Behind the scenes in the baseball blogosphere there have been some things going on for a while now involving myself and indirectly this website. Mostly, though, it’s involved I’m sure that most of you are aware of the site – I’ve been contributing a minor league column over there for years now, and have always been a big fan of the site and the work done there. Over the weekend, in fact it took place at Redsfest, but I, as Chad Dotson put it, took over the reins of Redleg Nation. We announced it late on Sunday evening there, and on twitter, and we spoke a little bit about it on the Redleg Nation Radio podcast that may or may not be out by the time I hit publish on this post. One thing, though, that we didn’t discuss there was what all of that means for

A lot of people saw the news and reached out on twitter, sent me emails, DM’s, a few text messages rolled in, wondering what was going to happen here. I’ll just state it now: I have no plans of changing anything here at Reds Minor Leagues other than some of my “big league Reds news” stories that I occasionally would post here, could wind up being posted over there. This site is going to continue and I have no plans at all of stepping back in any way, shape, or form, from keeping this site going, and hopefully growing and improving.

As always, if you’ve got any questions, the comments are open, as is my inbox for emails, or shoot my a message on twitter. I try my best to respond to everyone.

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    • Doug Gray

      Thanks. I’m nervous, but excited about what the future holds.

      • Big Ed

        Good luck, but you will do fine. Good things tend to happen to people who work hard and put out a quality product.

  1. Njp

    This might be too personal to comment on, and if it is, I understand. I don’t know of the business side I’d RLN, but I hope taking on RLN is a nice financial gain for you too doug. You deserve it.

    • Doug Gray

      The long term plan is to certainly make money with Redleg Nation. Right now, there’s just some ideas I’m kicking around and not an exact plan of how to do that (I mean, I do know how to make money money from it today if I wanted to just throw some google ads up on there – but I’m going to spend the next few weeks exploring some options and go from there).

  2. Chris

    Wow Doug….first I want to congratulate you!Second I just want to say they’re very fortunate to have you…..and Third,damn you’re gonna be busy as hell!

    • Doug Gray

      Thanks. I’m fortunate that Chad trusted me enough to go through with it. And yes, I’m going to be busy. I don’t want to get too deep into the business side of things yet for a few reasons, but I honestly think that it’s going to be a little easier to handle Redleg Nation than it is Reds Minor Leagues. While I’m going to be doing both duties, from a writing/coverage perspective, a lot of my work will still be done here. Things can and do always change once you get in there and figure out what needs different attention than you had planned, but my hope is that I’m a little bit more of a manager of sorts there, and a content creator here. I guess we all get to find out together!

      • madoffjc

        Congrats, Doug! I do not mean to step my boundaries here, just trying to be helpful, but have you thought about combining the two sites?

  3. jim t

    Congrats Doug! I read a bunch of different sites not only on Baseball but other sports. Yours by far has been the best, not only from content but from the posters. Glad things have worked out for you. I have always tried to tell my children to find something your passionate about and hopefully you can make a living at it. You are a prime example of how to make that happen. good luck going forward.

  4. Ben

    Congratulations! Good luck with both sites. I’m sure you’ll do great.

  5. Cguy

    Well, there’s goes your “spare” time. Congratulations & best of fortune.

  6. George M

    Congratulations!! You certainly deserve it for all the effort you have put into your work.

  7. Ghettotrout1

    Isn’t this some kind of anti trust violation on Reds websites. Whats next Red Reporter too LOLOLOLOL. Congrats Doug Dirt.

  8. SteveLV

    I’ll pile on the congratulations messages, Doug. Your work and this site has made being a Reds fan significantly more fun and that is clearly the case for many others. Hope this turns out to be an exceptionally good move for you.

  9. DHud

    Exciting news, Doug. Looking forward to see where you take this

    For the record, of managing two sites at once is too much, a redlegnation-redsminorleagues merger would be pretty incredible

    • victor vollhardt

      Redsminorleagues (and their posters) has always been very friendly( watch language of course) to posters not so with redlegnation..Name is important you are covering the Cincinnati Reds not the Cincinnati Redlegs. Any poster on “nation” that does not embrace the “new” type of baseball thinking- is ridiculed, piled on and in some cases just deleted. At “minorleagues” one is told that they are wrong and given good reasons why they are wrong and even some posters agree with all or parts of one’s thought. OPEN dialogue occurs at minorleagues everyday and many of the regulars really know a lot about baseball and know baseball history and former players and are really up to date on minor league players (not just ones in the Reds’ system) Mr. Gray if you can change the culture at ” nation” (name of site?) it will be great, but please keep Redsminorlaagues always at the top of your list.

  10. Tom

    Congrats Doug!

    I hope this site stays separate, I like keeping away from the major league news cycle and reaction by only coming here.

    • Doug Gray

      The plan is for the sites to remain separate in terms of what is posted where. There will probably be some integration in terms of something like having a Redleg Nation link in the navigation bar here, and a Reds Minor Leagues link in the navigation bar there. But my plan is to keep the two sites as their own entities.

  11. Doug Gray

    For everyone just extending a congrats, thank you! I’ve been in and out of this thread trying to answer questions but haven’t addressed many of the congrats messages and wanted to do that without typing thanks 15 times.

    As you can imagine things are pretty busy in the last 14 hours or so as Chad and I got together to try and get this out there, and I’m still working on some of the logistical stuff when it comes to the backend of all of the Redleg Nation stuff, and trying to talk with all of the writers over there about everything. Oh, and I’m also writing the TJ Friedl report for tomorrow, had the Kikuchi piece go up, and I haven’t eaten yet today. It’s been a fun day lol.

  12. bred

    Type A. The hypothesis describes Type A individuals as outgoing, ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, sensitive, impatient, anxious, proactive, and concerned with time management. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics”.
    I’d agree with this definition but that would be selling you short. I doubt you need luck to make both sites a success because you will do what ever it takes to achieve your goal. Just keep yourself healthy and EAT!

  13. Simon Cowell

    I’ve never been a fan of Redlegnation website for many reasons. The biggest reason though is a general sense of negativity from the writers. Additionally, the writing staff has a tendency to talk down to their audience and have an aura of thinking that they know more than the casual fan.
    I’m not certain if your ownership of the site will improve things but I am hopeful that it will.
    I like the fact that you primarily stick to facts and interject your opinions in a way that state that they are your opinions and nothing more. Encourage others to write with the same neutral tone.