MLB Pipeline has updated their Top 100 prospects list now that the minor league season is over. You can see the entire list here. They will update the list again in “early 2019” where things done in fall/winter league could alter things for several players. The Cincinnati Reds landed four players on that list.

Three of the Cincinnati Reds top prospects are in the Top 25. Nick Senzel tops the list for the Reds and comes in at sixth overall. The former 1st round pick is in Goodyear for Instructional League and working on learning to play the outfield. The next Red that is on the list is Taylor Trammell. He is ranked at the seventeenth spot on the list. He’s a natural outfielder and will be playing in the Arizona Fall League, which will begin Tuesday.

Just a few spots further down the list is Hunter Greene. The recently turned 19-year-old finds himself at the #22 spot on the list. Like Nick Senzel, he’s also out in Goodyear. Unlike Senzel, Greene is rehabbing an elbow injury and isn’t playing right now. He’s hoping to avoid Tommy John surgery and be ready to pitch to begin the 2019 season.

The final Reds prospect to make the list was 2018 first rounder Jonathan India. The infielder came in at #51 on the list. He saw action at three different levels in 2018 – playing for the Greeneville Reds, Billings Mustangs, and Dayton Dragons.

In what continues to surprise me, Tony Santillan was missing from the list. The national guys are missing the boat on this one. He’s a top 75 prospect at worst. He’s a top 50 prospect at best. The stuff is there. The numbers are there.

Tim Federowicz and Gabriel Guerrero clear waivers

The Cincinnati Reds placed catcher Tim Federowicz and outfielder Gabriel Guerrero on waivers this past week and both cleared. They were also both outrighted to Triple-A Louisville. That clears two spots on the 40-man roster for the organization. Both players will be free agents after the World Series has been completed.

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18 Responses

  1. redlegs4ever

    I think they’re missing the boat on Tyler Stephenson as well. I know we live in a world of whatever was tweeted last but he was a better prospect than Joey Bart coming out of High School and his showing when healthy in the minor leagues has done nothing to change that IMO. Sure he’s a couple years behind in his development but he checked off the biggest question mark on him off this year, he stayed healthy. He wore down by seasons end and playing in Florida will do that to anyone but I expect him to burst on the seen in Chattanooga. Exciting time for fans down there to not only get the Reds back but with 3 guys that could/should be top 100 prospects on the roster in Trammell, Santillan, and Stephenson.

    Doug any chance you could do Chattanooga park factors in an upcoming installment? I really don’t know/remember how that park played.

    • Greenfield Red

      Gotta disagree on Stephenson. I like the guy, and I hope he’s a hall-of-famer. But, he OPS’d 730 in high A at 21/22, and there are questions whether he is a viable Catcher defensively. If he’d have hit .310 or had 20 homers with all the other numbers, I would agree. But, I don’t think he should be in the top 100 at this point.

      • redlegs4ever

        I don’t have those concerns about him sticking behind the dish so that’s a big part of it. He was OPSing in the .800s first half of the year I think that goes to just wearing down in first full season and Florida weather. Gotta remember too Florida State League is a pitchers paradise.

        That’s the thing about prospect lists though its all subjective, if you see him as a long term catcher with .800 OPS as I do then he’s a surefire top 100 guy. You see a chance that he has to play 1B and struggles to OPS .800 then obviously he wouldn’t be.

  2. Tom

    I agree the Santillan omission is faulty.

    4 is the minimum a team this far into a rebuild should have in the top 100. All are first rounders.

    6-8 would be more indicative of a quick rebuild, but this is looking like a slow rebuild on the 6-10 year time frame rather than the hoped for 3-5 year.

    Supplementation with free agents is the life raft for 2019, otherwise I hope the following are flipped for better long term pieces in the outfield or on the mound:


    So many young fringe players on the roster that have proven nothing that says they can help a championship team:

    M Williams

    So many more middling performances from the 5-25 prospects. Very few of them stand out to say they will advance into the top 100 next year.

    Senzel and Greene will have injury clouds over them all offseason.

    It’s not an easy job for Williams and Co to pull this together. If they miss out on key free agents, pack it in again and sell off more assets.

    • jboireland

      Winker could easily wn a batting title in the future, why even put this guy on a trade list? He is the closest thing we have to a Joey Votto of 2-3 years ago.

      • Tom

        He’s a man without a position. I wouldn’t mind keeping him for 1b/LF insurance but he holds enough value now to be a better trade piece than Senzel. Probably a better 1b/LF/DH, IMO, so hopefully an AL team would be happy to have him.

  3. Doc

    How about an article that reviews the MLB pipeline list for the last, say, 10 years, with “where are they now” and “what have they done” follow up tables. Maybe also do the same analysis for your Reds Top xx list for the last 10 years with similar “where are they now” and “what have they done updates.

    There are 30 major league teams and 100 top prospects, an average of 3.3 per team. The Reds have four, so they are a bit above average. As poorly as the Reds have done developing pitching, I think it would be a stretch to think they should have two pitchers on a top 100 prospects list.

    Different topic: I went to Goodyear yesterday with a car load of grandkids, arriving at 12:30 after a morning at the zoo. According to the schedule, the Reds were supposed to play the Rangers at Goodyear at 12:30 but there was not a soul around on any ballfield in the Reds, or Indians, complex. There is no useful information on the Goodyear Ball Park website regarding the instructs. I had called Goodyear last week and was told the games and workouts were all open to watch, walk up, no tickets, no charge. Apparently they know no more than I did and Doug’s info on the schedule may not have been totally up to date.

    Anybody know where to get correct information?

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds and Rangers played yesterday. Someone shared pictures with me from the game. But, it does look like the game was played at the Texas park. Don’t know why – whether I was given an incorrect schedule, or things changed since that point in the last few weeks.

      • Doug Gray

        The fields in Goodyear were too wet yesterday, so they played at the Rangers facility.

      • Doc

        Thanks for the follow up regarding the instructs. At least my wife now knows this one was not on me. We all enjoyed the zoo so it was still worth the round trip from Tucson.

  4. Stock

    I think it is much more difficult to make the top 100 now than 10-15 years ago. Teams are slowing down travel time as a means of slowing the FA clock. For example there is no way prospects 1-3 are even eligible for this list 10 years ago. All three were ready for the show. Management just decided a year of control in 2025 was better than 2 months in the show in 2018. These 3 and probably many more, are on this list because of business decisions. This keeps others off the list. If these three clubs bring up players that are ready and Tucker and Robles have an additional week or two then Senzel is the #1 prospect in baseball. I think 10 years ago all of these players would have not been eligible for this list.

    As for Santillan not making the list I decided to look at prospects 57 – 75. I think Santillan is every bit as good as these prospects. In fact based upon stats I like Santillan more than

    57 – Baez
    59 – Dunning
    60 – Singer
    61 – Liberatore
    64 – Medina
    67 – Perez
    70 – Graterol
    71 – May
    72 – Canning

    However I drop to the bottom and I like 5 of the 6 pitchers in the 93 – 100 range more than Santillan. Seems like all these pitchers are so close. Hard to differentiate.

  5. AirborneJayJay

    Omitting Tony Santillan is a foolish mistake by Pipeline. Speaking of foolish, talk of trading Winker and/or Senzel is more than foolish. Trade India ASAP this winter, as his stock will never be higher than #51.
    Greene sitting to mend an elbow injury. Who saw this coming? Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles saw that coming.

    • Tom

      I agree with not trading Senzel, but Winker is definitely not as athletic as you’d like to see in the outfield. He’s a nice 400 ab bench guy to have, but not a starter in the NL.

      • Tom

        In fact, Senzel to LF might be an indication Winker’s available.

      • Bob Anderson

        Senzel to LF is just noise. You will be disappointed in 2 months.

      • redleggingfordayz

        Pretty sure Winker having a WRC+ of 130 over his first 471 AB’s in the major leagues makes him a starter unless someone is going to push his spot. Why not have Winker\Senzel\Schebler\Ervin as your 4 man? Rotate in Ervin whenever we get the lead.

      • Billy

        Or use Billy Hamilton as a LIDR/PR in the 5th OF spot. That’s where he belongs. He’d provide great value there because it would minimize his weaknesses.

      • Tom

        I’d be glad to see the Reds get the most they can from Winker in a rotation. As a 155 game starter I think he’ll negate much of his offensive value with below average defense.

        I like the bat, I absolutely love the roster depth, I just think he’s an asset that could interest an AL team in a trade for pitching or otherwise.

        Look out over the next 6 years… is he a 10 war player in total? Maybe? I mean, Jay Bruce was a 15 war player his first 7 years. Winker? He’s a future Oakland A, IMO.