We’ll see come April if it’s another Billings mirage, or if the improvements were real.

    • Joe

      With Batista jus lookin at th numbers n wat I’ve seen n read up on him past few yrs it seems his growth is legit and sustainable and not jus inflated getn lucky bounces with th ball

  3. Greg

    Rabbit hole, but surprised Bautista doesn’t wear batting gloves. He’s the only prospect lately for the Reds that doesn’t seem to use them. Must work for him, so if it’s not broke, don’t change it.

  4. madoffjc

    Does he start next year with a promotion? Would seem likely to me

  5. Champ Summers

    he’s a skinny dude. Hope they can put 10 or 15 LBS on the guy.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s bigger than in the photo here, which was taken in March of 2017…. but, it’s also the only one I’ve got of him (well, I have a few, but they are all from March of 2017).

  6. polishMK

    Hi there, looooong time reader, first time poster but I just couldn’t resist anymore. Homer Bailey was finally bumped from the rotation. Mahle is in. Nice. Great site Doug btw. Keep it up! Sorry for any spelling mistakes. I’m a foreigner.

  7. RedsinWashst

    Great we needed a polish MK. Your spelling is much better then most on this site including me.