The Greeneville Reds made their presence felt on the Baseball America Top 20 Prospect List today. In their first year as the Cincinnati Reds Appalachian League affiliate they placed three players on the list. Just a reminder that the league lists are voted on by the managers in the league. These lists are not a ranking by scouts who watched the league. Sometimes the two can be different. In the past we’ve seen guys ranked ahead of others in the league rankings wind up ranked lower in the overall team rankings.

Leading the way for the Reds was outfielder Mike Siani. The 4th round selection in the 2018 draft, Siani signed for a $2M bonus with Cincinnati. He spent the entire year in Greeneville after the draft. The center fielder came in at #6 on the list. Currently his defense is ahead of his offense, though that may speak far more to how good he can be on the defensive side of the ball. His plus speed combined with strong reads gives him the potential to be a plus-plus defender at a premium position on the field. At the plate he hit .288/.351/.386 on the season with 16 walks and 35 strikeouts in 205 plate appearances.

The next Reds prospect on the list was right handed pitcher Josiah Gray. Cincinnati’s 2nd round compensation B pick signed out of Le Moyne College and dominated the Appalachian League during the season. He made 12 starts after being drafted and posted a 2.58 ERA in 52.1 innings. Gray allowed just 29 hits, one home run, walked 17 batters and he struck out 59. His WHIP, for those who didn’t want to do the math, was 0.88 on the season.

The final Reds prospect to make the list was 2nd round pick from 2018 Lyon Richardson. The 18-year-old had some struggles in Greeneville, posting a 7.14 ERA in 11 starts. Those starts only spanned 29.0 innings, and he walked 16 batters with 24 strikeouts. He flashed the stuff that led to his high draft pick, but the performance was inconsistent at best during the year.

The Appalachian League has 10 teams. It’s not the smallest league, but it’s not a large league either. The simple math tells us that 20 players, 10 teams, means each team would have two players on a normal distribution of talent. The Reds had three – so they did better than “average” in this department. They also had a handful of other prospects that probably were at least in the conversation for the back end of the list. Miguel Hernandez and Jonathan Willems at the very least probably got some votes.

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  1. Joe

    The nationals got a legit mlb reliever for sum international cash slot

    • AirborneJayJay

      Barraclaugh was a top reliever at the trade deadline. But he had an awful 2nd half giving up 20 runs in just 13.1 IP. He was a legit MLB reliever back in July, but he may not be anymore.
      Gray is going to be a stud. Not sure why Richardson made this list. Hernandez should have been selected hands down.

    • Stock

      Great point Joe. The Reds trade looks really weak now. I was of the opinion that some team would pay a lot to acquire international bonus space. Seems that if you have good management the international bonus space because of Victor Victor is substantial. If you have poor management you get a prospect that struggles to make your top 40 prospect list and he will have strong chance of being left off the 40 man roster when decision time comes to add him.

      Good trade by the Nationals
      Terrible trade by the Reds.

      • MK

        Only two years in,Lillie doesn’t have to be on 40-man roster this off season.

      • Stock

        I know MK. However, I don’t really see him having a spot when the time comes at this point. There may be some trades coming but there are at least 50 people in front of him when the time does come. He may improve, but I don’t see the Reds having room for him.

    • Doug Gray

      How much did they send versus how much did the Reds send? Because that makes a very big difference in the return.

  2. Stock

    I am surprised Miguel Hernandez didn’t make the list. Offensively you could not find two players much closer in performance.

    Hernandez: 301/338/406 with an OPS of 742
    Siani: 288/351/386 with an OPS of 737

    Siani had a much better K/BB ratio (2 vs. 3). Defensively, from what I have read they are both excellent. Hernandez plays a position higher on the defensive spectrum than Siani. All in all I think they are pretty close.

    I have Siani at #10, Gray at #12 and Richardson at #19. But I have Hernandez at #15.

  3. MK

    It is somewhat a surprise that a teams whose pitchers lacked performance in a big way would have two of the top eight ranked prospect pitchers in the league.

  4. bred

    Do any of these prospects project to be an all star type player, and why do the Reds move young position players so slowly though the system?

  5. redlegs4ever

    The Reds have claimed Catcher Juan Graterol off waivers, if that name sounds familiar it should this isn’t the first time the Reds have claimed him on waivers, he was claimed by the Reds on November 28th, 2016 before subsequently being lost on waivers December 23rd of that year.

  6. Simon Cowell

    One can hope that Josiah Gray can continue to put up dominating numbers. I suspect he drops back to earth rather rapidly.

  7. Simon Cowell

    One thing I can say about Doug’s Redminorleagues blog: It has a general aura of positivity. When I read other websites with regards to the Reds the majority of content authors post with negativity and with a demeanor that would embody “hopelessness”. I’m going to donate to Redsminorleagues in the opening year. Not because I always agree with Doug, rather, because he is informed and doesn’t feel the need to bash the players or the franchise.. Doug researches his position and for the most part stays out of the politics of the Reds.
    If other Reds blogs want to know why people are not donating consider the writers that only post negative comments and believe that they know better than the management.

  8. Ribeye Medium Rare

    I thought maybe Rylan Thomas might get some votes as well.