Bill Vilona of the Pensacola News Journal seems to have been told that Pensacola is down to two options for 2019/2020 and the Cincinnati Reds aren’t one of them. The reasoning is that Tennessee has re-signed with the Cubs, though it’s not yet been announced. And he also had this in his article this afternoon:

The Reds are expected to return to Chattanooga, where they were the Chattanooga Lookouts for 20 seasons, from 1988 to 2008 in the Southern League.

Over the last few days that’s the feeling I’ve gotten. Pensacola was moving on from the Reds. And it seemed to make the most sense for the Reds to try and lock down Chattanooga. But this is the first time I’ve seen it published somewhere. I’ve reached out to the Reds for comment on the Chattanooga situation, but have not yet heard back.

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Bill Vilona of the Pensacola News Journal has up a poll asking readers who should be the Blue Wahoos next Major League Baseball affiliate. On it’s own, that wouldn’t be newsworthy. But the first line of the post on their website it as follows:

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos are parting ways with the Cincinnati Reds after seven seasons as the Major League Baseball’s AA affiliate.

While there could certainly be some assumption in there, since no deals are signed yet, there’s also this fact: The owner of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos retweeted that link. The writing is on the proverbial wall. The Cincinnati Reds aren’t going to be in Pensacola next year and will be looking at a new Double-A affiliate in a new city.

As I wrote yesterday, Pensacola’s ownership seems to be looking for things that the Cincinnati Reds weren’t able to provide. Or at least they were out-sold by the other teams on what they could offer among those things. With Pensacola out of the picture, that leaves the Reds to try and move on to Chattanooga, Amarillo, Midland (TX), or Tennessee (Kodak). Tennessee isn’t officially off the board yet, but all of the rumors seem strong that they will re-sign with the Cubs. Among the remaining three, Chattanooga is far and away the best fit for the Reds. But, it takes two to tango.

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14 Responses

  1. Joe

    It’s like when you were younger and breaking up with only girlfriend you’ve ever had jus wana see what’s out there but You jus let the wahoos kno the grass isn’t Always greener lol

    • Doug Gray

      Talk about bragging about being the one doing the breaking up, Joe….. Lol.

      • Doug Gray

        The players are Reds. They all stay with the Reds unless they are free agents.

  2. James K

    Alas. But glad I got to watch one game in Pensacola’s beautiful stadium while it was still a Reds affiliate.

  3. ChrisR

    This kinda sucks as I’ve bought a couple blue wahoo hats over the past year. Now they’ll go up on the shelf.

  4. Charlie

    I can break out my Lookouts jersey that has been hanging in the closet the past 9 years

  5. cindy

    They will still be the Wahoos we are season ticket holders .Sure wish Cubs would look here we have an awesome stadium

    • MK

      There are alot of great stadiums in Reds system. Billings, Dayton, Greeneville and Louisville all on par or better. Been to Chatanooga and it is older but very nice. Not been to Daytona but I understand from talking to players it isn’t one of their favorites.

  6. Alex Reds

    The Cubs minor league farm system is currently atrocious, and they won’t be good for quite a while since they’ve been limited in draft pool and slots after trading off and graduating their farm. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them bumped from Chattanooga or elsewhere because of this.

  7. Bob Smith

    What does a major league team offer a minor league affiliate that another major league team may not offer?