The Cincinnati Reds instructional league begins in a few days. The players are scheduled to report to Goodyear on Sunday. The first workout will be on Monday. There will be a few weeks before they start playing games, though. Games will begin on October 2nd (more on this below).

First, let’s take a look at the roster.

First Last Pos Age 2018 Club(s)


Luis Alecis RHP 21 Dayton/Billings
Michael Byrne RHP 21 Daytona
Manuel Cachutt RHP 21 Greeneville
Ryan Campbell RHP 22 Billings
Carlos Carreno RHP 19 Goodyear
Jerry D’Andrea LHP 22 Greeneville
Eddy Demurias RHP 21 Billings
Alexis Diaz RHP 21 Greeneville
Carlos Diaz LHP 26 Daytona
Ryan Dunne RHP 23 Billings
John Ghyzel RHP 22 Dayton
Alberto Gonzalez RHP 19 Goodyear
Josiah Gray RHP 20 Greeneville
Jacob Heatherly LHP 20 Greeneville
Ryan Hendrix RHP 23 Daytona
Ricky Karcher RHP 20 Greeneville
Ian Koch RHP 21 Greeneville
James Marinan RHP 19 Billings
Miguel Medrano RHP 20 Greeneville
Dauri Moreta RHP 22 Dayton/Billings
Orlando Noriega RHP 19 Goodyear
Moises Nova RHP 23 Billings/Greeneville
Lyon Richardson RHP 18 Greeneville
Oliver Rijo RHP 20 Goodyear
Eduardo Salazar RHP 20 Greeneville/Goodyear
Ricky Salinas RHP 22 Billings
Jose Salvador LHP 18 DSL
Jared Solomon RHP 21 Dayton/Billings
Aneurys Zabala RHP 21 Dayton/Great


Robert Boselli C 22 Greeneville
Hendrik Clementina C 21 Dayton
Edward Guzman C 18 Goodyear
Chris Okey C 23 Pensacola/Daytona
Hunter Oliver C 20 Greeneville
Victor Ruiz C 18 Billings/Greeneville/Goodyear
Jose Tello C 20 Greeneville/Goodyear


Jeter Downs 2B 20 Dayton
Jose Garcia SS 20 Dayton
Miguel Hernandez SS 19 Greeneville
Jonathan India 3B 21 Dayton/Billings/Greeneville
Ibandel Isabel 1B 23 Daytona/Rancho
Danielito Remy 2B 20 Goodyear
Reyny Reyes SS 19 Goodyear
Debby Santana 3B 18 Goodyear
Bren Spillane 1B 21 Billings
Rylan Thomas 1B 21 Greeneville
Randy Ventura 2B 21 Daytona/Dayton
Jonathan Willems 2B 19 Greeneville


Mariel Bautista CF 20 Billings
Michael Beltre RF 23 Daytona/Dayton
Lorenzo Cedrola CF 20 Dayton/Greenville
Stuart Fairchild CF 22 Daytona/Dayton
Miles Gordon CF 20 Dayton
Danny Lantigua CF 19 Goodyear
Reshard Munroe LF 22 Dayton/Billings
Reniel Ozuna RF 20 Greeneville
Mike Siani CF 19 Greeneville
Nick Senzel OF 23 Louisville
Andy Sugilio LF 21 Dayton
Edwin Yon RF 20 Greeneville/Goodyear

The biggest surprise, or at least the most noteworthy thing here is that Nick Senzel is listed as an outfielder. The Reds have spoken about possibly getting him time in the outfield in the future. Well, it would seem that the future is now. This isn’t terribly surprising. He’s big league ready when he’s healthy, but there’s not an every day spot open for him to play at either second or third base in the Major Leagues with the Reds right now. If he can handle some corner outfield spots – which there’s no reason to think he couldn’t, then it could open up the possibility of him playing a little bit of everywhere in 2019 without having a full-time spot at one single place on the field.

No one else on the Reds instructional league roster seems to be making the move to a new spot. The one other interesting thing from the look at the roster though is the inclusion of one player for the Dominican Summer League. Left-handed pitcher Jose Salvador is coming to Goodyear. The 18-year-old dominated for the Reds over the summer in the DSL. He made 12 starts and 2 relief appearances, posting a 1.18 ERA in those games. Over his 53.1 innings he allowed just 28 hits and no homers. He walked 20 batters and struck out 72 of the 205 he faced. You can see his entire stat line here.

All of the minor league coordinators and instructors, along with coaches from the teams throughout the year seem to be accounted for. Joel Noboa, the Latin American Field and Hitting Coordinator will also be stateside to help out. Eric Davis, Barry Larkin, and Mario Soto will also be there as instructors.

Cincinnati Reds Instructional League Schedule

If you are looking to take in some games in the Phoenix area, here’s what the schedule looks like.


29 Responses

  1. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Does i can’t remember— do you go to these games? They aren’t streamed are they?

    • Doug Gray

      They definitely aren’t streamed anywhere but back to GABP. You should be able to go to the games. Scouts/writers/photographers certainly have no problem going out there and covering them.

  2. Hanawi

    Amazing that the Reds are going to move their top prospect to another new position to accommodate Scooter. No way they can compete with the infield defense as currently assembled. They better be trying Senzel in CF to do that.

    • redlegs4ever

      So you’re saying the Reds can’t compete with their current infield defense but your solution is to put Senzel in CF to replace the only plus defender we have??

      • RedsinWashst

        He has to play somewhere and Hamilton has to go. So yes that is what I believe.

  3. Shawn

    I notice all the other OFers say eithe LF, RF or CF. Senzel just says OF. I hope they give him a long look in CF. That should be the only OF position considered. If he can’t play there Scooter needs to be traded

    • MK

      Hopefully Jamie Ramsey can provide daily information of these games like he did in Spring Training.

  4. MK

    Surprised to not see Cash Case on the list and also notable that Jeter is listed as 2B.

    • Mike

      Cash Case has a hip injury that required surgery. But that guys is the real deal he can really play it was a joy to watch him this summer.

  5. Beard

    Doug. If by chance a miracle occurs, and the Reds manage to have a starting outfield of Winker, Senzel, and Schebler, who plays which of the outfield positions. Basically, the only thing we can eliminate is Winker in CF right?

    Hopefully the prerequisite for the next manager is to understand Hamilton is the #4 outfielder.

  6. redlegs4ever

    My most recent reply brings me back to a point I’ve wanted to post for a while. All the talk about the Reds getting over the hump involves pitching, pitching, pitching, and certainly that is a problem but something that gets overlooked a lot is the Reds defense is AWFUL.

    Tucker is regarded as a gold glover and I believe overall he is good, his metrics have taken a hit this year, but one thing that stands out to me is I don’t like the way he calls a game. I’m assuming he calls his own game but pitch selection for me this year has been as big of factor as pitch execution to me.

    Votto is Votto, he will make some truly outstanding plays and some real headscratchers, his defense is on the decline slightly but he’s also 35 and it is 1B.

    Gennett to me actually took a step forward this year, he seems to be getting to more balls than I remember in the past, he’s always had a passable glove but that arm is still atrocious. Overall a mediocre 2B.

    Suarez, I don’t know what happened to Suarez. This time last year he was looking like a gold glover but this year the 2nd half he’s been below average at best. Hopefully a long season of losing and an emphasis on having an MVP caliber season at the plate have just distracted him.

    Peraza is awful at SS, I know this, Every stat says this, Every team knows this except for the Reds for some reason…

    Winker is below average in LF, horrible in RF. End of the day you can live with him in left because of the offense he brings and it’s LF which is less important than even 1B to me.

    Hamilton in CF is fantastic still, though I think he has started to lose a step, he has about 4 to lose before we get worried though. Unfortunately he will be the first person run out of town though to make room for the next bat.

    Schebler in RF is very meh, he’s hurt so much I haven’t really gotten a great read on him but all I can say is the Reds could do worse I guess. Certainly not going to win any gold gloves.

    A rebound by a couple guys like Suarez and Tucker and a signing of a true SS like Jose Iglesias would go a loooong way to helping out the pitching we already have. Though I would still supplement it if there’s reasonable arms to be had via trade/free agency.

    • Mike in Ottawa

      Why not move Peraza to CF? Upgrade in offense from the position. Defense, while not Billie’s still pretty decent. That keeps Senzel in the infield….

      • Doug Gray

        If you move Peraza to center then you have no shortstop. Nick Senzel isn’t a shortstop. Just leaves you with a tougher position to fill, and one where you don’t have a prospect or two ready to step into in the next 6-18 months like you do in center.

      • redlegs4ever

        Peraza was pretty iffy in CF in limited showings in the past. Plus Jose Peraza isn’t exactly a player I’m looking to lock down a position full time. He’s not good defensively anywhere, 2B is passable, and even in this “really good year” Brennamen won’t stop talking about he’s below league average offensively. I think his value as the backup middle infielder and occasional OF might be decent but he’s also Arb Eligible this offseason (Super Two) so frankly I would try to move him to some team more hard up and backwards thinking than us, like some such team exists lol.

      • Mike Salmans

        I wouldn’t worry to much about CF the Reds have several outfielders coming up that will be able to play any outfield position. Drew Mount, Mariel Bautista and Zeke White are three guys that can get the job done.

  7. Patmc

    Any idea what the scouting report on Jose Salvador is? Looks like he put up some big time stats!

  8. rgslone

    If your two best trade chips are both also your 3B of the future, then logically it would seem the smart move is to pick one and trade the other. Taking a player who’s value is significantly higher as a 3B (because of his offensive and defensive skill set combination at that position) and trying to shoe-horn him into another position (positions where you already have good current and potential future options) just to get him into the line-up somewhere is, in my estimation, not a smart use of assets – assuming one of those assets is valuable enough to bring you what you desperately need in return.

    • RobL

      Javier Baez from short to second. Alex Bregman, from short to third. Andrew Benentendi, from center to left. The league is full of players who could be “more valuable” at a position that they aren’t currently playing. If a player is special, you find a place to put him. Everyone knows Senzel and India are quality defenders at third. But they also know that they are blocked by Suarez, so they will try and take advantage of that in trade discussions. If the Reds show that they can use these guys in different ways, then it only boosts any possible trade discussions.

  9. AirborneJayJay

    Instructional League. Is this where the Reds try to instill some sense of basic baseball fundamentals in to their young players? I only saw 2 players listed above A+ ball, Senzel and Okey. With the Reds fundamentals, or more to the point a lack thereof, I would say some extra instructors are needed there. Or a new set of instructors altogether. The Reds players’ fundamentals displayed under INTERIM Manager Jim Riggleman are especially poor. Bad fielding, bad base running, and very bad bunting skills are the norm with the Reds under Riggleman.
    Can a “winning culture” be sown and reaped from the Instructional League? The Reds minor league teams were all pretty poor in the win/loss column this year- again. The 3 playoff teams were there only as a result of a winning record in one half of a season, as the other half for those teams were sub .500 halves.
    So where does this “winning culture” come from that the Reds front office talks about?

    • Doug Gray

      Instructional league is almost always for the younger guys to get more individual instruction. You’ll see some older guys tossed in who missed time, or in some cases, are trying out new positions to see if it’ll work.

      There are almost as many coaches out there as players. I didn’t list them, but between the coordinators (these guys are coaches), the special assistants to the GM (Davis/Larkin/Soto) and instructors, there are 26 in total. That doesn’t include Frank Pfister, who is listed as the mental skills coach – but is also a former player and does get on the field at times with the guys.

      The winning culture at the big league level is going to come from the same place it’s literally always come from: Getting better players. There’s no sugar coating it. Better players is going to lead to more wins. It’s not culture. It’s not wanting it more. It’s flat out more talent. Anything else, any belief other than that is crazy talk.

      • IMHO

        “individual instruction” because they see something in them and want to “cultivate” it?

        So perhaps the Red’s winning culture is developing what you have to make it better – to get the best possible results.

  10. shaggy

    I do believe instructional league is where Billy learned to play centerfield. It would be great if Senzel could spell time in all 3 outfield positions and play in the infield as a super utility person. Until his performance or the performance of somebody else warrants him to take a certain position full time. I’m really not as worried this off season on the position players, they are adequate enough to win games. What we need is better pitching, or better use of our pitchers that we currently have. If we have another offseason of not acquiring a solid pitcher or two, we will be stuck in the same limbo we have been in for the last several years.

  11. Jim t

    I hope the Reds give Senzel a lot of instruction in CF. He has the speed, arm and athletism to play there. Also if he can play there the move to a corner spot shouldn’t be a issue if it’s needed.

  12. IMHO

    29 pitchers — 25 RHP – 4 LHP (2SP/2RP)

    what’s the thoughts on what they will focus on?