Taylor Trammell, the top outfield prospect for the Cincinnati Reds, had a big day for Scottsdale in the Arizona Fall League on Saturday. The 21-year-old started in left field and was hitting third in the lineup for the Scorpions. In a game that ultimately went 11 innings, Trammell racked up four hits in six trips to the plate. He would double, score a run, and he drove in two more. Scottsdale would eventually win and they did so thanks to a big 11th inning by the Reds outfielder, who drove in Shed Long to put them ahead, and then scored the 2nd run of the inning later on. Long went 0-4 with two walks and two runs scored in the game.

In the Dominican Republic, Aristides Aquino got a start for Licey on Saturday night. The outfielder went 1-4 with a double. It was only one of two hits in the 10 inning game for the Tigres. Jose Siri was on the other side, and after a big few days earlier this week, the center fielder went 0-4 for the Gigantes.

Jim Riggleman told he won’t be the Reds manager

After the report came out that David Bell was the frontrunner for the Cincinnati Reds managerial job, reports came out that the organization was beginning to tell other candidates that they didn’t get the job. The only report on that front we’ve seen with a specific name is that Jim Riggleman got that phone call.

I don’t know one way or the other if it’s actually a “no-brainer” to bring Jim Riggleman back as the bench coach. I’d imagine there’s quite a bit that would go into that decision. Not know for certain who the manager will be, it’s a strange stance to take that it would be a no-brainer decision, though.


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  1. Michael Smith

    Why would it be a no brainer? Why would Bell or Ausmus want him as there right hand man?

  2. Joe

    Th only no brainer of this whole process was to not bring Riggleman back as manager

    • Norwood Nate

      Agreed. That was my initial thought to the no-brainer comment.

  3. Marvin French

    Riggleman’s problem was he wanted to score runs with the home run. His players could not bunt. should have had a fine in place, agreed on by players, for anyone that struck out with a runner on third and less than two outs. Way too many times this happened this year.

    • Doug Gray

      Should have a fine for every time a player not named Hamilton tried to bunt.

  4. Boiler

    The no brainer is let the new manager pick his own staff and more than likely Rigg will either be in minors or another organization

  5. Bill

    The best place for the Reds to employ Riggleman is as a minor league manager. Next best option would be the front office. He should stay out of the dugout, unless specifically invited by the next manager for the 2019 season. He’s a consummate professional and should understand that no matter how well intentioned, his presence could undermine his successor.

    • GM Nep O'Tism

      Consummate professionals don’t walk out on their teams mid-season.

  6. B-town Fan

    I think the no-brainer part is just Bob Nightengale’s opinion, it doesn’t mean anything.

    • Joe

      He was probly one of the ones at the all star break saying it’s a no brainer to resign Riggs then lol I kno fay was one for sure

  7. Jim

    Was hoping there was a George Sparky Anderson #7-99.
    Bob, the price of the franchise should be going down. I’ll buy you out at the fan bankruptcy hearing.

  8. CP

    Great to see Trammell still raking! Can’t help but wonder if he would be one step closer to help the big league club next year had they not withheld a well deserved promotion to AA last year. If Senzel goes to CF that leaves a whole new really good problem trying to find a spot for Trammell. He is still a year away now though, which lines up perfectly with the departure of Scooter. Senzel in CF for 1 year while Scooter finishes his last year of arbitration, then slides to second so Trammell can take over CF. If Siri makes a push for CF during that time all the better. Then the best two of Trammell/Schebler/Winker can play the corners.

    The position players are lining up well for the Reds to stay competitive for a new window of competition, but the pitchers are still the big question mark. Gotta go sign/trade for some legit SP’s!

  9. CP

    Further evidence of the position players potentially lining up well is the fact the are trying India at SS. Man if he can be just average defensively at SS and hit the way he can, he could be one of the better hitting SS’s in the show. That will be a great option to have in a couple of years when Pereza is just starting to get more expensive through arbitration. It’s never a bad thing to have a MI with a great hit tool a couple years out, and have no obvious spot for him to go. That kind of surplus is what protects you from injury or allows you the blue chip you need to go after a franchise changing type of trade.

    Sorry for the back to back posts. I think my cup of coffee this morning is stronger than usual! :)