Yesterday we saw the Florida State League Top 20 Prospects list hit the internet via Baseball America. Today we will take a look at how the ballpark, Jackie Robinson Ballpark, effected how the players there performed in the stat sheet.

The Daytona Tortugas play in the most pitcher friendly league in all of minor league baseball. The league historically suppresses power when compared to other leagues around baseball thanks to both larger ballparks and weather issues. That said, Jackie Robinson Ballpark is the park in the league that’s been considered hitter friendly among the group. It’s long been the park that didn’t double as the spring training home for a Major League team and has slightly smaller dimensions.

Before we dive into the numbers below, this is your reminder that they are only being compared to the other parks in the league and not to all parks in the Minor Leagues.

How did Jackie Robinson Ballpark play in the 2018 season?

The first thing we want to look at is how average was changed by the home ballpark versus the road.

dAVG %Change
To LF .033 5.8%
To CF .088 17.7%
To RF .015 2.7%

When it comes to batting average, Jackie Robinson Ballpark helped out the hitters across the board. But it was only in center field where the difference was quite large. That is similar to last season, when the corners were rather neutral and center field, while not as helpful as in 2017, did boost average by a bit more than the corners.

It’s the power, though, not the average, that gives a ballpark the reputation as either hitter or pitcher friendly. Here we are going to look at isolated power (SLG-AVG) in Daytona versus the other parks in the league.

dIsoP %Change
To LF .130 48.3%
To CF .065 30.1%
To RF -.041 -16.5%

Here is where the ballpark shows it’s hitter friendly nature. This holds up to how it’s historically played, mostly. Both left and center field boosted power in a big way at home in Daytona. But right field actually hurt power. In 2017 center and left also boosted power in a big way, while right field was neutral.

What do we know from this data?

Jackie Robinson Ballpark certainly helps the hitters and hurts the pitchers, particularly when it comes to power. With that said, it really helps out those hitters who use left and center field. If the player uses right field often, then they may actually have been hurt by the ballpark. The difference was made mostly on the home runs. In fewer balls in play at home, there were 101 total home runs hit at Jackie Robinson Ballpark. In road games, with more balls put in play, there were only 85 total home runs. One of every 16.7 balls hit into the outfield in Daytona left the ballpark. In road games that jumped up to one of every 23. That’s nearly a 40% difference.

Overall, the park probably still plays out as neutral by comparison to the entire minor leagues. But when looking at just how the park played versus the rest of the league, it really stands out as a place that hurts pitching and helps hitting.

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  1. Krozley

    Guessing Isabel skewed the 2018 power numbers a bit, although he had even better power on the road.

    • Doug Gray

      He didn’t, though. These numbers stack up pretty much how they had the previous two seasons.