Raúl Hernández was involved in a fatal car accident in early November that took the life of his teammate Jairo Capellán and left another teammate, Emilio Garcia also hospitalized. Both Hernández and Garcia were flown to Miami to receive the best care possible. For Garcia, while his injuries were serious, he was in better condition than Hernández was, who was in the intensive care unit for a period of time and had not having feeling on the left side of his body for a while.

A little more than two weeks ago Raúl Hernández was making progress and was moved out of the ICU and into an acute care neuro rebah unit. Today the Cincinnati Reds released this video of Hernández providing the update on his health. I’ve transcribed it below if for some reason the video is not working (it has subtitles in English). It’s the best baseball thing that’s going to hit the internet today.

Hey, it’s Raúl Hernández, player for the Cincinnati Reds. And I’d like to give an update to the fans. It’s been nearly a month since I was in an accident, and by the grace of God, my health is improving. Day by day, I’m getting better with therapy. And with God leading the way, I’m looking forward to getting back to playing the game. I just wanted to let everyone know, thank you for the support and onward we go with God leading the way.



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  1. MK

    Great news. Having had a stroke with paralysis on my left side I have a pretty good idea of the therapy he has been going through. The fact that he has baseball as his goal will be a huge help to him. Brain injuries recover at their own pace as the brain creates bew nerve pathways around the injured area. I know he probably doesn’t think so but he is a very lucky young man to be able to think, see and communicate.

    On another subject a Blast from the past. I was reading the new Baseball America today and the scout that signed the Nationals #9 prospect, Sterling Sharp, was former Reds #1 draft pick Brandon Larson.

  2. Shawn

    Good to see he’s improving. Have you heard anything about Garcia

    • Doug Gray

      Several weeks ago he was said to need one more skin graft, then was likely headed back to the DR for a short period of time, then they were going to send him to Goodyear. I haven’t heard an update on that, but I think if something had gone counter to that, we would have.

      • Shawn

        Hopefully they both make a full recovery and continue playing ball. Not for the Reds sake but for theirs. You know they have worked a good part of their lives for the opportunity.

  3. redsvol

    great news for these young men. Hopefully they can still lead productive lives.

  4. redleggingfordayz

    Glad to hear they are getting healthier after everything that happened. I wish them nothing but the best!

  5. TG

    Thank you for posting, Doug. Great reminder for this season and for life overall.