The last update that we had on the longest home runs list was for the ones hit in the first half of August. With the season ending the first week of September, I decided to just hold off on an end of August update and lump in whatever happened in September with that final update. Today is that day.

As a reminder, some of these distances come from the Trackman system, and some of them are me using video replay and google maps measurement tool. My “estimations” using video replay and google maps, when compared to known distances on Trackman home runs is pretty accurate – usually within 5-10 feet unless there was a big wind blowing out that day. I feel confident the two are accurate to compare.

The final three weeks of the season have the usual suspects at the top of the list. Pabel Manzanero, who at one point had the longest home run in the entire organization (Majors and Minors), tops the list with a 441 blast on August 19th. The next longest home run of the final three weeks goes to Ibandel Isabel. He crushed 37 of them on the season if we count the playoffs. His home run on August 26th went 434 feet for Daytona. But that’s where the young guys start to show up on the list. Down in the Arizona Rookie League AZL Reds outfielder Danny Lantigua match Isabel with a 434 foot home run of his own. That same day saw Debby Santana crush one 429 feet. He’s 17-years-old. Silly stuff.

Here’s the top 34 home runs from the final stretch of the season:

Date Player Distance
19-Aug Pabel Manzanero 441
26-Aug Ibandel Isabel 434
18-Aug Danny Lantigua 434
18-Aug Debby Santana 429
2-Sep Gabby Guerrero 427
26-Aug Justin Bellinger 427
17-Aug Drew Mount 427
20-Aug Pabel Manzanero 424
28-Aug Ibandel Isabel 423
22-Aug Courtney Hawkins 423
1-Sep Aristides Aquino 421
18-Aug Edwin Yon 421
2-Sep Shed Long 417
20-Aug Brian Rey 417
10-Sep Ibandel Isabel 416
24-Aug Josh VanMeter 415
18-Aug Edwin Yon 414
30-Aug Mariel Bautista 413
28-Aug Juan Martinez 413
23-Aug Stuart Fairchild 413
2-Sep Morgan Lofstrom 412
19-Aug Taylor Sparks 410
27-Aug Brian O’Grady 409
19-Aug Drew Mount 408
18-Aug Danny Lantigua 406
2-Sep Jeter Downs 405
28-Aug Ibandel Isabel 405
30-Aug Taylor Featherston 404
29-Aug Brian Rey 404
22-Aug Gavin LaValley 404
21-Aug Gavin LaValley 404
31-Aug Taylor Sparks 403
30-Aug Pabel Manzanero 402
27-Aug D.J. Peterson 402

There were 69 home runs tracked over this time period and the above 34 account for ones that went at least 400 feet.

Usually I would toss in the Top 10 list for the season, but there will be another poster later this week with all of the data for the entire season – including a new longest home run of the year that I was able to get information on from earlier in the year that was missed. But we’ll get to that later.

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