Hot off of the twitter-verse, the Cincinnati Reds have announced that David Bell has been named their new manager. The 46-year-old has agreed to a 3-year contract with the Reds, who also hold an option for a 4th season. The press release by the Reds does not indicate his salary.

Last season David Bell was the Vice President of Player Development for the San Francisco Giants. It’s tough to put a grade on his work running the Giants farm system on just one year. Prior to that he was on the Major League staff with the St. Louis Cardinals, working as their assistant hitting coach or bench coach. He was also the Cubs third base coach in 2013.

Before he joined the Cubs, he was in the Reds organization as a minor league manager. In 2009-2011 he managed the Carolina Mudcats before taking over with the Louisville Bats in 2012. While managing at the minor league level for the Reds, Bell never had a winning record – with his best season coming in his first year, posting a 65-74 record. Overall he won 227 games and lost 332 games, with his record getting worse each season.

Tomorrow at 11am the Reds will have their introductory press conference for David Bell. Perhaps then we will find out his salary, and some of the things he’s looking toward changing and implementing. It will probably be a few more weeks before we find out who will be on his coaching staff.


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    • Joe

      Brad Ausmus got th angels job so doesn’t look like he missed out

  1. Brad Legg

    I hope it was a good choice. It’s a new voice, I hope that there is little tolerance for mental errors. Wrong throws to base, failure to hit cutoff men, being in the wrong position and grooving 2 strike pitches. Let’s hope for that and the front office getting us a good arm and overall team depth. All the good teams have a ton of depth.

  2. DanD

    Unless he gets another job as a manager my guess is Mike Matheny will be on the coaching staff since the 2 were together in St Louis as well as Matheny being from Columbus.

  3. Season is already over

    Wow. Dusty took us to the playoffs 3 out of 4 years and now we’re reduced to this. Smh. Another inexperienced manager hired over Ferrell and Girardi. Dumbest franchise of all time to go along with the dumbest “we’ll except anything” fans.

    • Meh

      At least we have your genius to keep us company when we ‘except’ anything.

      • Season is already over

        Ignorant sarcasm can never trump facts and commonsense .

      • Meh the irony

        “Ignorant sarcasm can never trump facts and commonsense .”

        Accept in your case.

    • Kong

      Without question the Reds are the worst run organization in pro sports. Only qualification to be hired for the Reds is to be somebodies kid. Stupid hire, stupid people in charge and soon to be a team looking to relocate due to lack of support.

      • Season is already over

        I’m with you on that bro. If mike brown owned this franchise the media would be in attack mode. This was worst kept secret in baseball. Just thinkin how girardi lost out to this clown. The lapdogs are coming for you next. Stay strong. Their ignorance is amazing.

      • Doug Gray

        The Cleveland Browns would like to have a word with you.

      • Mac

        Whew! There for a minute I thought the front office was actually going to make a good decision based on the “broad search”. But alas Bob’s puppet was the choice. Same ole same ole.

    • Colorado Red

      Yes, we want to hire another manager who cannot communicate with young players.
      Another Riggleman clone.

    • Idiot

      Farrell and Girardi won World Series with unlimited payrolls…that’s not the culture here. This was the best hire

      • Season is already over

        Definitely was not the best hire. It was the cheapest hire. It was the “Yes Man” hire.

  4. Kindell

    This one is so hard to judge right now. The bad part is that I’m relieved because of the other finalist that were mentioned. Bell might do a great job but I have no idea.

    I do know that I was really holding out hope for Baldelli. I really want the Reds to start thinking outside the box and try to get ahead of a new age.

  5. Norwood Nate

    I’m good with this decision. To their credit, DW and Krall did perform an extensive search, considered guys in and outside of the organization. I think Bell’s experience since leaving the Cincinnati organization will benefit him as he’s been introduced and familiar with more modern approaches and implementations. I believe his time in the Giant’s FO will aid him in being able to align with the FO plan for how the players should be utilized best. He’s got a couple of years on the contract which means we won’t run the risk of having a lame-duck manager like we did with Price for the last couple of seasons and Riggleman for the remainder of this season. That just led to managers managing for themselves, their resume, and for wins which ran counter to the development that needed to take place.

    In the end, of all the candidates considered, Bell might not have been my absolute first choice, but I think he’s a good choice. Now it’s time to improve the on-field talent. Because regardless of any managerial chops Bell may have, it’s having the talent on the field that’s going to lead to W’s more often than not.

  6. Joe

    Good or bad I’m jus glad they did right by us hardcore fans and did a thorough search. Kudos reds front office step 1 is complete

  7. SlimWitDaTiltedBrim

    I just finished the book “Where nobody knows Your Name.” One of the umpires mentioned that the other umpires didn’t like umpiring louisville games because of David Bell. Doug, or anyone else, have you heard or share similar sentiments on his manigerial behavior?

  8. Joe

    Hopefully we see a whole new reds team next yr! New attitude new found desire the urge to play til th whistle. Aka no plays off go hard the full 9 plus if u hav to. We need the reds to come out as hard n passionate as they ever have this year n win thr city back! I don’t want to lose to my team to SOCCER!lol no offense soccer fans

    • Norwood Nate

      No offense taken, but will say that the FC playoff game yesterday was pretty dang exciting though. Got to take the playoff wins in this city where you can get them.

      • Meh

        Bingo! The Reds aren’t losing to FC Cincinnati, they’re losing to the Cardinals, Cubs, and Brewers. Hoping for FC Cincinnati to be mediocre won’t bring more fans to the stadium.

  9. MK

    I hope Bell is given the autonomy to select his own coaching staff and won’t be forced to keep people just because the front office likes them. It is probably time to clean house from top to bottom and cut back on a few spots. Including the Manager there were 10 uniformed staff members in 2018. That is one for every 2.5 players. The teams fundamentals should not be as bad as they are with that kind of ratio. Plenty of complaints at this site are about pitchers throwing strikes but the three pitching coaches Darwin, Power, and Ehbert were all minor league pitching coaches responsible for teaching these guys to throw strikes when they were babies.

    • Doug Gray

      From the sounds of it, that will mostly be the case. I don’t have a link right now, but I seem to recall that guys like Riggleman, Power, Darwin, Schofield were all told that they could remain in the organization if they weren’t retained by whoever the next manager was.

  10. Joe

    I’m definitely not hoping for fc to b bad I hope they win many rings I jus want th reds to be playing meaningful games in sept n October and everything will work itself out

  11. Nepotism

    Just a thought, how about the Reds hire a parent of Dallas Keuchel, Clayton Kershaw, JA Happ and Patrick Corbin to the front office. With a front office of them the Reds are sure to have a better pitching staff.

  12. cinvenfan

    Happy Reds’ fan here. Like I said in another thread, Bell is the one that perhaps have a bigger personal commitment to the team, still a young guy, has been working with winning organizations.Now, let’s start making some trades and signings -of course pitching is the priority.

    When do catchers and pitchers report? :)

  13. MK

    Just what are the requirements for experience for a new Manager? Could it be experience as a major league player, minor league Manager and Coach, Major League Coach, possibly a front office executive, maybe even growing up in a baseball household. Seems like this person would have a quality resume. Maybe they should have hired a guy like this, regardless of who he is related to.

    • Doug Gray

      There’s a chance it’ll be streamed live somewhere, but where, I do not know. First places I’d look would be,,, – or any of those places facebook pages. If you want to just listen, I’d bet it’ll be streaming on

  14. Jim

    His record GOT WORSE each year. Good Job Bob! I wasn’t happy with the 7th overall pick either.
    Yeah Baby, 3 1st overall picks in a row coming up with an option for a 4th.
    In 3 yrs of 1st picks, we will have no minor teams with a winning record, reds losing 121 games, but we will have a top 5 minor league system.

    • A

      I don’t understand all the dislike for Bell. Who did everyone want? How does everyone know he will do badly?

      • Randy Slone

        Complaining about the manager has long been par for the course in baseball, hasn’t it? Blame the manager for the record, pitching, hitting, etc. It’s the easy, no-hard-mental-lifting traditional complaint/ explanation when you don’t have the time or ability to ascertain why the team truly isn’t performing as well as we want. Basically, the same level as the “referee bias” stuff you hear in basketball.

  15. James Phillips

    If the Reds needed ten more wins to get to the payoffs I’d worry more about the manager, but they need thirty wins. The manager won’t make much of a difference, and the future of the team will be determined by how much the Reds are willing to spend in money and assets to get starting pitching.

  16. Redsvol

    so as vice president of player development the last 3 years – who did David Bell develop? Are the Giants now known for their successful pitching philosophy or defensive philosophy? Seems like the giants have been going downhill the last few years. I don’t know for sure, I’m just questioning what the contribution was and how it relates to thinking someone will be successful managing a club.

    • Michael Smith

      Well Redsvol he was the bench coach for the Cards until this year so….

      • Season is already over

        Jocketty is still keeping those cardinal connections.

    • Doug Gray

      Last year was the only year in which he held that role. The previous years, as mentioned in the article, he was working in the dugout for the Cardinals.

    • Big Ed

      Bell took the Giants job in 2018, so he only had one year there.

  17. RedFuture

    The Reds have gone low and lower in the standings but let’s not kick in the head while they are down. Lets lift them up. A Bell in ringing in a new era (so long as they sign at least one very good starting pitcher and start Sensel in CF).

  18. Wes

    When’s the last time reds hired an unproven manager and how’d it go? Answer Bryan Price and he was worse manager in baseball in his tenure. What has bell done that would have ever lead u to expect something different ?? When you don’t know how to win as an organization you need to hire a winner to run your clubhouse. There should have been 1 interview and that should have only be with Girardi vs putting on the charade they did. They look as inconsistent and lost in hiring a manager as they do at the trade deadline and during August waiver trade season. Girardi sniffed it out and bailed!

    • Doug Gray

      Well, at least you are being fair and only believing that there was one person for the job. There’s absolutely no way that anyone else on the planet could have been the right pick. Only Joe Girardi. Girardi, by the way, also decided the Texas Rangers weren’t right, either.

      • Wes

        Out of the current crop of managers available he was the only choice. Like I said he Yankees let him go- they should have fired price same day and threw everything they had at em. Reds wanted girardi, but only on their terms- so he said no thanks and rightfully so. Reds have no clue what their doing. Look at their personnel decisions you creitic them on, or how they blew another trade deadline, or disappeared in August. They are terribly terribly ran- why would Joe Girardi or any other proven winner ever agree to those terms ?!? How can an unproven winner over come those obstacles ??

    • AllTheHype

      The current WS teams each have young, recently retired, first-time managers. That is the trend in MLB and a successful one, obviously.

      • Wes

        The current WS teams are winning organizations before they hired a manager.

  19. AirborneJayJay

    David Bell as manager. He has the personality of a welcome mat.
    Its the Reds Way. Nepotism and familiarity and Bell checks both boxes. Looks like familiarity will be the Reds front office theme this winter. Get ready for that “big” pitching acquisition this winter. Bring on Matt Harvey and familiarity.

  20. Joe

    Of the guys they interviewed, Baldelli or Bell were their best options.