The Cincinnati Reds announced a handful of new moves in the farm system. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer had the moves reported first. The Reds promoted Mark Heil to Coordinator of Player Development. This is a new role within the organization. Heil was previously the Player Development Analyst for the Reds in their farm system.

In the scouting departments there were two previously unannounced moves. Joe Katuska was promoted to assistant director of amateur scouting. Will Harford also got a promotion to Midwest Crosschecker. Katuska was previously in the Midwest Crosschecker role for the Reds. Harford, who is taking over for Katuska in that role, was previously a professional scout for the Reds.

Cincinnati also hired Greg McMillin as assistant director of international scouting. He’s previously worked with the Tampa Bay Rays as an international operations intern, with the Reds as a baseball operations intern, and then his last job with the Philadelphia Phillies where he spent more than three years. With the Phillies he worked as a baseball operations intern for just under a year before being promoted to a coordinator of international scouting where he spent over two years on the job.

The Reds also made three moves that relate to the health and wellness in the farm system. Becky Schnackenberg was added as the coordinator or minor league wellness. Ashley Meuser was added as the coordinator of minor league nutrition. And Erika Sperl was added as a medical administrator. The two coordinator jobs seem to be brand new to the organization. It’s unclear if the medical administrator job is a new addition, or if Erika Sperl will be taking over for Richard Stark, who was listed in the media guide as Director, Minor League Medical Administration.

Caleb Cotham named as Reds assistant pitching coach

Former Reds pitcher Caleb Cotham was also named as the assistant pitching coach at the Major League level. He pitched under Derek Johnson while in college at Vanderbilt. Cotham was known to be a very data-friendly pitcher while active as a player, and after he retired when his body just couldn’t do it anymore, he worked for an agency as the co-director of development.

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  1. AirborneJayJay

    Sorry Doug, we are about to steal your beloved UC Bearcats football coach. Some defense will finally show up in the Big-12 next year. Hopefully we keep him longer than 2 seasons.
    CTrent had a link to a nice article about Caleb Cotham from last summer by The Athletic’s Ben Harris. The article was about how Cotham had helped transform a Phillies prospect into one of the most dominant pitchers in the minors last season. This bodes well for the young Reds pitchers. At the outset, this looks like a really good hire.

    • AirborneJayJay

      You look like you get to keep Fickle after all. It seems the job went to the Troy U. coach. Though it is not final just yet.

  2. Nep O'Tism

    I question promotions in scouting/development for a group that hasn’t drafted a positive career WAR player since 2014 (Blandino with 0.3 WAR), hasn’t drafted an All-Star since 2010 (Yasmani Grandal), and hasn’t drafted a Reds All-Star since 2007 (Mesoraco, Frazier, Cozart).

    It has literally been 11 straight drafts (aka since Jocketty came aboard) without a single Reds All-Star produced. Yet there are promotions.

    • Doug Gray

      Well, let’s focus on the guys in this article. First, you can’t draft who isn’t there. Let’s browse through the players signed by the guys promoted:

      Will Harford:
      Alexis Diaz

      Joe Katuska
      Daniel Wright

      That’s it. They’ve signed two dudes. Those guys were selected in the 10th and 12th rounds. I’m sure that they have seen a ton more guys over the years. But it’s tough to lay whatever failure you’re trying to lay down on those two dudes. Heck, Daniel Wright made the big leagues in two different seasons as a 10th rounder. That’s a heck of a pick.

      • Muddycleats

        Doug, 2 b fair, u don’t say how long these guys were n their previous roles so it’s easy 2 jump 2 conclusions if u r not an insider like yourself. Facts R, Reds have been pretty bad in player development 4 some time now.

      • Doug Gray

        Then to also be fair: If you don’t know about the guys promoted, don’t start blaming them for something.

  3. Big Ed

    The hiring of nutrition and wellness coordinators is a very good sign that the Reds are looking at every detail needed to run a first-class, productive system.