I’m going to start out this post like I start out this post every year: Thank you guys and gals for taking time out of your day to stop by the site. Once again, this year was the best year the site has ever had. Thanks for the support – whether it’s through Patreon, or simply just by showing up and reading every day. We’ve come a long way since I bought this domain back in January of 2006. I hope we’ve still got a long way to go, too. Every month this year broke the record for most views in that month. There was an increase in traffic by 23% this year over last year.

The Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2018

  1. 2018 Cincinnati Reds Top 25 Prospect List Update (Midseason)
  2. Cincinnati Reds 2018 Draft: Rounds 3-10
  3. Reds & Dodgers Trade: My Reaction
  4. Reds Rumors: Winter Meetings – Tuesday Edition
  5. Reds Rumors: Winter Meetings – Wednesday Edition
  6. Cincinnati Reds promote Fidel Castro
  7. Reds discussion: One organizational move to make
  8. The new Reds: How are they against the NL Central?
  9. Cincinnati Reds 2019 Top 25 Prospect List: 1-5
  10. Cincinnati Reds 1st Round Pick: Jonathan India

Prospect lists and trade rumors/talk dominate the list. That’s not terribly surprising. The one that would have surprised me had you told me before the year began that would make the list would be the article on the promotion of Fidel Castro from the Dominican Summer League to the Arizona Rookie League. It caught fire on twitter and reddit (in non-baseball forums, mostly) and brought a lot of traffic with it.

The Most Popular Month of 2018

Almost every year it’s June that tops the list, thanks to the influx in draft coverage. This year, though, it was July that edged out June thanks to it having one extra day. June averaged more visits per day, but that extra day gave July the edge in total views. Both months were easily the best two months in the history of the site when it comes to views.

A Whole Lot of Discussion is Happening

In 2017 there were just over 18,500 comments on the site. This year there were just over 22,000. That’s nearly double what there was in 2016. Thanks to you guys for keeping it clean and civil 99.9% of the time. You’re the best.

Lots and Lots of Content

There were 936 articles written this past year on the site. That’s up from 920 during the 2017 year, and 864 from 2016. For the most part, the amount of articles was the same – about 2.5 per day.

On Youtube there were 64 videos published. That’s down from 86 from the previous year. The reason is probably as simple as this: Youtube stopped allowing me to monetize videos at two points this season for unknown reasons (it’s back to being monetized now). Couple that with publishing more highlights on the site itself through the video player and, well, here we are. Despite fewer videos, there were more views. There were just over 147,000 views in 2018 – up from just over 127,000 in 2017. Hunter Greene’s debut for Dayton was the most watched video of 2018.

Google is King of the Mountain

When it comes to places that send the most traffic to the site, Google sits alone at the top once again. 6.6% of the traffic to the site came through Google search. Twitter was a relatively close second at 4.7%. Bleacher Report was the only other place that brought in more than 1%, at 1.4% – and almost all of it has come in the last six weeks.

Around the World

This may shock you, but an overwhelming majority of the visitors to this here site come from the United States. Over 99% of the visitors are from the ole US of A. Canada was a very distant second, followed by Australia, Germany, Mexico, and Hong Kong. In total, 23 different countries sent at least 1000 views to the site – with Finland making an even 1000. That’s up from 18 last year. I’m getting close to being a czar than ever before.

Looking Forward

2018 was the best year for the site yet. It had more content, more views, more comments, MORE FUN (ok, maybe not – that 2010-2013 span was a lot more fun than another 90-loss season). Here’s to hoping that 2019 is even better.

10 Responses

  1. Justin

    I’m addicted to refreshing your page. It’s a way to take my mind off things and your content is intelligent and well written. Happy New Year, I sincerely thank you for existing!!

    • Doug Gray

      Thanks Justin! Here’s to a great 2019 to you and your family, hopefully you’ll need less of this stuff to keep your mind off of things (but hopefully you still come around!).

    • Michael Smith

      Same here. Now I need to get my team running Doug’s YouTube channel 24/7

    • Mike V

      Agree .. I hit this site every day. It IS my go to place for straight intelligent information and comment on my favorite team. Great Job Doug

  2. redleggingfordayz

    I legit just got done with a WebDev class that distinctly talks about how important SEO optimization is for websites and getting solid search result returns. A lot of people overlook this and I am glad you are keeping track of all these other stats! Reflection is a huge key, especially when you are running your own business. Metrics are a huge part of that and after all the hard work you have done you definitely deserve it Doug! I hope 2019 is even better for you!

  3. IndyRedsFan


    Thanks for all of your hard work and great content. I don’t miss a day of stopping by.

    Fellow readers and posters…..thanks for your insights and keeping the site civil.

    If I may, let me suggest a New Year’s Resolution that every regular reader starts supporting Doug on Patreon. Let’s make sure that he is getting fair compensation for his hard work and quality content.

    May everyone’s 2019 be at least 23% better than 2018!!!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Colorado Red

    Thanks for keeping politics and the like out of the site.
    I do go here for Reds info, not politics.
    Regardless of the politic sway, we can discuss Reds baseball here.
    It is also nice to be able to visit this site since I do not live anywhere near Reds country.
    Happy New year to all.

  5. Redsvol

    Doug – thanks for all your work to make this site the best reds site out there. I too appreciate you policing the comments to keep politics, bad language and bullying out of it. I come to the site to escape the 24 hour news cycle and see what’s going on with my favorite baseball team. Happy New Year & Go Reds!

  6. Bill

    Congrats on another great year! In the new year, I wish you:

    1. Lots of visitors to your website
    2. Increased sponsorship through Patreon
    3. Many more hours of viewing of your youtube videos

  7. IMHO

    Happy New Year, Doug and to all the readers and lovers of baseball….
    This is a great, fun and interesting website – keep up the good work!