The Cincinnati Reds organization is finished with playing baseball games this year. Sort of. Instructional League technically sees games played, but they don’t count and are pretty loose in the rules. But, that doesn’t mean players are finished playing. There is a whole lot of fall/winter league baseball coming up.

Instructional league will begin on September 16th out in Goodyear. The Reds will have two weeks of instruction/practice before they begin playing games on October 2nd. The Arizona Fall League will start a week later with the first game for the Reds affiliate, Scottsdale, starting at 6:35pm MST on October 9th.

When it comes to foreign leagues, there are five leagues where Reds players could wind up. There will most certainly be players from the organization in the Mexican, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican and Dominican Winter Leagues. The Australian Baseball League doesn’t always wind up with players from the organization in it – though it more often than not, does.

It’s the Mexican Winter League that will get started first. On October 12th they will kick things off. Their season will continue through December 30th before beginning the playoffs. That same night will also see the Venezuelan Winter League begin. Their season will end a day before the Mexican Winter League, watching their season end on December 29th before entering the playoffs. The Dominican Winter League will begin play on October 13th. The regular season will run through December 17th before the playoffs begins. The Puerto Rican Winter League, also known as the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League, will begin on November 15th. Their season will be 36 games before the playoffs begin.

The Australian Baseball League is a little bit different than the Caribbean Series. Unlike those teams, who all play against each other after declaring their specific champions, the Australian League only plays against themselves. And they don’t play every day. They play a 4-game series against one team at a time, then get three days off before starting a new series against the next team on the schedule. Their season will begin on November 15th and run through January 20th. The playoffs begin on January 23rd and run through February 3rd.

Appearing on a Podcast

Earlier in the week I appeared on The Gem on the Queen’s Crown podcast with Lee Mowen. There’s a lot of baseball talk, but it’s more about me and baseball rather than me talking about baseball players. You can listen below, subscribe to his podcast here, or download the podcast to listen to later by clicking here.


8 Responses

  1. AirborneJayJay

    Is there going to be a Venezuela Winter League this year? Wasn’t it cancelled last year due to the current civil unrest? That situation is no better than it was last year and probably worse. I don’t think the players’ safety can be guaranteed in the very least. Baseball sacrificed at the hands of another failed socialist state.
    You have got to feel for the Venezuelan people. They cannot even buy the bare necessities there. U.S. troops will be needed to rescue the Venezuelan people some day soon. Then baseball can be restored after peace and prosperity are restored.

    • MK

      I think what was cancelled was their summer leagues. It is why they went to two Dominican teams for a few years. I know they have played in winter the last two years at least.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Thanks. I knew some baseball had been cancelled, but you day summer leagues. I hope Peraza is somewhere working on his defense. Maybe he can do it at home in Venezuela.

    • Doug Gray

      There’s a schedule for the winter league in Venezuela. So until I see otherwise, I’m assuming that they are playing.

      And yes, they played last year.

  2. theRickDeLux


    I listened to the entire Crown Podcast and I really appreciate the enthusiasm and professionalism you put into your work. The interview was a fabulous way to connect with you beyond the Reds and I felt like you were far more at ease doing this podcast than on any of your Unnamed podcasts. The Unnamed just never worked for me because neither you or Brian seemed comfortable and the discussions just weren’t that lively. But I liked this format that allowed your talents to shine.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Doug Gray

      Thanks Rick. I really did enjoy the talk/discussion with Lee.

      I’ll take the blame on the non-lively side of the podcast – I don’t think I’m a good host.

  3. Michael Smith

    To add on to how hard it is to host. I listen to the Skinny Podcast when he has Chad Brendal from Bearcat Journal and Rick Broering on from the Musketeer report and he is constantly stepping all over them while they are replying to his questions. It is really hard to host. I have a world of respect for people who can nail that job.