Teams are interested in acquiring good players. That seems like common sense. They are also interested in acquiring players with good contracts. When it comes to the Cincinnati Reds one player fits both of those things about as perfectly as possible. Eugenio Suarez is coming off of a big season. At age 26 he hit .283/.366/.526 with 34 home runs, 22 doubles, and 2 triples. He also has an insanely friendly team contract. Suarez doesn’t make more than $11.3M until 2025 when he has a $15M team option. It would be tough to argue that he’s not, easily, the teams most valuable trade asset. The production and the contract are just tough to match.

Last night, Kevin Acee of The San Diego Union-Tribune had something interesting in his column about some of the Padres offseason plans.

According to a person familiar with the Padres’ offseason interests, among the players the team covets is Reds third baseman Eugenio Suarez, a 27-year-old who is under team control through 2025 and is coming off his first All-Star appearance. A.271/.367/.493 hitting line and 60 home runs over the past two seasons combined with the contract that pays Suarez $61.46 million over the next six seasons and carries a $15 million option for ‘25 would require the Padres to give up a hefty bounty in trade.

The Reds need a lot, especially starting pitching. The Padres are rich in pitching prospects and also have a couple controllable pitchers who just finished their rookie seasons. The Reds are also reportedly considering parting ways with center fielder Billy Hamilton, which would shake up their outfield.

The San Diego Padres have one of the best farm systems in all of baseball. It’s led by Fernando Tatis Jr, a shortstop with big time power and tools. But, if the Reds are going to trade Eugenio Suarez, they should be targeting high end, young and at least somewhat proven big leaguers in return. It’s tough to see where the Padres can come from on that front.

With all of that said, third base is a spot where the Cincinnati Reds actually have a real, viable option, if they moved Eugenio Suarez. Nick Senzel could step in, immediately, and would be expected to produce at a rather high level. And he would be doing so for the league minimum salary.

If the Reds were to consider trading Eugenio Suarez, the return would need to be huge. He’s an All-Star caliber player under long-term team control with a contract that’s almost laughable. I’m not sure what it would take to pry him away, but I don’t believe the Padres match up for it. Someone out there probably does, though. But, at least from my seat that’s not at Great American Ballpark offices, it would require a young, proven starting pitcher with at least three years remaining on their contract. And then something else of high value.

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  1. Michael Smith

    It would take a ton to pry him away. 10 mil a year with a reasonable expectation of 4 war a year for 6 years.

  2. another bob in nc

    Does trading a player who recently signed a “team friendly” contract to other players that it’s not in their best interest to sign such a contract?

    • another bob in nc

      send a message to other players. should always proof read.

  3. MichaelA

    It’s pretty simple. No one is untouchable assuming the return is right. By right I mean the price tag is HUGE.

  4. AllTheHype

    Certainly Joey Lucchesi is someone they could start the package with. Reds need pitching and won’t be getting it for nothing. What better, expendable asset do they have to get that pitching?

  5. Clammy

    If they do make this trade, they best go all in on the rebuild and move Scooter, Hamilton and release Bailey. Hughes & Hernandez by the deadline for sure as well.

    • Colt Holt

      No way. The point of trading Suarez would be to contract his value to players with more value over a shorter period. You don’t trade Suarez to enter a rebuild. You trade Suarez to officially end the rebuild.

      • Fish

        He’s a 4 WAR player, there’s no way they’d turn him into a short term 5+ WAR player, that statement doesn’t make sense.

      • Colt Holt

        I strongly disagree. The entire concept of trading him for a TOR pitcher (someone you would expect more than 4 WAR from) is the only reason you would trade him.

      • Fish

        There were 11 pitchers in 2018 worth 5 WAR or more, you’re basically expecting them to trade for Kluber or DeGrom. I don’t think this team – Suarez plus one of those guys will be a championship team in the next two years.

    • Alex

      Agree with clammy. Colt the reds aren’t close and Suarez was one of their best players. The reds are so thin after the first line of players. Barnhart tanked, schebler tanked, peraza under average, Hamilton is below average, votto is declining, winker tore his labrum. This team isn’t close at all. It needs at least 2 pitchers and 2 more position players to compete in their loaded division. They are closer to starting over then being a contender. A trade of Suarez is a call to tear it down and rebuild around senzel and Trammell. Which I think is a better call in the long run but is too risky after the way the reds have treated fans. Trading Suarez for one cost controlled pitcher and another asset leaves them still 1 pitcher and still 2 position players away cause you traded your best one. reds aren’t close and should treat the situation as such.

      • ClayMC

        Why no love for Schebler? He had a 120 wRC+ before the injury, with passable defense, all while making league minimum. The shoulder injury essentially ended what was a surprisingly good, and extremely cost effective season, which is exactly what Cincinnati needs to ever compete in a small market. I don’t know how you’d consider that “tanking”. Was he an all-star? No, but he was far from “tanking”.

      • Eric

        If you trade him for Lucchesi, Gore, Quantrill and Myers and cash and you have a deal that begins to make you a contender. You then trade Disco and Stephenson for Sonny Gray. You then go trade Mahle, Schebler and Romano or Wisler for Alex Cobb and money for some of the contract. I know that is a lot of trading and that does not include moving Hamilton but you are a better team and one that can contend next year.

  6. CP

    O boy I would want a kings ransom to trade away Suarez. After Votto, he is the new face of the franchise and the future of the organization. But if a team would be willing to part with that ransom you have to be willing to listen at least.

    I would want a TOR starter with at least 3 years of control, a Top 100 prospect at AA or higher, plus another piece. Maybe I’m too high on Suarez, but man his value is so high in my mind. He’s a star now and projects to get only better, is a great guy in the locker room, keeps his nose clean outside of the field, and is signed to a long term team friendly contract!

  7. AirborneJayJay

    If AJ Preller doesn’t start the offer with Fernando Tatis. Jr. tell Preller to call back when it does.
    lt’ll take SS Fernando Tatis, Jr., LHP Joey Lucchesi, LHP Logan Allen, RHP Jacob Nix, and 1B Josh Naylor.
    Done and done.

    • Schottzie

      You wouldn’t even get Tatis for Suarez straight up. I doubt Gore either for that matter.

      Of course this is just my opinion, but top ten prospects seem to be almost untouchable in the modern era. Who since Sale has been flipped for a package like you’re suggesting? And Suarez, albeit early on a solid contract, isn’t bringing the value of Sale.

      • Fish

        Then it’d be a short call. It’s not worth it to the reds to trade Suarez unless they just absolutely GUT the other team’s farm system. If Tatis isn’t included, I’d hang up immediately, and I’m be disappointed if the reds didn’t do the same. I’d say Tatis plus two top pitchers and a throw in or no dice.

      • KyWilson1

        If they are trading him for prospects, it has to start with Tatis and Gore. The Reds don’t need to move him, this is a want move for SD. They would need at least one more top 100 prospect added for this to be a worthwhile deal.

  8. Keith

    Suarez seems to be a leader in the clubhouse, personality wise. While I think the Reds could get a TON for him, I’d be worried about how it might shift the clubhouse atmosphere. Seems like a fun guy who loves baseball. I certainly love watching him play. But his value will never be higher.

  9. kevinz

    Bell has said he wants to build around the Young core. So i doubt this happens. Unless bells words were lip service. I am guessing Suarez will stay.

  10. Stock

    This would be interesting.

    I assume Tatis is off the table. But lets assume the Reds have $30 million to spend this winter.

    Sign players to short term contracts.

    I see two options I really like if we trade Suarez to the Pads.

    1. FA acquisitions (Salaries and length per MLBtraderumors)

    Happ 3/48
    Morton 2/32
    Miller 3/27

    Total $41 million for 2019 and 2020 and $25 million for 2021
    or replace Morton and Miller with Keuchel (4/84)

    That puts us at $37 million for 2019-2021 and $21 for 2022. But this is within the budget if you replace Suarez with Senzel. You can also save money by trading Hamilton

    Trade Suarez and Stephenson to the Pads for MacKenzie Gore, Chris Paddock and Adrian Morejon.

    This really stocks up the farm for replacements when Happ and Disco leave. For that matter trade Happ, Keuchel and/or Disco following the 2020 season for a new batch of prospects.

  11. Tom

    With Senzel and India in the pipeline, I really love this type of move. For 4 of their top 10, I’d do it in a heartbeat then sign Donaldson for a Roland type deal. Instantly a better organization.

    • AllTheHype

      Not a bad idea really. Senzel could still play CF in that scenario. It’s a net gain on offense with Donaldson and Senzel minus Suarez, and obvious net gain in starting pitching. What’s not to like? And if Donaldson bounces back to his old self, then get a pick with the QO.

      • Tom McLeavey

        if he gets no lucrative multi year FA deal, a one year deal is doable for him to play 81 regular season games at GABP…

  12. MK

    As is typically, with Reds players and prospects, the case we might over value Suarez a little. That being said I really do not see the Padres as a trading partner at this point. I would want a quality major league starting pitcher in any deal this winter and I am not sure the Padres have anything that would be a 2019 upgrade let alone a big plus.

    • Michael Smith

      MK I have to ask. Why do you think Suarez is being over valued? Or more in depth what do you believe his value to be?

    • Fish

      Fangraphs had him as having the #30 trade value in all of baseball. If the package isn’t headlined by tatis AND gore, I’d take a hard pass.

  13. Tom B.

    Nobody should be off-limits on this team. I love Suarez, but his age, his stats and his contract make him by far the most likely to net a good return.

  14. GM/Manager Nep O'Tism

    While I like Suarez, and I like the idea of Senzel’s bat in center, I have to admit.. Senzel at 3B, Peraza in CF, Tatis Jr at SS, then Lucchesi in the starting rotation (plus whichever other good players you get for Suarez) is probably a better team.

    Luis Urias would also solve the Scooter’s successor question and allow you to try and get another pitcher for Scooter.

    – – – – – – – –

    It would have to be one heck of a massive return. Something like Lucchesi, Tatis Jr, Urias, and Quantrill.

    • asinghoff

      You still have India as an option at 2B. That would be one hell of a hitting infield with Senzel, Tatis Jr and India complimenting an aging Joey Votto (who could still likely be a 380-400 obp guy.)

      Not to mention having Winker, Trammell and player X in the outfield with Tyler Stephenson behind the dish. That’s a highly potent, young, cost controlled starting 8.

  15. Joe

    Suarez similar to yelich last off-season talented great contract n chance to get to mvp level

  16. Colt Holt

    As I have touted for months, you trade Suarez to a team that can send you two TOR pitchers back (Mets or Indians as the obvious examples) or you keep him. No prospects coming back. Who the reds add depends on the return, but the Mets and Indians won’t see a better asset coming back in a single package than Suarez. The question is whether they won’t a high end asset, or a handful of top 100 prospects.

    • Daytonian

      You got it. TWO quality starters for Suarez with controllable contracts so they are not one-and-end. Not middling pitchers, either. Otherwise, Suarez stays.

  17. redleggingfordayz

    Just like many have already said on here; anyone is available for the right price. I just don’t see the Padres giving up half of their system for Suarez, and I am very happy with him staying a Red.

  18. Colt Holt

    As for the padres, I can’t fathom a trade that would justify moving Suarez. With tatis, you hope he becomes Suarez. I would be looking for most of their top 10 to not hang up the phone.

  19. kevinz

    I would like to see what Johnson can do, with our Pitchers before gutting the system.
    The brewers did not have a TOR starter just a dominate Bullpen. I get past trades don’t mean much. The last few times the Reds made trades for Pitching packages it did not go so well. Rather take the risk of spending money on the Pitching. If fails you still have Prospects to fall back on. If trade Suarez get two Pitchers along with 2 Position players.

  20. Jman

    Deal would start with Gore. If he’s not included it would be an awful deal.

  21. Jasonp

    They are a interesting team to trade with. I would hate to give up Suarez but we might set ourselves up for sustained success with the right deal with them.

    If we could get something like José Castillo, (a rookie reliever last year with good numbers), MacKenzie Gore, (their #2 prospect 19 years old starter pitcher), and Luis Patino (#9 ranked prospect 19 year old starter with a 2.16 ERA in A ball) it might be worth it.

    We would have 3 (Green, Gore, Patino) top end 19 year old pitching prospects in our minors and a good young reliever with another 5 years of control. With the the extra 10 mil or so (from Suarez) added to the 30 we have to spend this off season we could get some good starting pitchers to get us to the point when these 19 year olds are ready to pitch.

    Opens up 3rd for Senzel and maybe sign Gennett to a 2-3 year extension to try and keep the offense good.

    • victor vollhardt

      Suarez is a MLB proven player right now and he wants to be in Cincinnati. All the names thrown out are “prospects” which is just a step up (and not a big step at that) from being a “suspect”. And before everybody hands everything over to Senzel—Please remember at this point he has been a “brittle” (not being able to stay on the field for long periods) player, who may have a underlying aliment that could cut short his very promising career. I hope he lives up to that promise for years to come (and with the Reds). But lets see a hot, long spring training followed by a couple of equally hot on the field months at AAA and then make our decisions. The Reds got a great deal in acquiring Suarez and both parties made a great deal in his contract. Lets not throw it away.

  22. Alan

    If the Reds are really, ridiculously lucky, then Senzel will become what Suarez already is, and he certainly wouldn’t be nearly as cheap. I agree that the team should be willing to listen, but it’s highly unlikely the Padres would actually cough up enough to make trading Suarez worth the risk that he couldn’t be adequately replaced.

  23. Bred

    I don’t know much about Tatis. What I think I have learned from Doug is that a prospect is just that until they do it in MLB. Last week in a response he taught me potential to be an all star is different than likelihood. While I may not understand the difference between the two, it does make me think that trading a proven all star for a potential on is folly. On Suárez while I do not think he will have the carreer that Tony Perez had, I do think he plays that clubhouse role. The BRM has no flags after he left.

  24. Hoyce

    Gore, Baez and Espinoza for Suarez would get it done for me.
    Or straight up for kluber

  25. Doc

    I would think that an all star with an extremely team friendly contract for six years would be exactly the kind of player the Reds would want, not want to get rid of. I agree with anotherbob, why would players in the future sign a team friendly deal with Cincinnati, unless they wanted to hasten their departure? Maybe Suarez agent was asleep at the switch in failing to get no trade protection.

    • Colt Holt

      Players sign long term contracts to guarantee themselves enough money to never worry about it again…not because they don’t want to play anywhere else. It’s business. Reds should be expected to use redundancy to fill needs.

  26. Shawn

    I would listen but I doubt anyone would give enough to get him. His price should be astronomical

  27. Redsvol

    Agree with most on here, anyone is available for a great price but I highly doubt anyone would give us what Suarez is worth. You don’t give Suarez away for a couple prospects – regardless of their rank. Just go back and look at how many top rankedprospects never became solid major leaguers, with some never even making it to the majors. The deal would have to blow you away if you were the reds.

  28. BJ

    I can’t say it is impossible because if it truly makes your team better, then it certainly needs to be explored. However, coming off a horrendous gate year, it would be a P.R. nightmare that they would have to endure. The return would have to be spectacular and the return would have to produce right away. The contract is truly exactly the type a team like the Reds need for one of their best players. Compound that with the negative appearance it gives other players who are considering signing a team friendly contract for protection and them being more willing to play it out until free agency.

  29. Seat101

    Suarez and Bailey for a top 5, a top 9 and a proven mid rotation starter with at least 4 years of contro.

  30. Rob

    There is not much starting pitching depth in the minor leagues. Dealing from a position of strength makes sense. I would hate to lose Suarez but I would be in favor for trading him for starting pitching. Place Senzel at third base. Offense has not been the problem. Pitching has been historically bad. No brainer to trade Suarez for the right package.

    • Doc

      Offense has not been the problem because Suarez was the engine that drove the offense. Get rid of the engine and the train doesn’t move so well.

  31. Champ Summers

    I don’t think looking at the Padres as a straight up partner is the way to go. The best way to use SD would be in a multi-team deal to help get the true TOR guy with some control

  32. Simon Cowell

    I would trade both Nick Senzel and Hunter Greene prior to trading Suarez.
    Suarez is a certainty with both Senzel and Greene unsure to ever be more than “high potential”

    • OklaRed

      Agree never get as much talent for money. Trade prospects let others take risk at this point

    • Colt Holt

      That’s good in theory, but they have different value for that very reason. If the Padres had senzel and Greene (or tatis and gore), I don’t think I would trade Suarez for both of them. It would need to be more. The entire premise of trading Suarez is that the reds have depth offering a good option to replace him, so if someone wants to offer value for him, you take it. Senzel might be a starting piece for kluber, but they would want three more big time prospects (maybe even Greene). If they want Suarez, I am asking for kluber and Bauer or carrasco. Talking about trading one player doesn’t mean his value is lower or that he is disliked. If I want to buy a car, they want the twenty grand On the loan, not the five grand in cash. I would rather not take out a loan, but the five grand wouldn’t get me very far.

  33. Cguy

    Suarez is the only Reds position player who could get a TOR pitcher in return. Besides, the Reds have Senzel, who should eventually end up at 3rd for many years. I’d take Tatis, Lucchesi, Gore, & Mejia for Suarez, but I seriously doubt the Padres would give up that much. The time to possibly trade Suarez will be late July of 2019, or even next off-season. First they need to see Senzel’s bat at the ML level (in cf). They need to see how far away Trammel is from becoming a Red, & if Long, Siri, & Friedl will be any help anytime soon. All that should be clearer within a year and then the Reds can make a more intelligent decision on trading Suarez.

    • Jeff Sessions

      As far as you know Senzel could be a complete bust. Stupid to trade Suárez. It’s a gamble this franchise should avoid. Trade Hamilton, move Suárez to short and Senzel to 3rd, move Perraza to CF.

  34. Wes

    I read where will Myers is available. I’d scoop him up. He could play right field/possibly center and bat clean up for reds. That way your offense doesn’t take a big step back. Then get gore as centerpiece w another quality arm and it’s a great trade for cincy.

    • ClayMC

      Myers is owed $74 million over the next 4 years, while likely providing below average value in the outfield. He hits the ball hard, for sure, but I can’t see how he, or his contract, would be in any way good for this team, unless it meant San Diego sent over an obscene number of top talent prospects to offset the salary dump.

      • ClayMC

        I’d MUCH rather have Schebler than Myers. Similar value, and Schebler will cost like 80% less.

  35. Colt Holt

    Want a good laugh? Check out Friars on Base blog for the padres. Their proposal was Franmil Reyes or Hunter Renfroe and Michel Baez as center pieces. If that is how the team feels, this would go nowhere in a hurry!

    • Colorado Red

      This is what a writer suggested.
      Made a reasonable suggestion (Gore, Paddok (sp) and Baez), and another fan, said hard pass. So I responded, I felt the same way of the original proposal form the author.

  36. KyWilson1

    If they are trading him for prospects, it has to start with Tatis and Gore. The Reds don’t need to move him, this is a want move for SD. They would need at least one more top 100 prospect added for this to be a worthwhile deal.

    • Colorado Red

      I would be willing to go with Gore, Paddack and Baez.
      (checked the spelling on Paddack this time).
      Doubt they go for it.

  37. Jeff Sessions

    Dumbest front office in baseball. Only the reds would rush to trade him. Guess they haven’t learned from the Chapman trade. Suárez in a few years will be a force the league trade him after he makes a run for the mvp. Team has no good baseball instincts. Rushing him for an unproven Senzel will backfire. Please no sophomore pitching prospects. Focus on proven pitchers. We have a bunch of unqualified people floating terrible possibilities.

    • Doug Gray

      Just to be clear, because you’re a terrible troll but someone else might read your comment and not grasp that – The Cincinnati Reds have not in any way made any sort of indication that they are interested, thinking about, pondering, considering or any other word you want to use, trading Eugenio Suarez. The Padres have indicated they are interested in acquiring him.

  38. AirborneJayJay

    Geno Suarez is currently on the all-star trip to Japan. I hope he is getting very acquainted with Seattle’s Mitch Haniger on this trip and comes back to Cincinnati and tells Dick Williams this is the guy to trade for. Saw a picture of Suarez and Haniger shaking hands on Sheldon’s twitter.
    This winter, Haniger could very well be the Christian Yelich type on the trade market potential-wise. Not necessarily contract-wise, but Haniger does have 4 years of team control left. A potential NL MVP going forward in Cincinnati. Don’t think he could get to AL MVP potential in Seattle.

  39. The Duke

    Any deal for Suarez would have to START with Lucchesi, Tatis, and Gore. Otherwise tell them to go pound sand.

  40. Kong

    Dick Williams and uncle Bob C are running the show. They would let him go for a bag of baseballs and a couple of relievers with “live arms”. But only if they have had, “successful” Tommy John surgery in the past 3 years.

  41. JEYork751

    The Reds could be successful following either path- trading Suarez or holding him. Given his contract, age, and production Suarez is one of the most valuable trade assets in the league. The Reds also have two top 100 prospects who play his position. If you can get a haul of top prospects from the best system in baseball, particularly pitching prospects, you have to consider the option. It really all depends on what San Diego would be willing to trade and it’s a waste of time to guess what that might be.

    As a secondary concern, I would worry about being able to sign players to similar “team-friendly” deals in the future if the Reds show they will turn around and ship a guy off just a year after signing. I assume Suarez signed his deal because he wanted to stay in Cincinnati.

    My inclination would be to keep Suarez, sign some pitching, and then use Senzel, India, etc. to plug holes when Gennett is gone or via trade down the line. My guess is that will be the route the team takes as well.

  42. Old-school

    I love Suarez but the Padres have #1 system in baseball and know Suarez is a crucial piece to the Reds.

    Tatis- at #2 overall and #1 SS prospect and Urias #27 overall and #1 2b prospect with SS backup ability and Mackenzie Gore- #13 overall and #2 lefty pitcher prospect would get it done for me. Trade Peraza and a pitcher in the deal and trade Gennett and Hamilton and clear homer’s contracts in 2019.

    Sign AJ Pollack for CF so that Senzel/Tatis/Urias/ Votto infield and Winker/ Pollack/ Schebler OF.

    Cash buys SP for 2020 and Trammell and Stephenson the catcher and Greene and Gore anchor the minors .

    That team would have a long window