The 2018 season was the second year that I kept track of as many home run distances as possible on the Cincinnati Reds farm system. This year went much better than 2017, both in terms of the total number of home runs that were tracked, as well as the longest home runs on the season. In 2017 I was able to gather data on 270 home runs. This year that number jumped up to 433 home runs tracked. Some of that data is from the Trackman system. It’s installed in all of the Reds, and other minor league parks in minor league baseball. Other data is from using video and google maps measurement tool. When cross referencing the data the video review is usually within 5-10 feet, so the numbers are ones that I’m confident are very comparable.

The longest home run of the 2018 season was also one that came in the final stretch of the year. Leonardo Seminati was playing for the AZL Reds on August 13th when he hit a 477 foot home run. Unfortunately there is no available video of that home run. There is, however, video of the second longest home run of the year. That one fell 10 feet short of the one hit by Seminati. Pabel Manzanero hit two home runs on July 23rd for Billings, and one of them went 467 feet.

The longest home run hit by a Cincinnati Reds in the Major Leagues this season was 451 feet by Eugenio Suarez. There were nine home runs hit in the minors this season by Reds prospects that went further than that. Here’s the Top 10:

Date Player Distance
13-Aug Leonardo Seminati 477
23-Jul Pabel Manzanero 467
4-May Hendrik Clementina 465
22-Jul Chris Okey 463
18-Jul Chris Okey 463
14-Aug Hendrik Clementina 459
14-Aug Ibandel Isabel 452
29-Jul Juan Martinez 452
11-May Brandon Dixon 452
10-Jul Reshard Munroe 451

Two players show up in the top 10 twice. Hendrik Clementina hit 18 home runs in 96 games played for Dayton. He held the top spot on the list for quite a while after a long home run in early May. His power was on display throughout the season. Chris Okey, however, was a different story. Coming out of college he was known to have good pop, especially for a catcher. But injuries haven’t helped him display it with any sort of consistency since then. He hit seven home runs this season and slugged just .315 on the year. But the raw power was on display a few times and two different 463 foot home runs certainly showed it.

What is perhaps a bit surprising is that Ibanel Isabel only showed up on the list once with a 452 foot home run. His power, both current and raw, is unrivaled in the organization. He was responsible for 36 home runs this year for Daytona (including the playoffs), and one more before he entered the organization via trade in late April. While his longest home run was 452 feet, but that was only one of 21 on the year that he hit 400+ feet. No player outside of Isabel even hit 21 home runs on the year, much less hit that many 400+ feet.

In rookie ball it was Pabel Manzanero who sticks out like a sore thumb. He hit nine total home runs, including the second longest of the year. But only one of his home runs didn’t reach 400 feet. However, he wasn’t alone. 19-year-old Juan Martinez hit eight home runs on the year, and six of them went 400+ feet. 17-year-old Debby Santana had a tough start to the year in the Arizona Rookie League, but he came on strong down the stretch. Three of his home runs, of his six, went 400+ feet.

The pitchers got in on the home run games, too. Keury Mella, Brandon Finnegan and Rookie Davis went deep this season. Mella’s home run was an opposite field shot at the end of May that went 326 feet. Davis show off plenty of pop, cracking his home run an impressive 414 feet while rehabbing with Pensacola. Brandon Finnegan fell in the middle with a 370 foot blast for Louisville.

Longest Home Runs of the 2018 Season

Date Player Distance
13-Aug Leonardo Seminati 477
23-Jul Pabel Manzanero 467
4-May Hendrik Clementina 465
22-Jul Chris Okey 463
18-Jul Chris Okey 463
14-Aug Hendrik Clementina 459
29-Jul Juan Martinez 452
14-Aug Ibandel Isabel 452
11-May Brandon Dixon 452
10-Jul Reshard Munroe 451
29-Jun Mitch Nay 447
8-Aug Brian O’Grady 443
11-Aug Ibandel Isabel 442
19-Aug Pabel Manzanero 441
19-Jun DJ Peterson 441
13-Apr Dilson Herrera 441
2-Aug Mitch Nay 440
28-Jun Ibandel Isabel 440
15-Jul Taylor Trammell 438
3-Jul Gabby Guerrero 437
21-Jun Pabel Manzanero 434
23-Apr Mitch Nay 434
26-Aug Ibandel Isabel 434
18-Aug Danny Lantigua 434
1-Jun Ibandel Isabel 432
15-May Steve Selsky 431
14-Apr Mitch Nay 431
3-Aug Juan Martinez 431
6-Aug Ibandel Isabel 431
9-Jun Gabby Guerrero 431
23-Apr Brandon Dixon 431
6-Jul Ibandel Isabel 429
18-Aug Debby Santana 429
19-Jul Tyler Stephenson 428
30-Jul Gabby Guerrero 428
26-Aug Justin Bellinger 427
5-May Hendrik Clementina 427
2-Sep Gabby Guerrero 427
17-Aug Drew Mount 427
18-Jul Jose Siri 426
24-Jul Gabby Guerrero 426
6-Jul Zeek White 425
23-Jun Gavin LaValley 425
25-Jul DJ Peterson 425
29-Jun DJ Peterson 425
20-Aug Pabel Manzanero 424
21-Jul Jose Siri 424
20-May Ibandel Isabel 424
10-May DJ Peterson 424
7-Jul Valentin Martinez 423
14-Apr Steve Selsky 423
28-Aug Ibandel Isabel 423
22-Aug Courtney Hawkins 423
6-Aug Leonardo Seminati 422
5-Aug Ibandel Isabel 422
23-Jul Bren Spillane 422
21-Jul Taylor Sparks 421
1-Jun Ibandel Isabel 421
18-Aug Edwin Yon 421
1-Sep Aristides Aquino 421
23-Jun Taylor Sparks 420
28-Jul Taylor  Sparks 420
18-Apr Nick Longhi 420
7-Apr Malik Collymore 420
17-May Shed Long 419
28-Jul Rylan Thomas 419
10-May Ibandel Isabel 419
28-Jun Brantley Bell 418
19-Jul Tyler Stephenson 417
2-Sep Shed Long 417
18-Jul Jose Siri 417
20-Jul Ibandel Isabel 417
20-Aug Brian Rey 417
18-May Taylor Trammell 416
1-Jul Rylan Thomas 416
10-Jul Reshard Munroe 416
8-Jul Reshard Munroe 416
10-Sep Ibandel Isabel 416
6-Jun Ibandel Isabel 416
4-May Hendrik Clementina 416
17-May Bruce Yari 416
18-May TJ Friedl 415
24-Aug Josh VanMeter 415
28-Jun Debby Santana 415
22-Jul Rookie Davis 414
14-Jul Juan Martinez 414
26-Jul Jose Siri 414
18-Aug Edwin Yon 414
15-Jul Daniel Sweet 414
16-Jul Brandt Stallings 414
13-Jul Brandon Dixon 414
23-Aug Stuart Fairchild 413
28-Jul Raul Wallace 413
30-Aug Mariel Bautista 413
28-Aug Juan Martinez 413
7-Apr Tyler Stephenson 412
14-Aug Taylor Featherson 412
2-Sep Morgan Lofstrom 412
22-Jul Jonathan India 412
22-Jul Drew Mount 412
21-Jul Drew Mount 412
6-Aug Aristides Aquino 412
8-Aug TJ Friedl 411
24-Apr Rosell Herrera 411
23-Jul Pabel Manzanero 411
13-Apr Mason Williams 411
8-Jul Hendrik Clementina 411
28-Apr Brian O’Grady 411
19-Aug Taylor Sparks 410
27-Apr Nick Senzel 410
15-Jul Jonathan India 410
4-Aug Drew Mount 410
4-Aug DJ Peterson 410
31-Jul DJ Peterson 410
8-May Dilson Herrera 410
26-Apr Chris Okey 410
18-Jul Taylor Trammell 409
11-Aug Taylor Sparks 409
20-May Steve Selsky 409
21-Jun Nick Senzel 409
12-Aug Juan Martinez 409
31-Jul Hendrik Clementina 409
27-Aug Brian O’Grady 409
28-Jun Bren Spillane 409
14-Apr Taylor Trammell 408
12-Jun Taylor Sparks 408
26-Jul Mariel Bautista 408
8-Aug Hendrik Clementina 408
28-Jul Gavin LaValley 408
19-Aug Drew Mount 408
18-Jun Darlin Guzman 408
27-Jun Phillip Ervin 407
11-May Ibandel Isabel 407
10-Aug Gabby Guerrero 407
15-Jul Gabby Guerrero 407
27-May Gabby Guerrero 407
6-Jun Brian O’Grady 407
17-Jul Brandon Dixon 407
19-Jul Aristides Aquino 407
15-Jul Mitch Nay 406
20-Jul Ibandel Isabel 406
5-Aug Gabby Guerrero 406
2-Aug Gabby Guerrero 406
18-Aug Danny Lantigua 406
28-Jun Raul Wallace 405
2-Sep Jeter Downs 405
28-Aug Ibandel Isabel 405
28-Jun Danny Lantigua 405
29-Jun Carlos Reina 405
11-Jul Brantley Bell 405
20-May Brandon Dixon 405
30-Aug Taylor Featherson 404
19-Jun Steve Selsky 404
9-Jun Narciso Crook 404
8-Jun Ibandel Isabel 404
22-Aug Gavin LaValley 404
21-Aug Gavin LaValley 404
5-Jun Bruce Yari 404
29-Aug Brian Rey 404
4-Aug Zeek White 403
25-Apr Taylor Trammell 403
31-Aug Taylor Sparks 403
10-Apr Miles Gordon 403
14-Aug Josh VanMeter 403
6-Apr Josh VanMeter 403
3-Jun Ibandel Isabel 403
11-Aug Daniel Sweet 403
27-Jun Andy Sugilio 403
30-Aug Pabel Manzanero 402
5-Aug Pabel Manzanero 402
29-Jun Mason Williams 402
2-Jul Leandro Santana 402
24-Jul Josh VanMeter 402
11-Aug Gabby Guerrero 402
13-Jun Gabby Guerrero 402
27-Aug DJ Peterson 402
21-Jun Debby Santana 402
9-May Narciso Crook 401
2-May Montrell Marshall 401
13-Jun Mason Williams 401
6-Jul Juan Martinez 401
15-Jul Hunter Oliver 401
27-Jun DJ Peterson 401
2-Aug Zeek White 400
31-Jul Scott Schebler 400
15-Jun Pabel Manzanero 400
6-Jul Jake Turnbull 400
19-Jul Ibandel Isabel 400
16-Jun Aristides Aquino 400
18-Apr Taylor Sparks 399
16-Jul Raul Wallace 399
30-Apr Nick Senzel 399
23-Jul Jonathan Willems 399
28-Jul Jay Schuyler 399
26-May Ibandel Isabel 399
21-Apr Ibandel Isabel 399
24-Aug Edwin Yon 399
15-May Tyler Stephenson 398
23-Aug Mariel Bautista 398
23-Aug Ibandel Isabel 398
21-May Hendrik Clementina 398
15-May Aristides Aquino 398
13-Apr Mitch Nay 397
27-Apr John Sansone 397
28-Jul Hendrik Clementina 397
15-May Hendrik Clementina 397
16-Apr Gavin LaValley 397
24-Jun DJ Peterson 397
28-Jul Brantley Bell 397
2-Jul Tyler Stephenson 396
22-Aug Stuart Fairchild 396
22-May Jeter Downs 396
5-May Jeter Downs 396
12-Apr Jeter Downs 396
11-Jul Daniel Sweet 396
12-May Andy Sugilio 396
11-May Taylor Sparks 395
16-May Narciso Crook 395
12-Apr Narciso Crook 395
30-Jun Ernesto Liberatore 395
24-Jun Mason Williams 394
28-Jul Drew Mount 394
10-Jul Daniel Sweet 394
28-Apr Brian O’Grady 394
29-May Aristides Aquino 394
24-Aug Tyler Stephenson 393
24-May Taylor Sparks 393
10-May Shed Long 393
15-Jun Stuart Fairchild 392
15-Apr Nick Longhi 392
4-May Narciso Crook 392
25-Jul Ibandel Isabel 392
3-Jun Andy Sugilio 392
19-Jun Shed Long 391
27-Jul Rylan Thomas 391
13-Jul Rylan Thomas 391
3-Jun Michael Beltre 391
14-Aug Juan Martinez 391
19-Aug Hendrik Clementina 391
3-Aug CJ McElroy 391
13-Apr Rosell Herrera 390
13-May Aristides Aquino 390
18-Aug Andy Sugilio 390
5-Jun Tony Cruz 389
14-Apr Mitch Nay 389
8-May Aristides Aquino 389
19-Jul Jose Siri 388
15-May Aristides Aquino 388
31-Jul Alfredo Rodriguez 388
27-Jun Hendrik Clementina 387
2-Sep Brian O’Grady 387
2-Jun Stuart Fairchild 386
10-Jul Shed Long 386
21-May John Sansone 386
23-Jun Jeter Downs 386
11-Apr Gabby Guerrero 386
8-Aug Alfredo Rodriguez 386
7-May Taylor Trammell 385
22-Jul Raul Juarez 385
14-Aug Mariel Bautista 385
8-May Malik Collymore 385
24-Apr Taylor Sparks 384
10-Apr Sebastian Elizalde 384
1-May Mason Williams 384
15-Jun Mark Kolozsvary 384
21-Jul Chad Tromp 384
27-Apr Brian O’Grady 384
31-May Michael Beltre 383
10-Aug Gavin LaValley 383
6-Jun Tony Cruz 382
18-Aug Tim Federowicz 382
16-Jul Phillip Ervin 382
9-May Luis Gonzalez 382
22-Jul Josh VanMeter 382
20-Jun Josh VanMeter 382
30-May CJ McElroy 382
18-Jul Bren Spillane 382
21-Jun Malik Collymore 381
15-May Jose Siri 381
18-Apr John Sansone 381
26-Aug Jeter Downs 381
14-Aug Hendrik Clementina 381
15-Jul Gabby Guerrero 381
22-Aug Chris Okey 381
19-Jul Mike Siani 380
30-Jun Brian O’Grady 380
1-Aug Brantley Bell 380
18-Aug Blake Trahan 380
21-Jun Nick Senzel 379
16-Aug Mark Kolozsvary 379
8-May John Sansone 379
13-Jun DJ Peterson 379
19-May Aristides Aquino 379
22-Aug Josh VanMeter 378
25-Jun Jonathan Willems 378
12-Aug Aristides Aquino 378
6-Apr Stuart Fairchild 377
17-Aug Josh VanMeter 377
6-Sep Ibandel Isabel 377
23-Apr Ibandel Isabel 377
24-Jul Taylor Trammell 376
15-Aug Chris Okey 376
11-Aug Michael Beltre 375
28-Jul Malik Collymore 375
5-Jun Chad Tromp 375
2-Sep Steve Selsky 374
4-Aug Jonathan India 374
16-Jun Nick Senzel 373
23-May Josh VanMeter 373
2-May Gavin LaValley 373
8-Jul Gabby Guerrero 373
7-Aug Bruce Yari 373
26-Apr Brian O’Grady 373
7-Jul Mitch Nay 372
27-Jul Lorenzo Cedrola 372
11-Apr Hendrik Clementina 371
12-Aug Daniel Sweet 371
9-May Leandro Santana 370
23-Aug Jonathan Willems 370
21-May Brandon Finnegan 370
28-Jul Steve Selsky 369
5-Aug Reshard Munroe 369
17-Jun Gabby Guerrero 369
7-Aug Brian O’Grady 369
5-Sep Taylor Featherson 368
12-Apr Stuart Fairchild 368
12-Aug Rylan Thomas 368
27-Jun Phillip Ervin 368
7-Jul Morgan Lofstrom 368
26-Jul Malik Collymore 368
3-Aug Gabby Guerrero 368
6-May DJ Peterson 368
24-May CJ McElroy 368
27-Jul Jeter Downs 367
9-May Gavin LaValley 367
24-Jul Aristides Aquino 367
19-Aug Andy Sugilio 367
12-Jul Leandro Santana 366
6-May Gabby Guerrero 366
28-Aug Brian O’Grady 366
28-Jul Aristides Aquino 366
4-May Tyler Stephenson 365
29-May Montrell Marshall 365
27-Jun Dilson Herrera 365
28-Jul Cassidy Brown 365
7-Apr Rosell Herrera 364
1-Jul Dilson Herrera 364
7-May Bruce Yari 364
24-May Taylor Trammell 363
30-Aug Shed Long 363
14-Aug Raul Wallace 363
16-Aug Miguel Hernandez 363
10-Aug Jose Garcia 363
14-Apr Daniel Sweet 363
3-Jun Stuart Fairchild 362
5-Jul Phillip Ervin 362
13-Apr Nick Senzel 362
30-Jul Gabby Guerrero 362
20-Jul Bruce Yari 362
10-Jul Aristides Aquino 362
24-Apr Tyler Stephenson 361
20-May Stuart Fairchild 361
6-Jul Phillip Ervin 361
27-Jul Mark Kolozsvary 361
4-Jul Jose Siri 361
30-Jun Jeter Downs 361
18-Jul Hendrik Clementina 361
13-Apr Tyler Goeddel 360
20-Aug Raul Juarez 360
17-May Dilson Herrera 360
24-Jul Taylor Sparks 359
15-Aug Leandro Santana 359
5-Aug Justin Bellinger 358
18-May Josh VanMeter 358
11-Jun Dilson Herrera 358
20-Jul Shed Long 357
30-Aug Josh VanMeter 357
16-Aug Jose Siri 357
20-May Dilson Herrera 357
3-May Tony Cruz 356
13-Apr Steve Selsky 356
11-Apr Taylor Trammell 355
17-Jun Steve Selsky 355
28-Jun Shed Long 355
2-Jul Narciso Crook 355
12-Jun Leandro Santana 355
5-Aug Jose Siri 355
25-Jul DJ Peterson 355
17-Aug Brian O’Grady 354
23-Jun Steve Selsky 353
31-May Miles Gordon 353
12-May Jeter Downs 353
24-Jul Brian O’Grady 353
13-May Shed Long 351
3-May Shed Long 351
5-Aug Jose Garcia 351
13-Jun Chris Okey 351
24-May Shed Long 350
20-May Blake Trahan 349
8-Jun Leandro Santana 348
10-May Hendrik Clementina 348
25-Apr Gavin LaValley 348
28-May DJ Peterson 348
20-Aug Reshard Munroe 347
20-Jul Leandro Santana 347
26-Jun Tyler Stephenson 346
18-May Steve Selsky 345
14-May Shed Long 345
24-Apr Sebastian Elizalde 345
20-May Leandro Santana 345
5-May Brandon Dixon 345
4-Aug Brian O’Grady 344
2-Sep Taylor Featherson 343
19-Aug Jose Garcia 341
14-Aug Jose Garcia 341
31-May Jeter Downs 341
29-Apr Luis Gonzalez 339
18-May Leandro Santana 338
19-Aug TJ Friedl 337
29-Jun Cash Case 337
5-Jul Gavin LaValley 336
16-May Gavin LaValley 334
4-Jul Mitch Nay 332
23-May DJ Peterson 332
5-Sep TJ Friedl 329
28-Apr Aristides Aquino 329
19-Aug DJ Peterson 328
1-Jul Mason Williams 327
17-Jul DJ Peterson 327
30-May Keury Mella 326
25-Jun Josh VanMeter 326
4-Jul Shed Long 323
19-Jul Bren Spillane 315
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2 Responses

  1. Pokey Reese's Red Hot Bat

    Fascinating data, but I’m not sure what to make of it.

    Is it a good indicator of power? Does it suggest that Ibanel Isabel is due for a regression? Does it suggest Okey has a lot more untapped power to come?

    We may need several more years of it (and then of player development) to fully appreciate it.

    Doug – do you keep a record of wind/temperature/humidity?

    • Doug Gray

      Wind and temp can be found in the box scores – though, obviously, that does change as the game goes along. So no, I do not keep track of that. With that said, for the longer home runs the data is all from the Trackman data, which eliminates those elements in the estimates and should all be directly comparable.

      Generally speaking, home run distance can give you an estimate of the raw power a guy has. I’d say that a guy like Okey certainly has the potential for significantly more power than he has hit for. But, his hit tool has been very poor to this point in his career, too. And I think that is also influencing his power output.

      With Isabel, I think there could be some regression in the future, but not at all to do with anything we are seeing here and more to do with he struck out 36% of the time in Advanced-A and the pitching just gets better as you move up. I do think that when he makes contact the baseball is going to continue to fly very far, though.

      For me, I just love having this kind of stuff available. The pure power is fun. Yeah, the 315 foot home run counts as much as the 477 foot home run did (maybe not, I honestly didn’t look to see if they were both solo shots or what). But seeing the one that went 162 feet further is way cooler.