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Pensacola lost 3-2. Box Score

  • Jose Siri went 1-5 with an RBI.
  • TJ Friedl went 0-1 with 4 walks, a steal, and a run scored.
  • Shed Long went 1-3 with 2 walks and an RBI.
  • Taylor Featherston went 1-3 with a walk.
  • Tony Santillan went 1-3 at the plate. On the mound he allowed a run in 6.1 innings with a walk and 8 strikeouts.
  • Joel Bender threw a perfect inning of relief.
  • Pensacola trails the best-of-five series 2-1.

Daytona lost 3-1. Box Score

Billings lost 3-2. Box Score

9/8 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 61-76 N/A Season Complete Here Here Here
Pensacola 30-38 39-30 7:35pm Wright Here Here Here
Daytona 37-29 31-37 7:00pm Canelon Here Here N/A
Dayton 31-37 27-43 Season Complete Here Here Here
Billings 15-23 25-13 9:00pm Salinas Here Here N/A
Greeneville 28-40 N/A Season Complete Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 13-42 N/A Season Complete Here N/A N/A

15 Responses

  1. Redsvol

    not sure I’ve ever seen numbers like those –
    Pensacola – 25 men left on base
    Daytona – 23 men left on base
    That will rarely get it done – especially in playoffs. I think I’d make that clear if I was their manager.

    • RobL

      I haven’t seen that either. Especially since the box scores say 12 and 9 respectively.

      • Colt Holt

        He is talking about player stats, you are talking about team stats. Meaning, not only were men left on base, but they reached base early in the inning and remained stranded.

  2. B-town Fan

    I didn’t know that Packy Naughton had been promoted from Dayton. I guess it was for the playoffs.

    • MK

      Says something about the Daytona pitching staff that two guys from Dayton (a staff not effective enough to get their team to the playoffs a level below) Orewiler & Naughton started their last two playoff games and tonight’s game pitcher is TBA.

      • Doug Gray

        It says that two guys, Bergjans and Romero, got hurt. Tonight is Canelon.

      • MK

        Packy is now 101 innings over what he threw in 2017. Isn’t that a little concerning they would throw him out there in a high stress situation?

      • Doug Gray

        Packy threw 117 innings last year including his time in college. So, he’s only 37 innings over at this point.

  3. Norwood Nate

    Well the pitching certainly did it’s job last night. The bats and the glove (in Billings case) need to show up though.

  4. Matthew O'Neal

    Where does Santillan start 2019? Does he get a little more AA time, or start in AAA? AAA rotation looks like it could be Vlad, Lopez, Mella, Reed (maybe?), Romano (if the Reds are convinced he’s a starter?), and possible Mahle or Sims, because I truly think the Reds FO is going to overpay for Harvey for whatever reason.

    • Doug Gray

      If I had to put money on it, I’d say he starts back in Double-A. But neither assignment would be a real surprise.

  5. Doc

    Harvey is one game above .500 for a team that is 20 games under. He is second only to Castillo in innings pitched for the Reds despite not being a Red for the early part of the season. His ERA as a Red is lowest among the Reds’ starters. He has taken the ball every start that it has been handed to him. His number of really bad starts for the year is fewer than the other staff regulars each have in a month.

    They might overpay, except that the definition of a fair deal is one in which one party is willing to pay and the other party is willing to accept. They could do worse, much worse. I don’t think one can assess any Harvey signing, should such occur, as an isolated event. One will need to look at the entire body of what happens over the winter to assemble a pitching staff. Harvey signing alone will not carry the Reds to the postseason, but at this point of this season he has been better than any other starter they have.

    • Doug Gray

      Signing Matt Harvey would be stupid unless he’s willing to take $7M a year. His track record is non-existent, or just flat out bad, for the last several years of his career. Simply being the best of a terrible group of options doesn’t mean much. If the Reds want to sniff 80 wins next year, you had better shoot far higher than the Matt Harvey’s of the world when it comes to trying to improve your rotation. If it’s February and he’s out there, and you tried but couldn’t get anyone to come in, then Matt Harvey makes sense. But if that’s an actual target as you go into the offseason, you aren’t really trying.

  6. Doc

    That might make sense if you have five better pitchers ready to plug in. Problem is: you don’t. And who is to say he won’t take $7MM?

    I didn’t say you sign him at any cost. In fact, I didn’t even say you sign him. I do say you don’t automatically jettison your best starter this year, if you can retain him at a reasonable cost, when you don’t have five people better than he has been to plug into your rotation. That means there needs to be five targets out there, five affordable targets, all of who you can sign. So who are they? Surely you can name 3 or 4 who are affordable, who will come to Cincinnati, if you think Harvey is so bad.

    I recall many wizards of smart saying the trade that brought Harvey was stupid. I guess it was, if your goal was to finish top five in next year’s amateur draft.

    • Doug Gray

      It definitely was if the plan was to not trade him at the deadline or when someone put in a claim on him. The fact that this team held onto him despite being 20 games out of the playoffs is one of the most backwards things they’ve ever done. And they’ve done some real backwards things.