Jose Siri began his winter league playing for Gigantes del Cibao. But when the regular season ended, they were one of the two teams that failed to qualify for the playoffs. In the Dominican Winter League there is a small draft that allows the playoff teams to select a few players to add from the teams that didn’t qualify. Estrellas Orientales selected Jose Siri to join their squad for a playoff run.

Last night in their round-robin match up against Licey, Jose Siri went 1-4 with a walk, two steals, a run, and he had an RBI. One of his stolen bases was of home. Siri was on third base, while one of the top prospects in baseball, Fernando Tatis Jr was on first. The pitcher attempted to pick off Tatis, and as soon as he threw to first, Siri took off for the plate and beat the throw back home to extend the lead to 3-0.

Through nine games played in the playoffs, Jose Siri now leads the Dominican Winter League with four stolen bases. During the regular season in the league he stole 13 bases in 16 attempts, which was second in the league behind Jordany Valdespin, who stole 14 bases while playing in nine more games.

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  1. Billy

    What are the chances that Siri breaks camp with the Reds? He seems to be a perfect fit as the 5th OF right now, and he has the potential to grow into more than that. At the same time, he’s hardly the can’t miss prospect that you’d worry about getting that extra year of control for. Plus, he’s running out of options.

    I know it is still a long shot given his plate discipline issues, but can anyone conceive of a scenario where that happens (and if so, is Siri a starter or on the bench)?

    • Doug Gray

      Not very good. But I don’t think it’s *impossible*. I just think that unless it’s a situation where there are several injuries, he’s going back to Double-A.

      • The Duke

        If he has a good spring I could see him starting in AAA.

      • Doug Gray

        I’d really hope not.

        We don’t really know how the new crew will deal with assignments, but the Reds have seemed to push Jose Siri harder than needed over and over, and it’s always after failure that he then turns around and performs. Jumping from the AZL where he had 3 walks and 64 strikeouts to Dayton was crazy. And, well, we saw what happened. The next time he hit well in Dayton after spending the second half the year before in Billings. The plan last year was to send him to Double-A out of the gate because of his winter league performance – but the injury put him in Daytona. And he didn’t exactly thrive there – but they promoted him anyways. And, well, he hit .229 with a .300 OBP after the promotion.

        I really wish they’d just be sensible at some point with him and let him start somewhere, and then prove he’s ready for the next step, before deciding to just push him because his tools are loud.

      • Oldtimer

        He is projected to start at AA Chattanooga. Not impossible to think he could jump to Reds from that level. Reggie Sanders did in early 1990s.

        Pete Rose jumped from Macon in 1962 to Reds in 1963.

      • Matt McWax

        If he equals Pete’s 95 walks and 61 k’s at Chattanooga, I’d promote him to the HOF.

      • Oldtimer

        Rose jumped from A to Reds in 1963 in large part due to ST injury to Don Blasingame (Reds starting 2B in 1961 and 62). He had a very good year at Macon in 1962 but he was not considered a better prospect than Tommy Helms. Helms played SS to Rose at 2B for Macon.

        Jim O’Toole jumped from AA in 1958 to Reds in 1959. Gary Nolan and Don Gullett jumped from A to Reds in 1967 and 1970 respectively.

        It is not impossible to think Siri could be a Red sometime in 2019.

    • MK

      Think the only way he breaks with Reds is if there are a couple injuries and he would be the starter. To be there on the bench makes no sense.

    • KeyserSoze

      Long shot would be right. At least he’s on the 40 man, but I don’t seee it happening. He probably won’t get much of a shot in spring. My guess is they are going to be putting Puig, Schebler, and Senzel out in CF a lot so they can gauge which one should get the position on opening day.

      Maybe in 2020 he and Trammell will be ready to fight for a spot on the 25 man.

  2. The Duke

    MLB Pipeline has an article out about the fastest prospect for each team. For the Reds it’s Siri

    “Reds: Jose Siri, OF, (CIN No. 15)
    The ultra-toolsy Siri still needs to prove he can hit at the higher levels of the Reds system, but there’s no question he can flat out fly. The outfielder stole 46 bases in 2017, then stole 23 a year ago, his third straight season of 20 or more steals.
    Likely 2019 level: Double-A Chattanooga”—1-from-each-team/c-302338768?tid=151437456

  3. DanD


    I can foresee the Reds signing either D. Holland, Miley or Gonzalez. My preference would be Gonzalez due to more success then the other 2 unless the Reds are looking at someone who can start and relieve. Any chance of coming up with an article of the pros and cons for each? I will be very surprised if the Reds get a different SP either by FA or trade.

    I have seen the rumors of Holland. I don’t think he would do that well by the amount of HR’s he has allowed other than pitching in SF.


    • Redsvol

      I would like to hope that the Reds starting pitching options are;
      option a – Keuchel
      – option b – Miley
      – option c1 – Gonzalez
      – option c2 – Holland

      Based on the market, any starting pitcher with decent 2018 results is going to get minimum of $7 million. I would hate to see the Reds spend that on Derek Holland. I would rather see them spend that on a 2nd tier center fielder and/or relief pitcher and let the #5 spot in rotation go to one of the young guys.

      • Amarillo

        If we don’t get Kuechel, then I’d rather let Mahle and Reed take the 5th start. A pitcher at the level of Gonzalez or Holland doesn’t push us further to the playoff.
        A number 1 starter sure, but if we can’t get a #1 then I want to our young guys compete.

      • scottya

        I Agree with part of what you said:
        a. Keuchel
        b. Gonzalez
        c. Miley maybe
        d. stay with what we have and fill other needs beyond 2019, maybe Grandal falls back to a 3 year deal at 15 av, or Pollock same or we trade for a longer term mid rotation arm like Zack Godley or add one top end bullpen arm (I would have like the soria deal for the Reds or the David Robertson deal).

  4. RedeKoolAidDrinker

    For different reasons, should Holland and Keuchel even be on our radar? One good year after three bad is too risky but what we’d be paying him. Even more so, Keuchel’s contract demands could end up being an albatross in two years. Has he not regressed some? If his stuff regressed a bit more, then isn’t he pretty hittable?

  5. Randy in Chatt

    I could look all this up but I’m sure someone out in RML land knows thia already, but of all of the top remaining FA out there, which are tied to losing a pick in the next draft (QO)?

    Also if the Reds sign multiple QO/FA, how many draft picks and which ones do we surrender?

    I don’t want to see the Reds lose too many picks on FA players that may regress in the next year or two. Anyone out there know the entire scoop on this?

    • Norwood Nate

      Pollock, Harper, Keuchel, Kimbrel, and Grandal appear to be the FA’s remaining with a QO attached to them. If the Reds sign one of these guys they’d lose their 3rd pick in the draft (2nd round) I believe under the new rules.

  6. Norwood Nate

    Rightly or wrongly, if the Reds stick with what they’ve accomplished so far, I don’t believe it will set well with a good portion of the fan base. (not that the goal should be making moves just to appease the fan base). First, there has been a clear intention to “get the pitching”. And to their credit they have addressed this area. It is certainly improved over the last few seasons, but that’s admittedly a low bar. Yet throughout the offseason there’s been so much talk of acquiring a TOR pitcher, and at this point it’s just been talk and rumors. The rotation is improved, but still leaves a lot to be desired. If the only further improvement comes at the backend it would feel like a halfhearted attempt. Secondly, after the big Dodger trade, the FO stated there would be more moves to come. If all that amounts to is signing a 5th starter type, a reliever, or 2nd tier CF it would be a big let down. Third, they’ve stated all along they were going to increase payroll. RLN calculated the current payroll, after all the trades, at $116. I actually think it’s a little lower because that didn’t account for Kemp money designated to be paid by former teams (reported $6m). Incrementally going beyond the previous high (about $115m) is going to make previous statements about boosting payroll seem disingenuous.

    For that reason, I think there’s going to be one more big move (Keuchel, Grandal, Pollock, or another big trade). This whole offseason has had the feel of getting the fans back, building some excitement, and putting the woeful, long losing seasons behind us. What’s been accomplished to this point has helped. At the same time it’s also been short-term moves that merely push us closer to .500 as a team. If the Reds FO wants to accomplish what they’ve clearly intended to do this offseason, I think there’s going to be another big move.

    • Bill

      I also think there will be at least one more significant move coming. I also think you are correct about the payroll. Baseball Reference indicated that the Padres were responsible for paying $2.5M of Kemp’s contract which would put the Red’s payroll at about $113M reight now.

      Priority for next steps:
      1. TOR arm. Perhaps Keuchel, but I really have to squint to see him as a #1. His price will have to drop to make him a good value.
      2. Sign a free agent building block that improves us for the next few years. CF is our deepest position in the minors and Pollack is injury prone—I’d avoid him unless it’s a 1-2 year deal (very unlikely he won’t find better). Grandal would be a significant upgrade at catcher. If he can be acquired for less than $50M, that would ideal.
      3. Be opportunistic with our players on expiring contracts (Gennett, Hernandez, Kemp). Trade them if there’s value coming back. I would hold Puig and Wood with the expectation that they will earn a qualifying offer prior to becoming free agents.
      4. Tweak the roster with another short-term free agent or trade. Miley, Gonzalez, or Holland as a swingman could work. CF, even a good defensive player for a bench role.

      • Norwood Nate

        Yeah, I’ve seen that the Dodgers committed to pay $3.5m of Kemp’s 2019 contract when they traded him to the Padres, then the Padres committed to pay $2.5m (like you mention) when they traded him to Atlanta. What I don’t know is if the Dodgers sum was included in the $7m sent to the Reds in the deal.

        We’re in agreement though on the steps. I think TOR is the “correct” next move as the other areas have better current options. I don’t see Keuchel as a #1-type ace either, but think there’s a good argument that he can be a #2 type, which would fit in nicely at the top of the Red’s rotation. I wouldn’t want to see the Reds go 5 years, unless that 5th was a vesting option based on innings/performance. I could live with something in the neighborhood 4/$80, though I’d still have concerns. It’s just hard to picture anyone else being a realistic target at this point. Cleveland seems content to hang onto Kluber/Bauer unless there’s an overpay. AZ wants a bigger return than what the M’s got for Paxton for Ray. Greinke doesn’t seem to be on the move and he’d have to waive his NTC. Syndergaard doesn’t appear to be available either.

        I do like Pollock, probably a little more than you, but understand the injury concerns people have. Grandal is probably a wiser investment if they go for a position player, because he’ll likely cost less and for less years. We also have more CF prospects closer to contributing than we do C prospects.

        You lay out a good plan. I hope something close to that comes to fruition.

      • Patrick

        The 7 million sent to the Reds by the Dodgers is the money that is covered by them and other teams.

  7. GallowayB

    I sure do like to watch Siri play. I hope he makes it Louisville later this year.

  8. Reaganspad

    I cannot see Siri or Senzel with the big team in April

    Senzel in May

    Siri maybe in Sept after a world beater year

    I see a lot of Ervin, Puig and Kemp being factored in to playing time until the roster changes, and it may not

    If 2019 is a time where Wood and Puig crush it and enjoy playing in Red for a QO or more in 2020, it will be a success

    Please do not sell top 5 prospects

  9. Mark

    I think there will be a lot of Ervin in CF in April for sure with some Mason Williams.
    Rumor mill really quiet right now with Reds it seems I don’t see another big move trade wise but maybe a Miley free agent signing I see happening.

  10. Bill J

    Would anyone consider Marwin Gonzalez to play centerfielder if the price was right?