The 2018 Major League Baseball season isn’t over just yet. There will be two games on Monday that count as regular season games that will decide the National League Central, National League West, and the two wild card teams. But, for the Cincinnati Reds, the regular season is over. And I’ve got some bad news: They didn’t qualify for the playoffs. In fact, the Reds finished at 67-95. That’s fewer wins than the previous two seasons, but not quite as bad as the 2015 squad that won just 64 games.

The Reds 67 wins tied them with the Texas Rangers for the 7th worst record in Major League Baseball. When it comes to ties, and the draft, the tie-breaker is the previous seasons record. In this case, that means that the Cincinnati Reds will pick 7th in the 2019 Major League Baseball draft. Deal with it, Rangers, you should have stepped down your game in 2017.

Usually 67 wins will result in a better draft pick than 7th, but the league was all about the haves and have-nots in 2018. There were very few middle-tier teams. You were either real good, or real bad.

Fangraphs already has up their 2019 Major League Baseball Draft board up. Baseball America also put out top 10’s for both the high school and college ranks. MLB Pipeline’s Jonathan Mayo posted his Top 10 college players that will be draft eligible, too. At the top of both is Oregon State catcher Adley Rutschman. All he did in 2018 was hit .408/.505/.628 with 53 walks and 40 strikeouts. As a catcher. The odds that he’s around when the Reds pick probably aren’t good. He’d have to take a rather large step backwards to drop to the #7 spot. Still, there’s a lot of baseball to be played between now and June when the draft actually takes place. Don’t get too locked into the current rankings. They’ll change. A lot.

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11 Responses

  1. Simon Cowell

    Not a single pitcher in the top 10? Very strange.

  2. Tom

    A lot of shortstops HS and college in the fangraphs list.

    Carter Stewart will be interesting to watch.

    I like the 6-12 pick range for college outfielders.

    Figures the Reds luck there isn’t much pitching to be found. But it’s way early.

    On finishing 8th worst with 95 losses – last time a team did that was 2002.

    The Reds picking 2nd with 94 losses a few years ago was really extremely lucky.

  3. Joe

    I’ve seen matt Wallner play against Marshall a few times he’s a big dude with huge power that he taps into with ease it seems. I didn’t get to see him on th mound tho

  4. Norwood Nate

    Carter Stewart is a name from this past draft that was connected to the Reds here and there. Hopefully some college pitchers emerge by June.

  5. MK

    Interesting about how competitive balance is getting worse. A team with a poorer record goes from second worst to seventh worst.

  6. AirborneJayJay

    Carter Stewart going to a JC so as to be eligible for the 2019 draft is an interesting development.
    Bobby Witt, Jr. is probably going to be the #1 overall pick. I can see Baltimore rebuilding around him.
    Rutschman is a great hitter. Probably a better hitter than last year’s #4 pick, OSU grad Nick Madrigal. Really hope he is there at #7.
    Watching UF games with Jonathan India last year it wasn’t hard to notice their CF Wil Dalton in many games. He could rocket up the charts like India did last year.
    Want a big dude to keep an eye on next spring? Take West Virginia RHP Alek Manoah, 6’7″ and 270, #53 on that Fangraphs list. He led theCape Cod League n pitching, in 33.1 IP he had 48 K and just 11 BB, with a 2.70 ERA. He has very good stuff and made a huge jump in the Cape Cod League.

    • Reaganspad

      No way Adley is not the top pick. He is about 90 points better than Bart, the #2 pick this year, is a switch hitter and catches. The ultimate gamer.

      400 average, 500 OBP and 600 slugging. He can play CF like Dale Murphy. He is a generation player

      No way he is around at 2 let alone 7

  7. The Duke

    Bobby Witt, Riley Greene, CJ Abrams, Adley Ruschman, Rece Hinds, and i’m betting at least 2 pitchers establish themselves as top 7 picks by next June. I think the Reds are in a good spot to have a premiere talent still there at 7.