The Cincinnati Reds are finished with round one of interviews for their next manager. John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported this morning that the list of candidates that will be brought in for a second interview either have, or will soon be narrowed down to three or four options.

The Reds, however, aren’t saying much beyond that. A few of the options that they interviewed the first time around have been interviewed for other jobs around baseball. Among those candidates who have talked with other teams include: Rocco Baldelli, David Bell, John Farrell, Joe Girardi, Hensley Meulens. Perhaps someone else from the list has been too, and I simply missed it. But the point is that the Reds seem to be trying to keep it quiet as a possible competitive advantage.

We can read into this if we want to. And, well, of course we want to. So let’s do it. If nothing else, it suggests that at least one of the men on the shortened list is someone that has interviewed elsewhere. What is tougher to figure out, and your guess is as good as any at this point unless you have insider information, is who will be on that short list.

The timeframe here is key. The team is going to want to have a manager in place by the time the World Series is over. That’s going to be by the end of the month. While the Reds aren’t likely to be huge players in the free agent market, they will probably be a bigger player than in the past. And they will want to start talking with guys at least in the beginning. The players and agents are going to be more comfortable knowing who the manager will be. Finding and naming him is an important first step.


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  1. Jim H.

    I’m not all that jazzed up about any of these candidates. They have a lot of pluses and minuses as far as the guys with experience. David Bell always had that manager-in-waiting feel when they brought him in a few years ago and then, he left.

    Girardi has always been successful, but has also worn out his welcome. Can he work and play well with others? The way he and Farrell were so easily and successfully moved on from; it raises concerns.

    Meulens is a riser and works with a great one in Bochy. Baldelli was always highly thought of. Montero was great in the minor leagues and Cincinnati’s resources will look like an embarrassment of riches compared to Tampa Bay.

    Liked Riggleman although not so much the quick hook, but everybody is doing that now in the playoffs. Ausmus, I’d say pass.

    Haven’t been in the interviews so saying “this is who I’d hire” is meaningless. I’ll support whomever gets the big chair. This team is trending in the right direction. HAVE to get starting pitching figured out, but when they do, I think we’ll all be excited about October baseball again.

    • Bob Anderson

      These are the best candidates this year bub. They have interviewed with other teams as well. Gotta be a good one in that group.

  2. Michael Smith

    My personal no good reason wish list for second round.

    1. David Bell
    2. Rocco Baldelli
    3. Brad Ausmus
    4. Tom Prince

  3. Bob Anderson

    Rocco Baldelli, David Bell, John Farrell, Joe Girardi, Hensley Meulens. These are the top 5 guys in MLB this year fwiw. I would probably discount the rest that interviewed. I think it comes down to one of those 5.

  4. Kong

    Lol the Reds aren’t even aware they have to option to sign players via free agency. Why pay for good players when run down players are available for a used bag of baseballs.

  5. AirborneJayJay

    David Bell seems to be the man. He is the frontrunner. Buddy Bell will be his bench coach. Its the Reds Way. Riggleman and Kelly go back to Louisville. This is how Big Bob wants it, thus, that is the way it will be.
    The Reds brought in 12 people. The Dirty Dozen they are not. The Docile Dozen is more like it.
    It was rumored Sunday and Monday that Mike Scioscia might be coming in for a late interview.

    • MK

      I would be real surprised if Riggleman stays in the organization if he doesn’t get the job. They have told him by not hiring him that there isn’t much chance for advancement. I doubt Buddy really wants the travel again, especially after his cancer issues. And I don’t know about you but I would have a tough time being my dad’s boss.

  6. Klugo

    It’ll be interesting to see what the few left standing have in common and what they dont. If they are all similar, we will be able to see what the FO is zoned in on. They’ll just have the task of picking the best option. If they are all vastly different, that will be a sign of division in the FO.