The Cincinnati Reds are still bringing in people to interview for their open manager position. But Jon Heyman of Fancred Sports says that David Bell may very well be the favorite to land the gig. Bell used to work for the Reds, managing the Carolina Mudcats and Louisville Bats over the span of four seasons from 2009-2012 before leaving the organization.

Earlier in the day C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic reported that both Hensley Meulens and Charlie Montoyo will be interviewing for the job later this week. Meulens is the bench coach of the San Francisco Giants currently. He’s got managerial experience – in the World Baseball Classic, where he led the Netherlands in each of the last two events. The 51-year-old native of Curacao has been with the Giants since 2010 at the Major League level. He’s been a coach at the minor league level in the past, too, starting back in 2003. And just for fun, Meulens is also a freaking KNIGHT. So that’s actually Sir Hensley Meulens to us.

Charlie Montoyo is currently the Tampa Bay Rays bench coach, and served as the 3rd base coach the previous two seasons. Prior to that he managed in the Rays farm system for 18 seasons at various levels. The Puerto Rican native is 53-years-old and compiled a 1266-1142 record as a minor league manager. He was also a coach on the 2009 World Baseball Classic team from Puerto Rico.

Both men saw time in the Major Leagues. Charlie Montoyo only saw time in September of 1993 with the Montreal Expos. The then 27-year-old went 2-5 with a double. He finished his career with an OPS of 1.000. He would play in the minor leagues for another three seasons before retiring after the 1996 season. Hensley Meulens played in parts of seven Major League seasons from 1989-1998. In 1991 he racked up 313 plate appearances for the Yankees. In total he played in 182 games and had 549 trips to the plate. He also played several seasons in Japan and one season in Korea.


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  1. MK

    In 2011 I asked Delino DeShields who the “fair haired boy” in the organization for replacing Dusty was and he said without hesitation David Bell. In fact I think he left because Bryan Price got the job. I believe this is another situation where owner Bob made the choice preferring to lose Bell than Price.

  2. Redsvol

    Please lord no – David Bell. Horrible job with the minor league teams.

    • MK

      Hard to grade the quality of Reds minor league managers as we really do not know what their mandate from management is. Until recently it has never been about winning and to a large extent still isn’t. Like mandates to play certain players regardless of their performance. We just aren’t privy to those mandates. After 2017 Dayton’s Luis Bolivar was voted the Midwest Leagues most likely Manager to make it to big leagues. Do not think he was any different in 2018 when the team was a bust.

      To me the skepticism I might have about Bell has to be similar to what Yankees fans felt about Aaron Boone, and that worked out pretty well. Bell has a similar background as Snikter in Atlanta, Counsel in Milwaukee, Roberts in L.A..

  3. Hal

    Best choice by a long shot imo, this would be a step in the right direction. Therefore I doubt it happens. ?

  4. Joe

    I think any of the ones in the “new age thinking” group would suffice aslong as they can pick thr own pitching n bench coach etc. jus to try a different direction with th team n see n things start to click for our younger guys

  5. Kong

    Of course he is. Reds don’t expect to win and he is cheap.

  6. Bob Anderson

    Heyman is a waste right now. He don’t know jack

  7. cinvenfan

    On paper, lots to like. He’s young, has worked with succesful organizations in bench roles and development, hometown guy with family ties to the team.

    The next manager has to be one that not only guides the Reds team but one that brings a new philosophy within the organization.

  8. Jim

    Does it matter anymore?
    I have lost faith in this organization. 4/5 winning seasons in last 20?
    Our great-great grandkids will think of the reds as we thought of the Cubs a few years ago. Cubs even made money losing lol.

    • BurgRed

      The Reds also make money while loosing. Maybe not as much as winning but still making money all the same.

  9. asinghoff

    Very happy to see Montoyo make it to the interview list. Brought him up last week when the initial candidates were brought up. Would really prefer him or Bell over someone like Farrell.