The Cincinnati Reds have traded international cap space to the Miami Marlins for right handed pitcher Ryan Lillie. He was a 5th round selection out of UC Riverside by the Marlins in the 2017 draft. The Reds are limited in what they can spend internationally at this point. The Marlins are not, and are zeroing in on Victor Victor Mesa, the top prospect eligible to be signed.

The 22-year-old spent his 2018 season between Low-A with Greensboro and Advanced-A with Jupiter. He also made one injury rehab start in the Gulf Coast League. Between his three stops he posted a 3.44 ERA in 117.2 innings with just 24 walks and he struck out 110 batters. His walk rate went up, though stayed strong, and his strikeout rate dropped off when he was promoted to Advanced-A.

When the 2018 season began Ryan Lillie was not one of the Top 30 prospects in the system for the Miami Marlins. As a 5th rounder and just completing his first season, that’s not unexpected. With that said, even after a strong season in 2018, he was not among the Marlins Top 30 prospects at MLB Pipeline, either. The Baseball America rankings won’t come out until February.

Ryan Lillie Quick Scouting Report

As a newly acquired prospect, Ryan Lillie is not someone that I’ve seen in person before. I sent out a few text messages when I saw the announcement of the move and thus far I’ve gotten back one response from someone who saw him pitch this season.

He’s a three pitch guy who throws a fastball, slider, change up. The fastball generally works 90-92 MPH but will touch a little bit higher on occasion. Good movement. The slider is an average offering in the future at the Major League level, but is still inconsistent at times. Works in the low 80’s. Below-average change up in the mid-80’s. Will need to make work with the change up to remain a starter long term, but looks more like a reliever who works fastball/slider.

Ryan Lillie Career Stats


12 Responses

  1. Stock

    My thought was that there would be two winners in the Victor Victor sweepstakes. The team that signed him and the team that sent them money so they could sign them. The way I see it Lillie doesn’t make the Reds top 35 prospect list. I guess only the Marlins win.

  2. Gaffer

    His peak looks to be probably Sam Lecure level.

    Seems the guys we have gotten in all these bonus trades are all just future AAA fodder, which is probably to be expected. Heck, that’s what we were offered for Harvey. It’s also about what we got for Aroldis.

  3. Kong

    Lol, Dick Williams is a total clown. It’s so embarrassing being a Reds fan.

  4. GM Nep O'Tism

    I’m actually going to give the Reds the benefit of the doubt on this trade. They seem to know how to use the Marlins as their farm, picking up both DeScalfani and Castillo from them. Those two (plus Mahle for 18 starts) have been the only thing approaching major league pitchers for awhile now, so lets hope they keep fleecing the Marlins. (Though I sure would have love fleecing the Marlins for Yelich.)

    • BurgRed

      Do we think the potential the players not traded for Yelich will ever come close to the results Yelich provided to the Brew not only this year but in future years? Probably not. I wish we had the names of the players Miami wanted for Yelich. Do you think we would make that trade now? I would

  5. Cguy

    Daytona had the 2nd highest team ERA @4.11 in the Florida State League. Dayton had the highest team ERA @4.73 in the Midwest League. Lillie appears to be an upgrade with either staff in 2019. Modest improvement is better than no change.

    • Champ Summers

      of course. Critic of this are people with a canned “DW is an idiot and the Reds are awful response. With the signing money they could get a 16 year old that takes 7 years to flame out in AA of get a guy like this who could help the big league team in 2 years. I’m not sure how one can be critical of a move like this.

      • Cguy

        Lillie should make Daytona’s rotation. On the other hand, making Dayton’s 2019 rotation could be tough. If Hunter is healthy, you have Greene, Solomon, Marinan, Josiah Gray, Bautista, Heatherly, possibly Richardson. That could make a talented starting staff.

  6. redlegs4ever

    Kinda sounds like Tyler Mahle with better movement. End of the day probably still a 4A pitcher. Better than what we woulda got with hypothetical money we can’t spend though.