Every year the Cincinnati Reds put on an outstanding event downtown on the first weekend of December. They bring in current, past, and hopefully future players from the organization for Redsfest. This year they will have the event on Friday November 30th and Saturday December 1st. There will likely be some additions to the list, there almost always are, but the Reds have named 16 minor leaguers who will be in attendance for the event.

Player 2018 Team(s)
Jeter Downs DAY
Stuart Fairchild DAY, DBT
TJ Friedl DBT, PEN
Jose Garcia DAY
Hunter Greene DAY
Vladimir Gutierrez PEN
Jimmy Herget LOU
Jonathan India GRN, BIL, DAY
Ibandel Isabel DBT
Shed Long PEN
Scott Moss DBT
Leandro Santana DAY
Tony Santillan DBT, PEN
Nick Senzel LOU
Tyler Stephenson DBT
Taylor Trammell DBT

During the event, the Cincinnati Reds hand out their minor league awards for the 2018 season. There are four of them handed out each season. The biggest is the Chief Sheldon Bender Award for Player of the Year. There is also an award handed out for Pitcher of the Year, Hitter of the Year, and the Community Service award. I would guess that the players who will take those home are all on this list.

As more players are added, I’ll include those in updates within other articles. You can always keep track on your own over at Reds.com/Redsfest.


8 Responses

  1. klw

    So is Isabel’s invite a sign that he will be added to the 40 man prior to the Rule 5 draft?

  2. Billy

    A few of these guys stick out because they’re not top prospects: Moss, Isabel, and Santana. You’ve already stated that Isabel may be a candidate for hitter of the year, and I assume Moss might be a candidate for pitcher of the year. What’s the deal with Santana? More of a prospect than we (or at least I) give him credit for, or is he invited for other reasons?

    • Doug Gray

      I’d venture to guess that Santana will be getting the Community Service Award. Everything I hear about him speaks very highly. That said, I think he’s a better prospect than his 2018 numbers suggest, too.

      • MK

        I know Santana is a nice kid and that Community winner comes from Dayton a lot. I do think when looking at his 2018 numbers should take into account that he played a new defensive position the second half when Marshall was suspended,

  3. redlegs4ever


    Trammell- Player of the Year

    Isabel- Hitter of the Year

    Santillan- Pitcher of the Year