Yes, the Cincinnati Reds are playing their final game of the season today. Win or lose, as long as everyone on the team comes out of the game healthy, what the Reds do on Sunday doesn’t matter. Win or lose, they will finish with the 3rd worst record in the league. This post is not about the Reds. This post is about the other games going on Sunday afternoon.

Christian Yelich is a monster. And I say that in the best way possible. He has put the Milwaukee Brewers on his back and sprinted with them towards the finish line. With the Cubs loss earlier in the day the Brewers needed a win to tie them atop the National League Central. Trailing 3-0 in the first inning, Yelich hit a 2-run homer. With the game tied at 5-5 in the 7th he hit the go-ahead solo home run. The Brewers held on by that 6-5 score. As I type this, Yelich leads the league in both average and home runs (tie). He’s back two RBI in that category. He also leads the league in OPS and OPS+. Yelich is going to be the MVP of the league (sorry to Jacob deGrom, who may have a good argument). And he’s on an incredibly team friendly contract for the foreseeable future.

The Cubs and Brewers are both playing games at home on Sunday afternoon. The Cardinals are in Chicago and the Tigers are in Milwaukee. If there’s a tie, there will be a tie-breaker game on Monday in Chicago. The winner would obviously win the division, which is huge in its own right. But it would also lock up home field advantage in the playoffs. The division loser would host the wild card game on Tuesday.

Out west things are not settled either. The Rockies and Dodgers are also tied atop their division. The Rockies got stomped on Saturday, losing 12-2. The Dodgers put up a 5-run 9th inning in San Francisco to pick up the win that gave them their 90th win of the year.

The Dodgers and Giants will play at 3:05pm. The Rockies and Nationals will begin at 3:10pm. If there’s a tie, the Dodgers will host the tie-breaker on Monday. The winner of the division will take on the Braves in the divisional series, while the loser will take on the second place NL Central team on the road in the wild card game.

There’s not much drama happening in the American League. Everyone has things locked up and locked in. The Red Sox, Indians, and Astros are the division winners. The Yankees will host the Athletics in the wild card game.

What I will be watching and rooting for

I can’t speak for the rest of you, but my television, computer, and tablet are going to be set up to watch baseball. There’s that other sport that will be happening on Sunday afternoon that most of America will be watching. Those people can have fun watching a game being changed because someone sneezed in the same stadium as the quarterback. I’ll be rooting for 9th inning comebacks and drama on the diamond. I’ll be rooting for some chaos to give us Monday baseball.

And a little part of me will be rooting for another big day by Christian Yelich to have a big day and take home the triple crown. While the 2012 effort by Miguel Cabrera showed everyone who was paying attention that it’s awesome but doesn’t make you the best baseball player, or even the best hitter (It was Mike Trout and I’ll fight you on the internet about it), it’s still cool to see. And in the National League it would be the first time it’s happened since 1937.

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  1. Mark

    Good post as you have all season! What is a real shame is I know we debated on here before he was traded from the marlins to the brewers how good he would fit the Reds outfield in cf. I didn’t look up who marlins got in return but it’s a shame Reds couldn’t trade for yelich not sure what prospects we would have had to include in the deal but if he hit this darn good in Milwaukee imagine how much greater his stats would be playing in gabp?

    • RedFuture

      The Brewers traded Isan Diaz (minors), Monte Harrison (minors), Jordan Yamamoto (minors) and Lewis Brinson. Click on this link:
      go down to Transactions click on each of the names above to see how weak they are.

      Brinson is the only one who played MLB, if you can call it that. 379 at bats and a .198 AVG, .239 OBP. Yamamoto has a decent year of 68 innings in the Rk, A+ & AA but the others did not have good seasons either. I would venture a guess that Reds Brass wanted to offer Hamilton and package to them but probably Castellini vetoed because he loves Billy so much. The rest of our package easily could have been Stephenson, Dilson Herrera and Aquino.

      Amazingly the site says that Yelich is not a free agent until 2022. He’s under a very friendly contract through 2022!

      • RobL

        What dream world is this reply from Redfuture? First, Hamilton wouldn’t have been in the equation because the Marlins wanted to cut as much payroll as possible. Brinson was a top 15 prospect, Harrison was top 50, and Diaz was top 100. So a comparable package would have been Senzel, Trammell, and Siri or Long. Plus another arm. And let’s not forget that Yelich had hit 38 Homer’s total the last two years and he is average at best in the outfield at this point. Plus, he doesn’t pitch. But if we knew he would be a 7+ WAR player, then that package would be okay.

  2. Norwood Nate

    Reds and Rangers tied at the moment in the standings for the 7th pick. Not sure who holds the tie breaker. Hopefully the Reds can lose one more time so they don’t fall out of the 7th pick. Will either have the same record or one game worse than the past two seasons. Yet this season they’ll have their worst draft pick of the last four drafts. Seems the Reds can’t even lose correctly this season.

  3. Colorado Red

    Rooting for the Rockies and the Cubs
    (Man I hate rooting for the Cubs, but I dislike the Brewers even more).
    Would like to see the Rockies Win, the hated dodgers lose, Cubs win, Crew lose.
    Then the Crew knock out the dodgers.

  4. Steve D

    Does today’s game have any bearing on where the reds will draft? What range will they be drafting next year?

  5. Redsvol

    I’ll cheer for Brewers and Rockies. If you’re an older Reds fan like me then you despise the Dodgers. The Brewers because I think every small market team that goes all in deserves to be rewarded. I love what they did this off-season and I only wish the Reds had gone harder after Yellich.

  6. Mike V

    One game , winner moves loser goes home baseball is the best experience sports has to offer PERIOD. I’ll be rooting for two such games tomorrow , plus two more with the wild card games this week …

    • Colorado Red

      Winner move on, losers play in the wild card game. Loser of that goes home.
      Go Rox, kill the dodgers.

  7. MikeinSoCal

    The Reds played well for a week or so. Remember their little streak? Swept the Dodgers, won 7 or 8 in a row, had good mojo. Gennett was hot, had Winker. Then down goes Schebler and Winker and no more mojo. Don’t know why it took JV so long to figure out that his little crouch was taking away his power. Disappointing season.

  8. MK

    With the last game I have been thinking about Reds moves this off season. Wonder if the Mets would take Gennett, Suarez and Romano for Syndergaard, Wheeler and one of their top prospect pitchers. I would also like to use some of the dollar savings to sign Harvey. It would open spots for Senzel and Herrera/Long and provide the starting pitching they need. Hate to give up Big Sal but he is almost a hometown boy for Mets, but would make it Stephenson if Mets preferred. It would make some sense for Mets as Suarez could play 3B, Gennett 2B with Todd Frazier moving to 1B.

    • MikeinSoCal

      Gotta have pitching no matter how good the other 8 guys are. Don’t think the Mets would give up their pitching.

      • rgslone

        You’re right about pitching, but a team also has to have good position players. And the Mets know their position players are not good enough by a considerable margin. According to a number of media outlets (including local NY media), the Mets were willing to trade deGrom, Syndergaard and/or Wheeler at the trade deadline for position players/prospects. Maybe that has changed, but I doubt it. There has to be a balance to be a contender. The old saying that “you can never have enough pitching” is true, but the Mets know you can’t live by pitching alone. I think the Mets intend to seriously upgrade their starting eight (8); and are willing to do that by moving a frontline type starter if necessary.

        For the Reds to be involved, however, I think Suarez or maybe Senzel have to headline any deal.

    • Colt Holt

      I would do that deal for Thor and deGrom, but there is no way I am moving Suarez for just one. Suarez’s control and recent performance are just to much to give up for a couple years of an ace.

      • MK

        If you want a number 1 you have to give up something, quality and control is something. They have more control over Senzel.

        They have proved they can finish last with him. Who knows where they can finish with a couple accomplished starters.

  9. Brian

    I explained to my wife the Reds pick 7th and Rangers 8th in next years MLB draft, even though their records are the same. Why she asked? Because the Reds sukked worse in 2017. Not something to brag about, but oh well.