Tomorrow will kick off the 2018 Cincinnati Reds Top Prospects Season Review/Scouting Report series. If you support the site through Patreon, check your inbox – the first write up on Debby Santana has already arrived. For the rest of you, you have to wait until Tuesday. Early access is nice, though, right? You can get that by supporting the site through Patreon – and it’ll get you the Top 25 prospects list early, too. The 2018 Top Prospects Season Review/Scouting Report series will run right up into the Top 25 list that will come out a month from now. The players looked at between now and then will not be considered for the Top 25 list, but are guys that are worth keeping an eye on. Once the Top 25 is released those 25 players will all be written about in order, before returning to the non-top 25 write ups.

Dan Szybmorski wrote about the Cincinnati Reds 2018 season today at Fangraphs. It wasn’t a great look for the organization. This was near the end of the piece and it seems on point:

Cincinnati’s rebuild hasn’t been a disaster or anything, and there are plenty of big names to come. But you have to wonder if the organization has enough of that hard-hearted side that’s frequently necessary for a successful team. George Orwell once wrote that journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed and everything else is public relations. Putting together a great baseball team and good PR don’t always go hand-in-hand. Too often, the team chooses the PR side over the baseball one.

Dan Szymborski also gives us a taste of what ZiPS projections look like for Luis Castillo moving forward. It’s a solid look, but not spectacular, either. You can certainly imagine him pitching better than is shown. At the same time, if his home run issues aren’t corrected somewhat, it’s also a very reasonable outlook for him.

The Baseball America league Top 20’s began rolling out last week. This week we will see the Double-A leagues come out. That will include the Southern League, as early as tomorrow. I would expect at least one Reds prospect to show up on that list. I haven’t checked out the depth in the league yet, so there could be another guy or two that makes it, but perhaps not if the league is deep. There’s also a chance we could see the Florida State League list this week. There are three Double-A leagues and three Advanced-A leagues. That would mean one Advanced-A league will hit next Monday instead of this week.


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7 Responses

  1. Shawn

    I think ownership has it wrong. They think the fans care more for certain players than they do winning. They are afraid fans won’t show up if they trade Hamilton and Scooter. They ain’t showing up now. I think winning matters more. If we win 90+ games the fans will show up. If we lose 90 again the fans will stay home.

    • redlegs4ever

      “If we win 90+ games the fans will show up. If we lose 90 again the fans will stay home.”

      I’ve been saying this for years as well. Look at the attendance numbers in the early 2010’s. Me I’ve always attended a handful of games every year until the last couple. The losing doesn’t bother me personally as much as it’s fairly evident that the owners grandson has very limited baseball knowledge. I won’t financially support ignorance.

  2. redlegs4ever

    “Putting together a great baseball team and good PR don’t always go hand-in-hand. Too often, the team chooses the PR side over the baseball one.”

    Bingo! I have been saying this for years!!

    • RedsinWashst

      Selling high and buying low that is something the grandson knows about. I think the major problem is a meddling owner who has weekly meetings with the manager. The front office is littered with former players, former managers and scouts.

  3. Reds4ever

    Doug, do you think Garrett has done enough to have a spot coming into spring next year? His usage was incredible for being his first year in the pen. Riggleman almost ran him into the ground

    • CP

      Not Doug but I’ll give it a whirl. I think he will have to really have to look bad/hurt to not get a spot. He has a high ceiling, is left handed, is cheap, and is out of options I believe. That combination will make it hard for the Reds not to send him up north after the Spring.

  4. Mid West Red

    Small market teams and the Reds are one of the smaller ones, have little room for error. There are a million and one ways to fail and only a few ways to have success.
    Teams like the Reds cannot over come roster mistakes, drafting mistakes, injuries and such by pouring more money into the roster. You have to spend wisely, you have to draft exceptionally well. When the time comes to rebuild you cannot hesitate or half way commit. When the time comes to win, you must go all in. That’s when you don’t hesitate to get a player here or there to get over the top. That is why in a year like 2013 when on opening day, you lose your staring left fielder, you go get someone. They had already made a deal for Choo they committed to winning, only to not go all in. Frustrating. Now we have stumbled and bumbled around a rebuild.
    Honestly, even with money spent on pitching I am not convinced the Reds can compete next year. Honestly I am not convinced they are willing to spend what it takes.