Guys and gals, I’ve teams up with for an offer to get you a free T-Shirt if you help support the site through Patreon (<—- You can sign up here). This offer applies to anyone that is both a new or current supporter over there. The shirt that will be available is the Joey For Prime Minister T-Shirt as seen above. The shirt can be bought directly from their website if you are interested in going that route, but if you’ve been thinking about supporting the site you can now also grab a sweet t-shirt for free for doing so.

There will be an email going out soon to everyone who is already a supporter over at Patreon on how to claim your free shirt. There will also be several reminders sent out over the next few weeks just in case.


6 Responses

  1. RedsinWashst

    My son lives in Redmond Wa. not terribly far from Canada (works at Microsoft). His name is Josiah but everyone calls him Joey. Perfect for him, Thanks Doug and

    • victor vollhardt

      Please post why you will not accept PayPal–I expect it is a money (fees) issue. That is fine one must run his business for the biggest benefit to the business. But why not post a mailing address so that someone could mail directly. Not checks—money orders only. That way the total amount would accrue to the website.

      • Doug Gray

        I certainly accept paypal. But what I can’t do is go outside of the Patreon system to accept money and provide someone with all of the benefits that come along with the Patreon support. They handle all of the backend stuff. I create my “emails” over there, and they send them out to everyone. I can’t add people to the lists. Nor delete people from the lists.

        If you want to support the site and get the emails with early access, it’s got to be done through Patreon. If you simply want to say thanks for the work, there’s a “support RedsMinorLeagues” donate button on the site that you can use paypal for. But just know that isn’t going to get you any of the benefits.