The Cincinnati Reds have said some things this offseason. Bob Castellini felt the need to tell C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic that the team “would get the pitching” multiple times, without being asked about it. He’s also stated that the team would have their highest payroll ever. Expectations, at least from ownership, seems to be high.

Unfortunately, the highest payroll ever, doesn’t come with a number attached to it. It could be $120M. Or it could be eleventy-billion  (it won’t be, and not because this isn’t a real number). But without knowing a rough estimation of what the payroll will actually be, it does make it tougher to know what the team could realistically be looking at in free agency. The current roster looks like it’s going to come in right around $100M. That could obviously change with trades or non-tendered contracts to some players. But, that’s the working number for right now.

Earlier this week Jon Heyman shared his estimations, and those of an “expert”on the contract expectations for every free agent out there. All 131 of them. The biggest “need” seems to be starting pitching. The team has stated that, numerous times. So let’s look at the top 10 free agent starting pitchers and what they are projected to get according to Heyman and the expert.

Heyman Expert
Player Years Per Year Years Per Year
Dallas Keuchel 5 $19M 5 $21M
Patrick Corbin 5 $20M 5 $17M
Nathan Eovaldi 3 $15M 4 $16M
Hyun-Jin Ryu Accepts Qual Offer 3 $12.5M
Gio Gonzalez 3 $10M 3 $11M
J.A. Happ 2 $13M 2 $13M
Lance Lynn 2 $8M 2 $8.5M
Wade Miley 2 $6.5M 2 $10M
Clay Buchholz 1 $7M 1 $10M

After what happened last offseason, I have no clue how the free agent market will play out. But, if these numbers are close to accurate, I think that if I were running the Reds, I’d go hard after Nathan Eovaldi over anyone else on this list. There’s a lot of risk there, but I think the upside is worth it. Keuchel, at those prices, just looks like a bad bet to me. Patrick Corbin had outstanding numbers in 2018, but he lost nearly 2 MPH on his fastball from 2017 to 2018. That’s a red flag for me, especially when it’s going to take that kind of commitment in both years and dollars.

The one pitcher not listed is Japanese pitcher Yusei Kikuchi. He is reportedly going to be posted. The lefty has dominated at times in Japan over the last few years. But, he’s also had shoulder issues cost him time on the disabled list, too. The 27-year-old lefty had, by far, his worst season since 2014 during the 2018 campaign. He posted a 3.08 ERA in 163.2 innings last year. His walk rate was strong, and his strikeout rate was in line with his career rates – but, it dropped off significantly from 2017.

The Cincinnati Reds are the only team to never have a Japanese player on their roster. Yusei Kikuchi certainly would fill a need. The question is does a scenario exist that makes sense for the Reds to bring him in? And if there was, does it make sense for him to come to Cincinnati? The shoulder issues leave plenty of risk there. That he’s never really pitched in the Majors is another bit of risk. Still, it could certainly be an interesting way to fill a need, if the team decides it’s worth it.

Does anyone else on the list of free agents jump out as a good fit for the Cincinnati Reds? Starting pitching certainly isn’t the only need for the organization. Every upgrade at a position helps. Is there an under-the-radar guy you would like to see them grab at the listed price?


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  1. redleggingfordayz

    In a dream world I would love to see….

    Eovaldi – 4 yr 72 million
    Happ – 2 yr 36 million
    Bucholz – 1 yr 10 million

    More likely to see..

    Lance Lynn – 2 yr 17 million
    Gio Gonzales – 3 yr 33 million

    • slasher

      I’d go for Eovaldi and Miley. Miley found great success with the Reds current pitching coach and agree Eovaldi makes the most sense. If you can’t get Eovaldi, then role the dice on Kikuchi.

  2. B-town Fan

    Kind of surprised Derek Holland and Trevor Cahill are not on that list, they are both free agents and are roughly the same ages and WAR last season of Eovaldi and Ryu. In a prefect world the Reds would get Ryu and Eovaldi, but if you could get one of those two and maybe Harvey for the right price that might work or maybe Holland being a lefty.

  3. Mark

    Didn’t our new PC “fix” Gio? That seems the most likely addition.

    • Champ Summers

      He did pitch well after being added in Mil. Would be nice to have a LH guy in the rotation.

  4. CP

    I like the idea of a guy like Evoldi. Young enough you don’t fear giving him 4 years or so, and still has plenty of velo that if he dips a little over that contract there is plenty to spare.

  5. Wes

    Doug thought no way kuechel would get 5 years ?? It’s gonna take a 6 year deal for reds to sign him now. Which means you would make another homer sized mistake while homer is still on roster.

  6. Wes

    If you want to compete you have to compete w Brewers/As and NOT cubs/yanks.

    Ottavino (big sign)
    Andrew Miller.
    Smaller name starter competing for roster spot

    Go into every game w the expectation your starter is going once through lineup and you pull him and work 5-6 innings out of bullpen.

    Trade for will Myers and bat him cleanup and start him in RF or maybe center. Get Schebler and billy out from being everyday starters. (Swear there’s red fans that’s cool w loosing 90+ games just as long as billy and Schebler run out there every night.)

    Small ball with a super deep bullpen and an extremely potent lineup and you can compete next year.

    Or sign some soon to be washed up pitcher and over pay them while they erode your starting lineup for next 1/2 decade.

  7. Cguy

    Can the Reds sign Kikuchi for more than $300K before July of 2019? If they can’t ,then Gio Gonzales would be my choice from that group. A lefty who gives you about 180 innings a season & doesn’t spend time on the DL is just what the Reds need. Especially if he can be signed for only 3 years @ less than $35M total contract. Better opportunities to acquire a TORSP are 9-12 months down the road.

    • Norwood Nate

      I believe Kikuchi is exempt from the IFA spending limits due to his age and experience in professional ball. The Reds would have to pay a posting fee to his current team if he were to sign with the Reds, which would be a set percentage the contract he signs, if I remember the new posting rules correctly. Those changed recently so I could be off.

      I like both these options. I really like Gio, going back to his days with the A’s, and hope the Reds can work something out.

      • Colorado Red

        Yes, you are correct. The Reds would have to pay the posting fee to his team.

  8. RedFuture

    Dallas Keuchel seems to me to be the price/performance winner of those scenarios. Even the high side of his estimate is only equal to money spent on Bailey (Hey, its a lot of other people’s money I know). My vote is for him. His track record indicates more innings per start and more total innings, hugely important. Access to a well respected results oriented pitching coach that has to improve the secondary enticements once you settle on the contract. If Reds can’t get Keuchel I’d settle on Miley who must have a tremendous relationship with DJ already. A couple weeks ago I thought 2 new pitchers were needed, but I’d rather improve the contract to only one guy now. Secondly, I feel that DJ may bring the secret sauce that will register with 1 or 2 of the existing pitching candidates.

    • Reaganspad

      Does he have the keys to start Robert Stephensons career?

      I am not done with Robert

      Mahle, Cody, Santillian, Hunter

      I am glad that he will be over the pitching continuum for the Reds. Enough with the lets rush a guy and then teach him at the big leagues.

      I will bet my annual giving (meaning I will double it if I am wrong) that our new pitching coach will make Lorenzen a starter. He may look at at the arm our current closer has and repurpose RI

      New sheriff in town can read statistics

      • MuddyCleats

        Agree, on both Lorenzen & RI. Michael has matured as a pitcher – not overthrowing, using change up some & in general mixing his pitches much better. RI makes too much $$$ & has too good of arm 2 throw just 70 some innings a year

  9. Jasonp

    I like free agent pitcher next year a ton. So with that in mind I think I would sign one starter who isn’t real expensive to a short contract.

    J.A. Happ would be my choice on a two year deal or Buchholz on a one year deal.

    I like Charlie Morton as an option more then the other two but not sure how many years or cost it would take to get him. I would be ok with a 2-3 year deal in that 12-16 mil a year range.

  10. Colt Holt

    More importantly, Indians are listening on Kluber and Carrasco. Both Mets and Indians have two TOR pitchers potentially available. Both teams have third base wide open and Suarez has to be the most valuable player either team would have offered to them in trade. Both teams want to compete in 2019, and Suarez could help both teams with that goal. Time to get on the phone.

    • Norwood Nate

      This is just a general question, so not directed toward you specifically.

      Why do Reds fans seem to really want to trade Suarez to solve our pitching problems? Suarez was our best offensive player last season. He is signed to a very team friendly deal that keeps him a Red for a while. He is just now entering his prime which means he should continue to improve. The Reds weren’t very good at hitting for power last season, even while playing half their games in GABP. Trading Suarez means jettisoning our best overall offensive player and our best power threat.

      What I find really interesting, is that I’ve seen many people express that we can’t “empty the farm” by trading prospects to go get pitching. Obviously, the Reds shouldn’t empty the farm, but if they trade a couple of top 10 prospects to get a top of the rotation pitcher I’d say it’s worth it. Those guys are all still unproven, some a few years away. It wasn’t too long ago that guys like Stephenson, Reed, Garrett, Mahle, and Herrera were top 100 prospects that the rebuild was being built on.

      Prospects don’t always work out. Why trade a valuable and proven commodity that should continue to improve over “what might be”? Is it just to get Senzel on the field? There are other ways. Play him in CF for a year, and then move him to 2B after Gennett leaves. Or play him in a corner OF spot. Get creative like the Cubs have with Zobrist.

      I get that he may be our most valuable trade chip. But he’s valuable for a reason, and that’s the reason the Reds should hold onto him.

      • Colorado Red

        I do agree with you, but if we can get 1 pitcher (front end) via trade, and 1 in Free Agency, and then bring up Nick (might have to trade him), we are in good shape.

      • Tom

        The current crop of prospects we’re drafted with high pics. I’d anticipate the last four or five draft being much better than the three or four before that. To start trading from the farm at this phase of a rebuild is just asking for a shortened window. You have to think 5 to 10 years out.

      • Colt Holt

        I would love to trade billy Hamilton for deGrom…just trying to propose realistic trades that would make this team better.

      • Norwood Nate

        Tom, hanging onto Suarez is thinking 5+ years out, as he can be controlled through 2025. Trading your best offensive player entering his prime, on a team friendly contract for a SP that is under team control for (less than) half that time is in itself shortsighted.

        Hopefully the rotation gets addressed this offseason. Hopefully DJ can get more out of in house options such as Reed, Stephenson, Romano, and Mahle. The offense, with the pending addition of Senzel is already pretty good. The approaching competitive window should realistically be open by 2020. By trading away one of your top players to address another area is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Going for it when your window is opening is what the Brewers did. They spent money and traded prospects, not worried about what those prospects might become 5 years later. Trading Suarez puts the Reds further back from competing, not closer, no matter how touted the prospects are in the pipeline.

        Not saying trade all of them and gut the future, but trading 2-3 of them for a TOR pitcher that can pitch now with a Suarez led offense in support, seems like a better plan. Take away Suarez and Gennett combined with an aging Votto, while relying on young unproven replacements (Trammell, India, Siri, Long, etc) seems like one step forward two steps back to me.

      • Norwood Nate

        Colt, I understand the value part. I just think Suarez is way more valuable with his contract (controlled until 2025 with the option) than two years of Kluber/Carrasco/Degrom or even 3 of Syndergaard.

        Prospects have value as well. We have prospect value to trade, even some that as of now don’t have a clear path to playing time. No need to significantly weaken the offense over the next six-seven seasons for 2-3 seasons of an upgrade in the rotation, especially when there are other avenues to improve the rotation (FA, trading prospects, internal improvements from young pitchers).

      • AllTheHype

        You’re not going to get a TOR arm for just a couple of the Reds top 10 prospects. If that’s all it took, the Reds would have made that trade yesterday. Realistically, it would take a couple of the top 4, meaning a Senzel/Santillan type package. Are you willing to send 2 of the Reds top 4 to Cleveland for 3 years of Kluber?

      • Norwood Nate

        More willing than I am to trade seven years of Suarez for three of Kluber. I’d probably consider a package of Trammell and India (who’s top 4 everywhere but Doug’s rankings). It would be a tough pill to swallow, but as noted before, you gotta give value to get value.

      • Tom

        Not in favor of trading Suarez but also not in favor of pursuing another Latos deal, which was highly a net loss in talent.

        Buy talent when the money and talent is there.

        I’d completely rule out the top 6 prospects from any trade. After that no team wants Shed, Siri, Guitierez in a package for a TOR.

        Trade Scooter, Hamilton, Disco, etc. not saying that gets Thor, but just saying trading from the very resource the Reds need desperately to accumulate to stay lean and competitive is antithetical to a rebuild, and really to a small market team under any circumstance.

        The thought of losing 188 games in 2 years just to acquire Senzel and Greene just to trade them for 3 years of a number 2 pitcher is like operating in quick sand.

      • Colt Holt

        I have always advocated that Suarez should be a start for deGrom and Thor both, with a couple non top five additions. With the Indians in play, I would be looking for Kluber plus one of carrasco or Bauer. With two teams have similar to offer against each other, reds may have more leverage than before.

      • Norwood Nate

        Tom I get what you’re saying. It all makes sense.

        I will say that that I believe the Latos deal did work out pretty well for the Reds even though it was a high cost. He was a big part of the 2012 and 2013 playoff teams, then the Reds traded him for Disco when their window was closing again. I can get behind buying talent on the FA market, but I also realize that buying talent comes with big risk as well.

        If I had the option, I don’t want to trade any of our top 6 prospects either. And I totally understand not wanting to go through all that losing just to flip those prospects. At the same time, the point of all that losing wasn’t to hoard top prospects, but to get back to the playoffs. If we could find a deal similar to the Latos deal for a TOR pitcher with prospects that are a little redundant then I would do that deal again.

        Colt, I would agree it’s a different conversation if Suarez nets two top pitchers. That would align much better with Suarez’s value and control.

        Good conversation guys.

  11. Norwood Nate

    If the Reds could get Eovaldi without overpaying, that would be great. I have concerns that after Keuchel and Corbin sign, Eovaldi is the top name on the pitching market which may up his price. I’m not sure the Reds can compete with some of the bigger markets that will also be looking to fill out their rotations.

    I really like the idea of trying to bring in Kikuchi as I think he’ll be more affordable than the top tier, but bring better value than those in the next tier below. Beyond that I like Gio Gonzalez a lot. Especially with DJ joining the staff and recently having worked with him in Milwaukee. It would also be nice to add a lefty to the rotation.

    I saw on MLBTR FA predictions that they predict the Reds to sign Harvey for 2 years $22m. Yikes! I wouldn’t offer Harvey more than 1 year $5-6m. I would be irate if the Reds signed him for that kind of cash. The other prediction was Derek Holland to the Reds at 2 years and $15m. That’s probably something I could stomach. Even still, how much was he helped by pitching in SF this past season? Fortunately, MLBTR hasn’t been great about predicting who the Reds go after/sign. But until Harvey signs elsewhere I’ll still be nervous that the Reds may bring him back.

    • MuddyCleats

      Why hate 4 MH? He pitched very well majority of starts. 11M a yr for him would b a very nice contract

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t know that there’s a “hate” for Matt Harvey as much as there is a feeling that Matt Harvey *feels* like, based on second-hand comments in the media, a target for the Reds. And while he isn’t a terrible target, necessarily, he’s a guy who performed below-average as a starting pitcher with the Cincinnati Reds last year. That’s not a guy that should, ideally, be a true target until many other options have been explored.

    • Doug Gray

      Counting is hard. But, it’s why I included the link for all 131 guys.

  12. Greenfield Red

    MLB Trade Rumors has a piece this morning that predicts the Reds will end up with Matt Harvey and Derek Holland. I guess I’d be ok with that.

    Did not several of the big dollar teams go under the tax threshold last year specifically to reset their clocks for a huge shopping spree this year? If so, the market will be much stronger this year than last. I would think that would not be good for the Reds.

    • Doug Gray

      They did, but they basically did so because they want Machado or Harper, not the secondary guys. Sure, they may still go after some secondary guys, but they went below to save tens of millions if they sign Machado or Harper.

      • MuddyCleats

        Doug, is Harvey a reasonable SP target? Not much enthusiasm 4 him here or around league. Perhaps a quality SP for reasonable cost?

      • Doug Gray

        If Matt Harvey is the 3rd pitcher you get, sure. If you go into the offseason with an owner touting “highest payroll ever” and being emphatic, while not being asked, touting “we will get the pitching”, and Matt Harvey is the guy you get 1st or 2nd, then no, you lost.

        There is absolutely a number that I’d be fine with giving him and bringing him in on. But he needs to be target #5. Not target #1 or #2 or #3.

  13. Stock

    I have been hoping that all the additions to the international staff is a sign that they intend to pursue Yusei Kikuchi. has him going to the Padres 6 years/42 million. Morton going to the Phillies 2 years/32 million. They have Eovaldi staying with the Red Sox 4/60 and Keuchel going to the Nationals 4/82.

    At these prices I would love for the Reds to pursue Keuchel and Morton. $115 million for two pitchers who add value.

    Rotation: Keuchel, Castillo, DeSclafani, Morton and one of (Stephenson, Reed, Garrett, Wisler, Lorenzen, Bailey, Romano, Mahle, Sims)
    Bullpen: Iglesias, Garrett, Reed, Stephenson, Wisler, Lorenzen, Hernandez, Hughes
    Dump: Bailey
    Minors: Romano, Mahle, Sims

    I think Reed, Stephenson and Wisler are out of options so must be in Cincinnati, traded or dumped.

    This option wasn’t proposed by Doug but I really love it. Britton has been hurt for much of 2017 and 2018. However, before that he was the best closer in the game. This September he looked like the old Britton (0 ERA, 0.73 WHIP, 40% soft hit % vs. 16% hard hit %). has Britton going to the Astros at 3/33. I would love to Pick up Keuchel and Britton. The Reds could move Iglesias back to the rotation.

    Rotation: Keuchel, Castillo, DeSclafani and two of (Iglesias, Stephenson, Reed, Garrett, Wisler, Lorenzen, Bailey, Romano, Mahle, Sims)
    Bullpen: Britton, Iglesias, Garrett, Reed, Stephenson, Wisler, Lorenzen, Hernandez, Hughes
    Dump: Bailey
    Minors: Romano, Mahle, Sims

    • Colorado Red

      For any of these guys will cost you more, since they are playing in GABP.
      Never the less, I do like these guys, and your ideas.
      I would also like to put Nick in CF, and I hate to say, NON-TENDER Billy.

  14. Kap


    -Sign Gio gonzalez for 3 yr/36 mill
    -Trade for alex cobb (who I think is a bounce back candidate because he had no spring training nd signed late) for shed long, stuart Fairchild, and scott moss

    Two solid starting options, no big money or prospects being dished out, and a better looking rotation


    • AllTheHype

      Cobb has a horrific, under water contract. The Orioles would have to pay down most of it to make that an attractive option.

      • Kap

        First two months of the season, yes, he was horrible. From june to the end of the season, he revertes back to his career numbers, which were good

    • IvanOsokin

      I like the Cobb trade idea a lot. If they would eat a lot of the contract or take on Homer as part of the deal I think it could make a lot of sense.

  15. Kong

    Oh we have already seen what the Reds will do. Multi-year commitment to Matt Harvey, pushing Homer to the #2 spot. Bronson Arroyo should be rested and ready for a comeback so I’m sure he will get a try at #3. Lucas Giolito was the worst starter in baseball so I’m sure he will get a good look. Bob and Dick are very savvy on trades so they could probably get him for Senzel and Winker for him. Throw in Disco and his Brocken arm and that’s a staff I’m sure Bob and Dick can fit in the budget and sell to season ticket holders.

    • Colt Holt

      This is true value add to the conversation. Thanks Kong! Any insight on solving world hunger or peace in the Middle East while you are at it?

  16. SteveLV

    Eovaldi, and then Gonzalez and Miley because of their ties to Johnson, were the 3 names who jumped off the list to me. Eovaldi is much more the profile of the pitcher I think the Reds should target. If they sign Gonzalez or Miley, I assume that would happen with Johnson’s encouragement, so would feel pretty good about that, too.
    I agree that Cahill could be a good signing.
    Generally, I think 2020 or 2021 are the years the Reds can really think about making noise in the postseason. Bailey’s contract goes away after next year, Senzel and Winker have a year or two under their belts, hopefully Peraza continues to improve, and Siri or Trammell or both are in the outfield. I wouldn’t do anything, like sign Keuchel to a 5 year deal, that risks the potential in those years.

  17. Kap

    Oh and sign another solid reliever to join the party. Adam warren, jesse Chavez, Brad brach, ect…

  18. Tom

    Health health health. Eovaldi is a 2 year deal or pass.

    Gio all the way.
    Keuchel all the way.

    Corbin and Happ are far enough away from injury that it might be ok.

  19. Krozley

    Trade for Sonny Gray or Carrasco. Maybe Urena from the Marlins or Ray from the Dbacks. Then sign Gonzalez. If you can only get one of those, then someone like Holland. I think Eovaldi will be overpaid and out of the Reds realistic range. I believe Miley was a lot of smoke and mirrors last year, so I’d stay away from him.

  20. KyWilson1

    Seems like everyone on here believes in Eovaldi, a guy that has never been healthy. I wouldn’t touch him period, definitely not on a multi year contract. No way Keuchel gets the same years as Corbin, he may get the same annual value on a shorter contract. I have no problem with Miley or Gio if they can be had reasonably. Gray would be the most realistic trade target, definitely would kick the tires on the Indians starters, and Duffy out in KC would be someone to make a call about.

  21. Optimist

    Cahill seems the likeliest to fly under the radar. Also fits the GABP profile. Holland might be next.

    Prices actually seem reasonable once you’re over the 1st few whoppers. Hope they include lots of incentive/club options in the deals beyond 2 years. Harvey’s performance justifies a 2 year look.

    Better to sign multiple guys in the $5-10/yr for 2-3 years range, than another Homer deal. Avoid too many eggs in one basket.

  22. Hoyce

    I would pursue Eovaldi at that price. But prob no other starter. I would trade for TOR starter using Suarez as the tradebait (kluber hopefully). And if u can’t sign Eovaldi. Sign a top relief pitcher and Turn lorenzen into starter. And wait til next year and get Bauer or one of the other comparable starters
    Plug in Senzel at 3B
    Cut billy or trade if u can
    Try to trade homer by paying all his salary except for maybe $5M, someone may bite at that price.
    On the fence w scooter. If someone offers anything appealing. Trade him too

  23. LB

    It is my belief that to get a good rotation, they’ll probably have to trade for someone, because I think there are 2-3 spots that are going to have to be filled from outside, and I’m not sure they have the money to fill that with quality FAs…

    Ideally, I would say to:

    Sign Keuchel or Eovaldi (I personally prefer Keuchel)

    Trade for Marcus Stroman if possible, Sonny Gray if not

    Sign Drew Pomeranz to a 1 year deal, maybe 2 with the second being a team option…Pomeranz has been a good pitcher outside of Colorado for his whole career, but he’s been bitten by the injury bug more than his fair share…I think giving him a cheap-ish 1-year deal (I believe Heyman had him at 1 for $6M) would be fairly low-risk, potentially high reward if they can squeeze 175 IP out of him.

  24. Cguy

    Things could go the Reds way in 2019. By that I mean Senzel plays cf in June & July. Perhaps Siri or Friedl are close enough to be promoted to play cf & Senzel could be moved: A) to 2nd base & Scooter traded @ trade deadline, B) to 3rd & Suarez traded @ trade deadline, C) To either 2nd or 3rd, Votto traded & either Suarez or Scooter moved to 1st. Anyway by Sept. callup time next year Siri, Friedl, Long, & possibly Trammel could get promoted to ML. The Reds will have much better trade options to acquire pitching talent. I like adding Gonzales, or Kikuchi this winter. Plus a lefty rp/spot sp. In 2019 I’d still like to see Stephenson get 6-8 starts, let Lorenzen/Reed (combo) get some starts, plus eventually Santillan may be ready.

  25. MIKE2theD

    Sign Drew Pomeranz for 1 or 2 year at 12 mil.
    Trade for Robbie Ray for Winker, Shed Long, and Rob Steve
    Trade for Nate Jones for prospects.
    Trade for Kike Hernandez for Disco.
    Trade Hamilton for Sony Gray.
    Trade Bailey for Tulowitzki and cash. (See if he can play outfield).
    Leaves solid rotation of:
    Ray, Gray, Castillo, Pomeranz, Mahle/Reed
    Bullpen is Strong: Hernandez, Hughes, Lorenzen, Jones, and Iglasias.
    Balanced Lineup: Hernandez (CF) Peraza(ss)Votto(1b)Scooter(2b), Suarez(3b), Schebler/ Tulo(RF), Senzel (LF), Barnhart (c)

    • Colorado Red

      Homer for almost anyone in baseball (except Ian Desmond).
      OK, anyone who is owed less.

  26. Doc

    Just hired a stud pitching coach who worked miracles with the Brewers’s staff. Judging from all the comments, nobody thinks much of his ability. Amonst all the posts, every starting pitcher this side of Antarctica should be acquired, which means none of our existing staff is worth anything to any poster.

    I prefer to see what Johnson can do, and maybe add someone who fits a reasonable budget. A whole lot of teams bought a whole lot of FA pitchers in the past couple of years; only the ones with 200 million plus payrolls bought themselves a title.

    In theory, theory and practice are the same, but in practice they are not.

  27. GM/Manager Nep O'Tism

    While Patrick Corbin would be an awfully nice add to the rotation, I almost have to wonder if with how bad the Reds pitching has been, they wouldn’t be better off grabbing both Gio and Happ for roughly the same price as Corbin. (If we’re going Heyman estimates.)


    seems better than


    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Or if you’re going for more of a high-risk/high-reward move, spend a few million more and make it..


    Though I am really hesitant to rely on both Bucholz and Descalfani to be healthy. Would much rather only have one giant health question mark in the rotation.

  28. Michael B. Green

    Isn’t Holland a Midwest guy? I could see that. Lance Lynn is pretty interesting too. Eovaldi would work but after his post-season, it will turn into an eBay auction on him.

    • Muddycleats

      I can see Miley as a real possibility. He’s a Cajun, so Cincy is closer than Milwaukee if that matters @ all? He’s probably most inexpensive guy available, which is in line w/ Reds past standards & has expierence w/ Pitching coach

    • MuddyCleats

      Bama guy, played @ Calhoun CC I believe. Recommended him last yr. Not sure if he or other soft tosses would play well GABP or not?

  29. James

    Man, I just hope they don’t get fleeced, that’s all. I’d love to speculate, but I am just gun-shy with the team right now in hoping it works.

  30. Redsvol

    I’m a firm believer that you can get solid performance without overpaying – with the right pitching philosophy and defense. My vote is for 2 free agents – Happ and either Miley or Lynn. If you get off to a good start and are within reach of wildcard – then you trade 2-3 of your best prospects for a top of the rotation starter.