The Cincinnati Reds have acquired Tanner Roark from the Washington Nationals. They are sending reliever Tanner Rainey for the return. The acquisition is a very interesting one. Tanner Roark has made 30 or more starts in four of the last five seasons. In 2015 he made 12 starts, but also pitched in 28 games as a reliever. He’s been healthy for his entire career. He’ll be 32-years-old next season and coming off of a year where he threw 180.1 innings of 4.34 ERA baseball. That came with 50 walks and 146 strikeouts. He was basically league average at run prevention (98 ERA+).

Tanner Roark is going to be arbitration eligible for the 2019 season. It is the last year before he will reach free agency. MLB Trade Rumors has him slated to get $9.8M for the 2019 season. His Steamer Projections for 2019 are for a 4.15 ERA in 167.0 innings. The Reds could certainly do a lot worse than that. While it’s unlikely that Roark is going to lead the Reds to the promised land, he’s an upgrade to the pitching staff and rotation.

When it comes to giving up Tanner Rainey there’s some risk and reward here. The reward is that you picked up Tanner Roark. The risk is that if Tanner Rainey improves his control a little bit, he’s a future closer. The stuff for Rainey is elite. The execution of it due to 20-grade control, isn’t. He’s got a double-plus fastball and a plus slider. But when he can’t throw them in, or even near the zone, it doesn’t matter. The Nationals are hoping that they can help him find more consistency with the strikezone and it’ll save them money today and help them in the bullpen down the road. The Reds are banking on Roark helping stabilize their rotation today.

Of all the rumors that the Cincinnati Reds have been involved in today, who figured it would be one that no one had mentioned as the first move the team would make? Let’s get weird.


Tanner Roark had a conference call with the local Cincinnati media. Two of the questions and answers were noteworthy to me.

What do you know about the Reds and kind of where they are at this point of their cycle of trying to get in contention and things like that?

I know they’re — they can hit the ball. They have a tough lineup. I know that for sure. And also I’m excited to go in there and do my thing and just attack, attack, attack.

Is one of the first things when we talk to any pitchers, pitching in Great American Ball Park, is there anything that you think of pitching in that park with its reputation?

I know what you want me to say. The ball flies. I feel like the ball flies everywhere nowadays. There’s only a few ballparks in Major League Baseball that the ball doesn’t fly or plays fair or is just huge. So it’s not going to change the way I pitch. I’m still going to attack guys and pitch inside and get them uncomfortable. That’s my game. So there’s no need to change the way I pitch or try to trick guys. Just coming after you, and that’s me.

General Manager Nick Krall had this to say about the acquisition of Tanner Roark.

He’s a solid middle-of-the-rotation starter that just can come in and anchor our staff. It’s a good first step to improving our starting staff. And with what he brings to the table, it’s the overall package of him being that middle rotation guy.



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  1. Optimist

    “He’s been healthy for his entire career.” Kudos to whoever on the analytics staff got that included in the criteria.

    Also, for all the “inning-eater” concerns, consider this a notable step up from prior variations on this theme. Genuine expected upside here beyond hopes and dreams.

    A good start.

    • Colorado Red

      Hey Doug,
      was Tanner Rainey on the 40 man, or does this take one of our free spots.

    • Muddycleats

      Not so sure? Roark competes & pitches very well at times, but really don’t see him more than a 4 – 5 guy? 10M 4 a backend starter doesn’t make sense considering Reds R rebuilding & need a few spots 4 young SP 2 develop. Like Harvey’s upside more!

  2. AirborneJayJay

    It is a bit strange that this was announced an hour after it was reported that the Rangers and Lance Lynn are in agreement on a 3 year and $30MM deal. I would bet the Reds were in on 2 years with Lynn and the Rangers upped to 3 years to get him. So then being out on Lynn they fall back on this deal.
    Very little cost is only positive. Very unimpressive move for all the talk. Is Roark a better option than giving Romano a 2nd year to see if any improvement? Roark costs 20 times what Romano will require.
    This is like filling a hole with Bondo.
    If this is getting the pitching, mission unaccomplished!

    • Ryan

      As far as your comment about Romano, there’s 3 spots taken now, Roark, Castillo, Desclafani. I’d be willing to wager Dick Williams adds another one. Guys like Romano can fight it out for the 5th spot. Romano had an ERA well into the 5’s, Roark is projected just north of 4. Huge, gigantic step foward. Roark represents a 5 win upgrade when you figure who he’s knocking out of the rotation(maybe not but it sure feels like it).

      • Alan

        A “5 win upgrade”? Roark is, essentially, a $25-million-a-year player?

    • Nep O'Tism

      Romano more or less had a second year. 2017 was his rookie season.

      He now has a 232.2 inning sample size in the majors and I just don’t think he misses enough bats to make it. 1.444 WHIP, 6.9 K/9, 4.99 ERA/4.68 FIP… worse when you look at just his starter splits. WHIP jumps up to 1.456, ERA up to 5.07.

      It’s not like it’s super unexpected either. He had a career 5.32 ERA/1.508 WHIP in Rookie ball, 4.45 ERA/1.494 WHIP in A, 4.47 ERA/1.330 WHIP in AA. In his one year in AAA he did have a more respectable 3.47 ERA, but it came with a 1.338 WHIP and only a 5.8 K/9.

      You might point at Cueto’s rough first two years in the majors, but at least he had some dominance in AA and AAA to point to.

    • cinvenfan

      Yeah, I’m dissapointed they didn’t trade Hunter Greene instead for Roarke.

    • Daytonian

      Is Roark a better option than Romano? Definitely. I like Sal and his drive and personality. But Roark has shown a lot, lot more as a pitcher.

    • DHud

      GM: “It’s a good first step to improving our starting staff. ”

      But go ahead and keep beating your drum

  3. Gaffer

    I love this deal, but it does make me think we won’t do any big FA deals. Roark is probably similar to Guys who have or will have signed for $100 million. While I am ok with no FAs , it is just not a big winter after all.

    Amazed we didn’t give up more. Rainey was not even a real prospect to have to give up. Clearly the Nats were not going to pay Roark.

    • earmbrister

      How does this prevent us for going out and getting someone like Keuchel? Personally, I don’t think it does.

      Agree that the cost for Roark was minimal. Rainey might figure it out going forward, but the cost to get something wasn’t a terrible give.

  4. Alex Reds

    Brilliant trade! This makes a ton of sense. We were never going to get Patrick Corbin, but the Nats could. The Nats likely wanted to dump salary after signing Corbin and Roark was going to get paid close to $10M with one remaining year. Roark has had three good years and three average years. The last two were more average. Even though he was worth 3.4 WAR last year which is just behind Gennett, Suarez, and Votto. And that was in his average year. As an upcoming free agent, there’s a chance he could get back to another really good year. This also means he could be worth more to trade at the deadline for a longer controlled player or prospect. The Reds weren’t going to get anyone better for $10M in free agency. Pitching was the need, and they got the pitching. Swapping Bailey out and putting Roark in is easily worth 4-5 more wins. Another 1-2 more wins are at least possible if Roark gets back to being above average in his contract year. We didn’t give up a top prospect. Rainey has upside, and I agree on the stuff. But, he struggled majorly in MLB. This helps to eat innings without blowing up the farm and glide path to a competitive window in a couple years. Great job Reds front office! Very happy with this move. Smart move!

    • Greenfield Red

      With this, the Reds have no less than 12 guys fighting for 5 starting spots. The big names aren’t coming here without a drastic overpay the FO won’t pony up for… and probably shouldn’t. The controlable high end pitchers would require way too much in prospect talent.

      The pitching is here. From what we’ve been told, Stephenson has the stuff, Reed has the stuff, Mahle has the stuff. Romano and others may have it too. Get another middle of the road guy… paging Matt Harvey and see what you can do this year. Another year with more to spend as Homer comes off the books, another good draft pick, and then go for it all.

      By all means, do not trade the high end young talent.

      • Ryan

        Im all in on Harvey, if its a 1 year deal. Probably pie in the sky but i dont think he deserves a 2nd year and probably shouldnt agree to a team option. Give him 10- 12 mil for 1 year.

      • Ryan

        Who are these 12 guys and where were they in 2017???? Stephenson and Reed are due to be bullpen pieces, Romano is hopefully a piece in the bullpen, most likely AAAA filler which does not hurt my feelings. Throw in Lorenzen and your at 9. Where are these other 3 magical pitchers that contend with the likes of Roark???

        While i await your answer this, zero. That is what the Reds have after their top 3 starters. Nothing. Too bad soo sad, but its the truth. Roark improves the rotation in such ways many on here will not appreciate. Yeah Rob Bob Stephenson and Cody Reed were supposed to take us to the promised land…. But they just aren’t. People that say what abouts Romano, ummmm what about him? He’s not been good for 11/2 seasons, and he wasnt of particular need this or any other season. Romano is 100% replaceable. Wisler will win a spot in the bullpen despite the haters, same with lorenenzen. Dont shoot the messenger, lorenenzen will put up equal value when it comes to pitch counts vs his everyday availability.

      • Wes

        Reds just replaced matt harvey w an upgrade. He’s not coming back. I agree they’ll have to overpay for a frontline starter but that’s not as difficult as it’ll seem as the FA market bottoms out. Keuchel is a clear upgrade too and he will make closer to 60 than 120. Reds can be highest bidder and still get a good deal. OR keep making trades like this and accumulate quality vets for little cost

      • MuddyCleats

        Agree w/ greenfield. Roark is 32 & a soft tosser as ML SPs go. He ll out price Reds next yr if he has a decent yr n 19. MH is 29 & has arm strength & experience as an elite ML SP…much more upside if he stays healthy & continues 2 improve. I like Roark as a ML SP, but don’t see him as long term solution n Cincy

  5. Scott C

    Not blown away with move but I think it is a decent move, it doesn’t cost us a great prospect although Rainey had a high ceiling, his lack of control was really an issue. Gives us an upgrade and I think that he is an upgrade over Harvey. Definitely anchors back end of rotation.

    • earmbrister

      You could argue that Roark is the Reds #2 starter. He’s not anchoring the back end, he’s a big addition to the middle of their rotation.

  6. Oldtimer

    Like the trade a lot. Tanner for Tanner and Reds got the better Tanner for 2019.

    The new Tanner has six years of MiLB experience and 5+ good years as MLB starter.

  7. Scottya

    4.30 – 4.40 era should not be considered mid rotation.

    If this is the rotation:

    3. Castillo
    4. Desclafani
    5. Roark, Reed, etc

    Then that will work,but krall has said mid rotation.

    • Doug Gray

      180+ innings with a 4.30 ERA is absolutely middle of the rotation.

    • Oldtimer

      Roark will probably be Reds #3 SP. Reds will have five SP so he is middle of rotation.

    • Michael Smith

      Scott his stats are average. Half better. Half worse. I’ll let you do the math on where that puts someone on a list of 1-5.

    • Bill

      Per Fangraphs database, of 127 major league starting pitchers with over 100 innings in 2018, Roark was:

      – #60 in terms of fWAR
      – #73 in terms of FIP

      Both put him as a solid #3, middle of rotation pitcher.

    • earmbrister

      Roark has a career ERA+ of 115, and in 2018 had an ERA+ of 98. With 100 being an average MLB pitcher, I’ll defer to Michael Smith above in asking, what’s average or mid-rotation in a 1-5 starter rotation? As currently constituted, I’d say that Roark is the Reds #2 starter in the rotation.

      This is a CLEAR improvement to the rotation, and a nice bridge to Santillan etal.

      • scottya

        ERA + of 98 is a good point, with league average era of 4.19 for qualified starting pitchers last season. I don’t disagree that it’s an improvement to the Reds rotation for 19′ or that Roark fits as the Reds (as currently constructed) is our #2 or #3.

        Roark is projected at 4.56 (updated) at fangraphs for 19′ Baseball reference has a much more acceptable projection of 4.15.

      • Doug Gray

        There’s more to a slot than just the ERA. If you’ve got a 4.02 ERA, but only throw 125 innings, that’s not as valuable as a guy that throws 180 with a 4.25 ERA.

      • Doug Gray

        To expand here: There were only 57 pitchers that qualified for the ERA title last year. That’s not enough to fill out the rotations in baseball with #1’s and #2’s. Innings are important. Guys that can actually throw them are more valuable than just their ERA.

      • scottya

        The goal of 2019 does not need to be, to be better than we were last year. It can and should be to give us a shot at the wildcard and to prepare to win the division in 20-23 season’s. Here is another way to visibly see the point I’m making.

        Fangraphs 19′ updated projections

        1. 4.01 Castillo
        2. 4.34 Desclafani
        3. 4.56 Roark (4.15 bref, 4.34 last year)
        4. 4.78 Harvey (5.00 bref, 4.50 w/ reds only last year)
        5. ???

        This rotation would almost insure another poor record in 19′, it puts pitchers in the rotation that are marginally better than Tyler Mahle, Lucas Sims and Sal Romano and it represent’s no progress toward winning in season’s after 20′.

  8. Optimist

    Interesting comments from Krall, with a clear. Implication they need a TOR guy.

  9. kevinz

    Not really a move the needle type deal. Could actually bite badly if Rainey figures it out. if Roark was 2-3 years Younger this deal a steal.

    • CP

      Krall made a point to say this is a “good start”. Made it seem to me they say this as nothing more as a stability move that didn’t cost them nearly as much as others are asking for. It a great way to buy time for development of other SP’s to catch up. Reed, Stephenson, Romano, Mahle, Santillian all have another year to “figure it out” and hopefully find a way to be a productive member of the rotation. One of those guys could still slide into the back of the rotation this year too.

      Personally I love the idea of the Reds going after Alex Wood in the rumored dodgers trade. You can get rid of Bailey’s contract and acquire Wood/Kemp to just take on some extra salary then I am all for that. 2 years of Alex Wood is worth that extra salary. Not to mention Kemp could be a great right handed platoon partner for our lefty’s manning LF/RF.

  10. MK

    Guess I would have rather have used that $10M money as part of what it takes to resign Matt Harvey. With another 6 months away from his injuries I believe he has a better upside than Roark.

    • Jasonp

      I don’t think Roark is going to be great but I would rather have him here then Harvey.

      Harvey had a 4.5 ERA with us and that was the best he has been in years. His last year with a better ERA was when he was 26. He will be 30 before the season.

      I guess I would just rather have Roark around our young players then Harvey.

  11. Joe D.

    I love this trade. I’m a little disappointed more people don’t feel the same way. We gave up nothing and got someone who can fill a rotation spot.
    No, Roark isn’t an ace. However, unlike a number of pitchers last year, he’ll keep us in a majority of games. We didn’t sacrifice our future for a rental. And payroll isn’t committed to him for the next 5 years *cough, cough, Bailey*
    And not to disrespect Rainey but a prospect with awesome-potential-and-no-control is a dime a dozen. I do wish him the best and hope he proves me wrong.

  12. Stock

    I like this trade a lot. Roark for Rainey beats the heck out of Gray for Trammell. This trade tells me the Yankees will not get much for Gray. The caveat though is if they do this and then sign Harvey it is a terrible trade because they will finish in last and lose Rainey.

    The Reds need an ace or two. Bauer would be a great ace. Castillo is ready to be a #2. Keuchel seems to be their target as #3. Then you have Disco as a good #4 and Roark as a solid #5. These 5 may very well give them the best SP in the central.

    Here is what I would like to see.

    Trade #1 – Robert Stephenson, Taylor Trammell and Stuart Fairchild to the Marlins for Realmuto (+ 6 Million in Salary)

    Trade #2 – Homer Bailey, Gutierrez and Gennett (pay $5 million of Gennett’s salary) to the Dodgers for Puig and Verdugo (- 16 Million in Salary)

    Trade #3 – Tucker Barnhart, India, Puig (pay $10 million of Puig’s Salary) and Shed Long to the Indians for Bauer (+0 Million in Salary) (Add Santillan if necessary)

    FA – Sign Keuchel 5 years $105 million (+21 Million in Salary)

    FA – Sign Adam Ottavino 3 year $30 million (+10 Million in Salary)

    This puts them Under budget and gives them solid SP. This gives them a great offense. This gives them a good bullpen

    SP – Bauer, Castillo, Keuchel, DeSclafani and Roark
    RP – Iggy, Ottavino, Hernandez, Hughes, Garrett, Wisler and Cody Reed.

    IF – Realmuto, Votto, Senzel, Suarez, Peraza
    OF – Winker, Verdugo, Schebler

    Best SP in the NL Central. Best IF in the NL Central. Very good BP. Weak link is OF but I think Winker will be very good this year. Verdugo will be fine and Schebler if he can stay healthy.

    • Oldtimer

      Only problems are that the other teams involved would not make trades #1, #2, or #3.

    • Jim t

      Here is a more realistic approach.

      1. Sign Harvey for 2 years

      2. Wait the Yankees out and trade Gennett for Gray. Put Senzel at 2nd. Ervin plays CF.

      3. Hope like heck Greene is healthy and makes his debut in rotation in 2021. Santilian in 2020.

      4. Trammel is in LF in 2020 and Siri is in CF outfield is Trammel,Siri and Winker.

      5.Rotation 2020 Castillo,Disco,Greene,Santilan and FA.

      A reasonable expectation for 2019 is a 500 season. Contention happens in 2020. Reds need to stay the course. The key to our future is Siri,Trammel, Greene, Santilian. Also Tyler Stephenson should be ready to join the mix at that time. Any reasonable improvements to our rotation before then that don’t dig us a grave financially should be explored. Signing aging veterans is not the way. Dead money associated with long term contracts are a killer for this market.

      I can’t wait to see us starting to take good solid reasonable steps back to contention. It won’t happen overnight and should be done methodically and as part of a plan. This won’t be fixed in one off season. Player development is our future.

      • Stock

        If you are not playing for 2019 this trade makes no sense. Roark is good for 2019 only. Rainey may never play in the majors, but if he does he will help the Reds more in 2020-2026 than Roark.

        Lots of trades here but someone is getting Realmuto. Someone is getting Bauer. The Dodgers want to get rid of Puig.

        If you are playing for 2019 you need to be active because the Reds have a long way to go to be competitive.

    • Stock

      Interesting. MLBtraderumors say if the Reds complete a trade for Realmuto (and if they are willing to include Trammell I think they are the leaders at this point) they will not include Barnhart but instead ship him in another trade. Cleveland traded their starting catcher last month and would love a cost controlled catcher like Barnhart. Those two trades look much more likely now. And they make so much sense for all three teams.

      It is obvious the Reds will make at least 2 more trades. The Puig trade makes a lot of sense for the Reds and Dodgers also. The Dodgers do not take an impact on their salary cap. This is their only concern in a trade. The Reds take a hit on the salary cap (not a concern) but benefit in real dollars. Huge to the Reds.

  13. Redsvol

    Doug – shouldn’t Tanner Roark have 2 more years of control? He only had 4.05 yrs of service heading into 2018. I thought a team could get a 4th yr of arbitration in cases like this?

  14. Wes

    I like Roark and I like the trade a lot ! The price reds paid for Roark- you can still release him or trade him again if better options come up. 10 mil is a hefty price tag when u look at what reds get for it and have to spend.

    Right now I’d say he’s 3rd out of all of reds pitching behind disco and Castillo.

    Acquire hill Puig and wood for bailey VG and change.


    Not great but it’s a serious upgrade, u keep ur prospects, and have pay roll flexibility

    • jim t

      Have no issue exploring the Dodgers offer. But again my mission if I am the reds is finishing at or near 500 this year. Do everything possible to keep my 5 top prospects productive and moving forward.

      My Rotation 2019
      A internal candidate or Sonny Gray.

      Hopefully the Yankees will take Scooter for Gray and we can put Senzel on 2nd and Ervin in CF until Siri or Trammel is ready.

      • Wes

        I don’t tinker w lineup. Lineup is best way to get to 500. Keep scooter and let senzel play center. Hopefully replace Schebler w Puig.


        Best lineup in central maybe NL

  15. The Duke

    I like the trade. At the moment, regardless of where he stacks against the league, Roark is our #2 starter behind only Castillo. If Disco is healthy and returns to pre-injury form (far from certain) then you could maybe say our #3, but for now, he’s our #2. Need to add a #1 if they really want to compete this year, and have Castillo as a #2 and hope he looks more like his rookie year.

    Tanner Rainey doesn’t even have Robert Stephenson level control. He’s 26 at the start of next season. I’m not overly worried we’re trading away a diamond in the rough here. Even when he was getting it over the plate, big leaguers were murdering the ball. 12 H (4 HR) in 7 IP and 45 batters faced, 3.57 WHIP.

    • jim t

      Duke they are not competing this year. In 2 years they can run this line up out there

      Peraza ss
      Winker RF
      Votto 1b
      Suarez 3b
      Senzel 2b
      Siri CF
      Barnhardt C
      Trammel LF



      Iggy will still man the back end of pen

      Lots of young controllable talent.

      • Charlie Waffles

        And finish last in the NL Central again and again running out that lineup.

      • The Duke

        Roark will make them better in 2019. Rainey stinks. I’m not seeing the downside here.

      • Tampa Red

        I’m with you Duke. Trading Rainey for Rourke is nothing but upside. Rainey has an impressive arm. He’s also not a big league pitcher. Impossible to understand the complaining.

      • earmbrister

        I’m right there with you Duke. Getting a league average starter, even if it’s only for a year, in exchange for a very iffy reliever prospect is a great use of our farm system.

        Rainey has filthy stuff, but can’t find the plate. How many pitchers have we seen come thru our farm system, or even make the Reds MLB squad, who couldn’t develop the control to be a viable hurler?

  16. AMDG

    How can a Reds fan not like the Roark trade? It gets them a decent #3 or #4 starter with 2 years of control, and they didn’t have to give up much.

    The Reds have the hitting, and are only 1-piece away from having a solid looking starting rotation. Granted, it’s perhaps the most important piece, but 2 thru 5 are all adequately filled.

    #1 – TBD
    #2 – Castillo (had a 2.62 ERA and 1.01 WHP from July to Sept)
    #3 Roark isn’t a great #3, but is generally decent and can eat some innings, basically serving in the Arroyo-esque role
    #4 – DeScalfani if he can get back to his 2015/2016 pre-injury form he’s a #3. Until he shows that, he should only be counted on as a #4.
    #5 Mahle is only 23 and has been great at every level other than some awful games last year in the majors

    I’d make Reed the first guy up from AAA to fill an injury spot. He has dropped his ERA each year with the Reds, and needs to work on consistency.
    I’d dump Stephenson & Romano in AAA where they belong. Stephenson gives up too many walks to be bullpen help, and will be 26 next year and has never really shown to be a decent MLB pitcher. Romany has been hit at every level he’s pitched at.

    • Charlie Waffles

      Stephenson has no options left. You will have to DFA him and run him through waivers if you want to “dump” him at AAA.
      If Romano isn’t in the rotation, he will be in the bullpen with Lorenzen and Garrett. And Reed might also.

    • Nep O'Tism

      Important to mention that Roark has only 1 year of control, not 2.

      Also Reed dropped his ERA last year because he went to the bullpen and performed well there. He’s actually looked good in the bullpen the last two years when he’s not busy walking everyone.

      As a starter in 2018, he had a 4.60 ERA, 1.500 WHIP, and averaged 4.1 innings per start. You can’t keep putting him out there like that.

  17. Cbus

    I agree with the Matt Harvey > Roark crowd. He’d probably be cheaper this year, has more upside and wouldn’t have cost a prospect. Harvey’s stuff looked good last year, 93-95 is what I remember. Velocity isn’t everything but what’s Roark’s stuff like?

    • Wes

      Harvey was a super star for less than a season like over a 1/2 decade ago. Roark has been WAY more consistent at times being very good for long stretches. He’s a clear upgrade over matt harvey.

  18. AirborneJayJay

    If Tanner Roark and Matt Harvey are going to be the answers for “get the pitching”, then 2019 will be no different than 2018. It might lead to 75 or 76 wins, but it will still lead to a cellar dwelling finish.
    Who are the Reds going to pass in the NL Central with that type of rotation?? The Reds have 1 #2 starter in Castillo and a host of #4 – #5 pitchers in DeSclafani, Mahle, Romano, Reed, Stephenson, Lorenzen, and now Roark.
    #1- ????
    #2- Castillo
    #3- Roark
    #4- DeSclafani
    #5- Mahle or Stephenson
    Bullpen: Lorenzen, Reed, Romano.
    Why, Why, Why even mention Matt Harvey’s name, now that they have Roark??? They are essentially the same pitcher. Where is he going to slot in?? Aim higher for what will be a #1 on the Reds.

  19. Doc

    Amazing how a guy who has pitched no more than a couple months each of the last two seasons is considered by many as the solid number 2 starter, and placed ahead of a guy who has pitched five straight injury-free full seasons with stats comparable to, if not better than, what Disco had last year. These same people want to trade Greene because of a single elbow issue, but want to put Disco as a solid number 2 despite two years of limited action due to injury. Consistency of analysis is not a common finding. If you are placing your hopes on Disco for 2019, I hope that stuff you bought from a TV infomercial seals your screen-door bottom boat really well!

    The guys people like can do no wrong; those they don’t like can do no right.

    • Wes

      Reds have worst rotation in baseball and at discos peak- he was better than Castillo. He gets a pass from me bc you can’t get 5 new starting pitchers in one off season. Couple guys have to stick around. He’s no where near a number 2 and if he don’t turn it around Santillan can replace him mid season. Pencil him in though for starting rotation at beginning of season maybe opening day starter

  20. Bernie

    This trade should be a pretty good indication that the price for Sonny Gray is not going to anywhere close to a top prospect like Trammell.

  21. Shawn

    Read the threads on Twitter from the nats fans. They’ll feel completely fleeced and dissatisfied. I think it was a great move. This guy is a dog of a competitor. He’s not a one or two, but improves the big league team. Furthermore, we didn’t damage the farm too much. We could compete in 2019 with some more help. I personally believe we are three pieces away. A tor, a centerfielder and Realmuto. Swing those three and don’t devistate the farm, its a different team.

  22. RedWard

    Will be interesting to see what this coaching staff can do with Roark, the returning guys and possibly Harvey – I would be ok with that. At least of couple of the returnees will take a step or two forward. These coaches, coming from other organizations, may also have insight on guys who are under the radar. I don’t think they’re done, plus this year could be setting the stage for bigger moves later.

  23. AirborneJayJay

    If I read CTrent right, the Reds selected a C, Joe Connor, with their Rule 5 pick. He has gone from the Pirates to the Braves to the Dodgers. Dodgers left him unprotected and now Reds have him. He is 26. He had a very solid 2018 with some power at AA and AAA. Not so much the years before that.
    AA- 304/.425/.554 ISO-.250
    AAA- .294/.385/.494 ISO- .200.

    Will they trade Connor or Casali or Barnhart now??

    • AirborneJayJay

      Listed as a C, but has played mostly 1B, a little 2B and 3B, and a little corner OF. Definitely not a C.

    • AirborneJayJay

      And his name is Connor Joe, not Joe Connor. CTrent was all beffuddled.

  24. Redsvol

    I wish we could quit thinking Hunter Greene is going to be a starting pitcher in the major leagues in 2020. He pitched 68 innings last year……68! They might let him pitch 100 in 2019. He sure isn’t going to be capable of pitching 150 innings in 2020 at a high stress level (i.e., the major leagues). Let the kid be developed so he becomes an asset and not a flash in the pan. 2021….. at the earliest.

  25. AirborneJayJay

    Something to read on Noah Syndergaard by Tom Verducci at Sports Illustrated frm 2 days ago. Verducci is a New York guy. But what is said about Syndergaard is profound s he examines Syndergaard’s first 87 games in MLB.

    “That’s an elite pitcher on the rise. Syndergaard ranks ninth all time in most strikeouts through a player’s first 87 games. Here’s what is even more impressive: of the top 20 strikeout pitchers through 87 games, Syndergaard has the fewest walks. He’s a power pitcher who throws strikes and limits home runs.”

    Just what the Reds need. They should pull all the stops and make it happen. Reds missed out on Yelich last year, don’t miss out this year on Thor. The fewest walks of the top-20 strikeout pitches of all time, through their first 87 games. And he is entering his prime. Wow.
    The whole article.

  26. Kong

    Typical Reds, talk a big game about completing and take a big fat belly flop. Daddy’s boy doesn’t have a clue. Reds got fleeced again. Dicky is out like a fat girl in dodge ball going against these guys with actual baseball expertise.

    • Doug Gray

      Well at least you’ve decided to call it quits on December 13th and we won’t have to see you posting anymore. Right?

  27. Kong

    Nah I’m still going to stick around until I see how Nick versus the walls turns out. You have me captivated on that one.