Another update is upon us. Sort of. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer has up a new article with similar information to the original report from Ken Rosenthal below. But, there’s a bit of new information in his article.

There could be other candidates who receive a second interview. None of the 12 candidates to previously interview have been told they were eliminated.

The Reds were said the other day to be whittling down their list for second interviews to three or four. It’s possible that Brad Ausmus, David Bell, and Joe Girardi are the only guys coming back for another round. But there’s a chance someone else, or maybe someones, could be joining them.

Previous update

Almost immediately after I published this article I left for the dentist. I didn’t get back until after 6pm. Also almost immediately after I published the original article below, Ken Rosenthal tweeted out this:

That’s two sources that are hearing about David Bell. There’s nothing here that says these are the only three guys still in the mix for the job. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t, though.

Original article below

As was noted yesterday, the Cincinnati Reds are not going to be bringing in any new managerial candidates. They are going to move on to a second round of interviews, but are trying to keep it quiet on who will get those interviews. Earlier this morning, Jerry Crasnick noted that the Reds liked what they heard from both Rocco Baldelli and David Bell.

Both of these guys fall into the category of having worked in the front office in the past as well as being young, former Major League players. David Bell has managerial experience in the past. He managed within the Cincinnati Reds farm system for four years before he moved on (he went 227-332 in those four seasons, never having a winning record). His current job is as the Vice President of Player Development with the San Francisco Giants.

Rocco Baldelli retired when he was 30 and joined the Tampa Bay Rays organization. He’s worked in their front office in the Baseball Operations department for several years. Then he moved up to the Major League coaching staff, where he took over as the Rays first base coach from 2015-2017. In the 2018 season he was promoted to a brand new role that was created specifically for him. Tampa Bay named him as the Major League Field Coordinator. Here’s what the Rays media guide listed the job description as:

Assisting manager Kevin Cash and bench coach Charlie Montoyo during the game, to continue working with outfielders and focus on continued development of Major League players.

There is no managerial experience in the past with Rocco Baldelli. He’s never been the guy making the final decisions. But, he’s been in the big league dugout for each of the last four seasons in two different roles. He is the youngest candidate by a wide margin. He’s barely older than Joey Votto is. And there are many big leaguers still active that are older than he is.

The Jerry Crasnick tweet certainly suggests that they are going to be among the short list who will get a second interview. We don’t know that for certain, but it does feel that way. Who else could join them is unknown at this point, but expect to learn soon enough. The Reds are going to want to get this process to the finish line sooner rather than later.


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    • Michael Smith

      Me! *Me*! I’m the guy! I know everyone! Their habits, who they hang out with, who they talk to! I’ve got phone numbers, addresses! I know who they’re doing! I know where they live! We could kill *everyone.*

  1. Screw this team

    Anybody surprised that they’ll be the cheapest? What a dog and pony show. If Doug is writing about it, somebody whispered in his ear.

    • Pokey Reese's Red Hot Bat

      How do you know they will be the cheapest when you don’t know who is on the shortlist?

      If you actually read the article you’ll see nobody whispered in Doug’s ear and he’s writing about a Jerry Crasnick tweet: he even includes it in the article if you can be bothered to read the article.

    • Vander

      1. With Bell’s experience and the demand for his services, he would be far from the cheapest option.
      2. They have splurged like crazy in the past on Dusty Baker, so they do not always go for the cheapest option.
      3. Unless you consider reading publicly published tweets from MLB reporters “whispering in his ear”, I highly doubt that it’s the case.
      4. I don’t believe you know the meaning of “Dog and Pony Show”, as if this were a “Dog and Pony Show”, that would imply that they were going after the MOST expensive candidate purely for the publicity, and you seemed to imply the exact opposite with the previous sentence.
      5. You typed out three sentences, and each one had at least one error in it.
      6. Why did I read the comments?… Never read the comments… Number 6 is my error…

  2. kevinz

    I like Bell nothing personal. I rather have a guy who was never with the Reds before.
    Gives the Reds a fresh face with a fresh Prospective.

  3. Brad

    I just want someone who won’t trot out Billy H as a everyday CF. I hope all candidates ask if its a requiremnt before taking the job.

  4. Norwood Nate

    Bell, Baldelli, and Montoyo are my top three favorites for future Reds manager.

    Riggleman, Girardi, and Ausmus are my bottom three, with Riggs absolute bottom. I think any of those hired signifies we’re in for more of the same, old school, big name for big name’s sake sort of hire.

    • wes

      Brewers built a nice bullpen. Reds best chance of getting where brewers are today is through a good bullpen. Hope they stay on that course.

  5. The Rage

    Baldelli is getting a lot of buzz, a lot of buzz. He wowed Williams,Krall and Cast with his analytical ability.

  6. GM Nep O'Tism

    Most damning evidence to bring against Bell?

    ***He played for Walt Jocketty for 4 years with the Cardinals.***

    Just when you thought the Jocketty-Cardinal retreads were over because they all retired. BOOM. Here comes another at you, this time as manager.

    Walt became the GM in 2008, couple months later he hires Bell as a minor league managing job for the Reds in 2008.

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    So please God, not Bell. It would just be another move that shows Walt is still controlling this team right down into the gutter as he whispers into Bob’s ear.

    It just hit me. Walt Jocketty is Grima Wormtongue. Explains everything.

    • Colorado Red

      Of course walt and Bob C, are controlling the team.
      To its getting worse.

  7. kevinz

    Give me Girardi over bell. Done with retreads from StL. Girardi may have worn out his welcomes at other spots. At least he has had success before

    • Norwood Nate

      Bell actually has experience in progressive franchises. He has experience applying analytics to his job on the field. Girardi is a Big Bob hire. He’s the big name to put butts in the seats. He’s old school and more of the same that we’ve complained about since Baker was chewing toothpicks in the dugout. Don’t hold Bell’s time with the Cardinals against him, it came post-Jocketty, or after they had eschewed most of their old ways that weren’t working for them.

    • wes

      If Reds go progressive route they are still a decade behind the most progressive teams. Tired of being last to everything- give me old school smash mouth Girardi. Bout only thing that’ll get me to tune in at beginning of next season.

      • Wes

        As much as I can handle. Trying not to be a negative Nancy so keeping my interaction to a minimal. Way the second half of season played out- my rose colored glasses didn’t work anymore. They go internal for manager and I think I’m done.

  8. Marvin French

    Please not Bell. He has along losing record. Get some one used to winning or get Rocco Baldelli, a young man from a good organization.

  9. donny

    I wonder why the Reds are not interviewing anyone from the Astros organization ? This Astros team and organization has built a dynasty with young players. I would think that would count for something. They’re doing something very right over there.

    I believe i would at least be interviewing some of the key figures responsible for assembling a great team with talent over there.
    1. one of the top 3 teams in baseball.
    2.Top pitching in baseball
    3. One of the best minor league systems in baseball.
    4. Made the postseason like what 3 years in a row now.
    5. They do a very nice job in developing pitchers.
    6. They have done a great job in bringing in talent.
    7. Can argue they have some of the best scouts in baseball.

    I mean is there not some good qualifiers over there to be interviewed, ”who have proven success” ?

    • GM Nep O'Tism

      Astros organization is so good that the Cardinals haven’t been to the playoffs since they were cut off from hacking their information.


  10. AirborneJayJay

    This thing about Ausmus making it for a second interview is very disconcerting. Very.
    There is just nothing to get excited about a David Bell hire. Nothing. Color this hire with several coats of beige.
    A Girardi hire has some hopes attached. A few, but some.
    They bring in 2 Rays coaches for interviews and neither makes the cut to a second interview?
    The Reds interviewed manager candidates like they make rebuild trades. They bring in quantity, but get very little quality.
    For real Reds fans, there is very little to be happy about with this news.