The Cincinnati Reds drafted Stuart Fairchild with the 38th overall selection in the 2017 Draft. He was their 2nd round pick and their 3rd pick overall. After beating up on pitching in the ACC with Wake Forest the Reds sent him to Billings after the draft. While there he hit .303 with 12 stolen bases.

After a solid showing in 2017 in Billings the Cincinnati Reds sent Stuart Fairchild to join the Dayton Dragons in 2018. The year got out to a solid start for the outfielder as he went 7-25 (.280) in the first week with four walks. Over his next eight games he caught fire, hitting .364 with four extra-base hits. He would go into a slump over the next four days, going hitless in 12 at-bats. The month closed out by going 3-5 with a walk in the last two games of April. In 86 plate appearances during April he hit .293/.384/.453 with 10 walks, 20 strikeouts, and he added four stolen bases.

May picked up where April left off as Stuart Fairchild extended his hit streak to six games with hits in the first four of the month. He also walked four times in the span to begin May. The streak ended on May 5th when he went 0-4 with an RBI. The second week saw Fairchild go 5-17 (.294) with three doubles and three walks. After two weeks of solid hitting, he caught fire in the second half of the month. He went 20-63 (.317) with six walks, and seven extra-base hits – good for a .910 OPS in that span. For the month he hit .305/.405/.476 with 14 walks and 29 strikeouts in 126 plate appearances. He also added 10 more steals to give him 14 on the year.

The first three games of June saw Stuart Fairchild  went 4-11 with two home runs. But he went into a slump for the next two weeks, going just 7-44 (.159) leading into the All-Star break. After the break was over he was promoted from Dayton to Daytona to join the Tortugas. In his first week with the Tortugas he struggled, going 5-26 (.192) with three walks. That completed the month, giving him a .198/.309/.370 line on the month with 10 walks and 23 strikeouts in 94 plate appearances. He would also add another four steals during the month.

July saw the struggles continue for Stuart Fairchild. In his first nine games of the month he managed just two hits. Things got better over his next eight games as he went 9-28 (.321) with a double, but he would go 0-9 in the following two games. After a day off he returned to the starting lineup and racked up hits in seven of the next eight games to finish out the month, hitting .370 along the way. The strong finish helped, but he still put up what was easily the worst month of his season. In 101 plate appearances he hit .228/.277/.293 with seven walks and 31 strikeouts. He added three more steals.

Things got out to a slow start in August. Stuart Fairchild went 1-13 in the first three games with seven strikeouts. He caught fire in the next five games, though, going 8-14 (.571). Just as quickly as he caught fire, he went cold – going 0-for the next week (17 at-bats). He rebounded well from the prolonged slump. In the final two weeks of the season he went 20-58 (.345) with eight extra-base hits. Over the final stretch of the year he hit .284/.333/.431 with seven walks and 25 strikeouts in 111 plate appearances. His two steals were the least of any month and gave him 23 total on the year.

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Stuart Fairchild Spray Chart

Stuart Fairchild Scouting Report

Hitting | He’s got an average hit tool. He’s capable of using the entire field and he can spray line drives to both gaps.

Power | He shows fringe-average power potential with 15-20 home runs not out of the question down the line.

Running | He shows above-average speed that he can use well on the bases and in the field.

Defense | He’s capable of playing center field in the lone term, but he is fully capable of handing either corner.

Arm | He’s got an above-average arm.

Stuart Fairchild doesn’t really have that thing that jumps out at you on the field. But when it comes to his tools, everything is around average at the plate and his defensive tools are a bit better than that. Those give him the profile of a possible starter down the line.

But there’s some risk involved with that profile, too. There’s more swing-and-miss to his game than was expected when he was coming out of college. In 2018 he struck out in 24.7% of his plate appearances, and that number was higher when he got to Advanced-A. In order for his hit tool to play he’s going to have to cut down on the strikeouts, and probably by a decent amount.

And it’s the offense that’s going to determine the future role. The defense is going to play, though the bat profiles a lot better in center than in either of the corners. He’d have to max out his offensive tools to profile as a corner starter. Just how much he hits will determine if he looks more like a 4th/5th outfielder and pinch runner, or a guy who could compete for a spot in center field on an everyday basis.

Longest Home Run of the Year

413 Feet on August 23rd.

Interesting Stat on Stuart Fairchild

He hit .289/.380/.482 at home between Dayton and Daytona in 2018, but just .241/.308/.338 on the road.

5 Responses

  1. DanD

    Time will tell if this was a good pick. I am curious of who will be a better player Fairchild picked at 38 or who I wanted personally Drew Waters picked at 41.

  2. CP

    Another good CF to add to the mix for sure. Between him, Siri, Freidl, and potentially Trammel they have some great options to hopefully pan out in CF. That spot should be well handled during this next window of competing. It’ll be fun to see who rises to the occasion and seizes the job, because there will be no lack of competition for it!

    • AirborneJayJay

      Don’t forget maybe the best hitter of the bunch, Michael Bautista. At #11 on Doug’s top-25. Just behind Fairchild in the pecking order. Don’t know if he’ll start out at Dayton or Daytona in 2019.

    • MK

      Between Fairchild, Siri, Freidl, Trammel in my view Siri is the only centerfield prospect in the group. The others will have to fight it out for left field versus Winker.

  3. kevinz

    If healthy or not Traded Winker Playing at 1st when all said and Done.
    Siri Siani the only ones who can play plus Defense in CF.
    I see Trammell either in CF with less D plus hit or Plus D with Average hit for LF.
    Bautista is interesting , this coming season will tell a lot about his Hit tool.