The Cincinnati Reds have acquired Robby Scott from the Boston Red Sox according to Ken Rosenthal. The left-handed reliever has pitched in 73 games in the Major Leagues, though almost all of them came in 2017 when he made 57 appearances.

The reason that there was no word on the return yet is that the Reds didn’t give one. Robby Scott was placed on waivers and the Reds claimed him. Mark Sheldon was the first one to report this – beating the other Reds beat reporters by a matter of seconds.

Most of his season in 2018 was spent in Triple-A Pawtucket where he dominated for the Pawsox. The then 28-year-old posted a 1.86 ERA in 45 games out of the bullpen. In his 48.1 innings he allowed one home run, walked 21, and struck out 63 batters. In Boston he made nine appearances, but struggled. He posted an 8.10 ERA in 6.2 innings – giving up two home runs, walking five (two intentionally), and he struck out eight. He also hit five batters.

The 2018 season was a struggle in the Majors in the small sample size that it was. The control was atrocious. However, in 2017, he posted a 3.79 ERA in 57 games and 35.2 innings with the Red Sox. He allowed seven home runs, walked 13, and he struck out 31 during that season in the Major Leagues.

Robby Scott Scouting Report

The odds are that the Reds are looking at him as a loogy. Left handers posted a .157/.289/.214 line against him in 83 plate appearances in 2018. In 2017 between the minors and majors they hit .115/.222/.269 against him. He dominates left handed hitters.

Robby Scott has multiple pitches. In his big league career he’s actually been a 4-pitch guy, though he’s mostly focused on the fastball and slider, but the curveball shows up often enough. He has a change up he’s thrown, but it’s a rare occasion that one makes it’s way into a game. His fastball works in the 87-91 range. The slider and curveball both work in the mid-to-upper 70’s.


23 Responses

  1. Brad

    Sets up an interesting competition between Scott, Peralta, Finnegan…possibly Reed for LHRP out of bullpen after Garrett.

  2. Billy

    So, is he a legit bullpen arm, or a candidate for DFA musical chairs?

    • Doug Gray

      If he were a legit bullpen arm to be counted on he would have never hit waivers.

      He’s a guy with a chance.

      • Kevin davis

        Doug, Watching BASeball Tonight on ESPN. They were talking about the number of relief pitchers in free agency this year (around 70). Given that would you even entertain the Reds pursing Brad Boxberger for around 1.5 ? Or do you think his last couple of years show too much of a decline

  3. jbonireland

    In spite of the Optimist snarky comment, I have a real question. Do the Reds have to put a waiver claim player on the 40 man or can he be assigned to Louisville?

    • redlegs4ever

      Any waiver claim is automatically put on the 40 man roster. I could see the Reds looking to sneak him through waivers at another point in time, he’s out of options.

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t think he’s out of options unless I missed something. His contract was purchased in 2016 in September. He wasn’t optioned until the next spring. Then he was optioned in 2018. That’s two options. He should have one remaining.

      • redlegs4ever

        I guess he could have one left, I just saw parts of 3 big league seasons and being 29 and assumed he had to burn all his options by now. Guess I should do more homework. It’s so hard to track down options remaining for some reason…

    • Optimist

      It was a FO snark, but this actually makes sense, and looks like a good move if they can sneak him back thru waivers. For all the rumors so far, it seems only prospect deals may get done at the meetings – the moving veterans/contracts/signing FAs may take a while to play out. Appears enough teams have similar goals that they just need to hash it out with everyone else.

      Good luck to BHam!

  4. Stock

    In past winters the Reds would make this deal, sign Adam Jones, sign Gio Gonzalez and call it a day and tell everyone they are vastly improved when actually they are weaker.

    Doug told me a month ago to hold out hope so I will.

  5. Redsvol

    I like the signing. We are seriously lacking in lefty bullpen options. We need a loogy so Garrett can pitch multiple innings and Peralta has had enough chances. If he has options then its even better.

    I’d like to see us sign 1-2 more major league relievers at reasonable $ and length. Bullpen arms are perishable and you never know when Hernandez and Hughes fall off the cliff.