Cincinnati Reds top prospect Nick Senzel is coming off of what is probably a disappointing year for himself. Injuries cost him the second half of the year that would have almost assuredly seen him reach the Major Leagues. He missed a few weeks earlier in the year with a bout of vertigo. Then on June 22nd he would injure his finger on a relay throw and would miss the rest of the season amid the hottest of hot streaks. Over the previous two weeks he had hit .440/.462/.720 with seven extra-base hits.

Nick Senzel would require surgery on his finger, but he was expected to be ready for instructional league. That’s when he would first start to see time in the outfield. The plan was for the Reds to try to find a way to get him into the lineup. Following that, he was supposed to go to the Arizona Fall League. That didn’t work out as he opted for surgery to remove bone spurs in his elbow.

All of that led to earlier today. That’s when the Cincinnati Reds top prospect took swings for the first time since surgery according to his video posted on instagram. He wasn’t facing live pitching, but he was in the cage hitting off of a tee.

It’s been a long offseason for Nick Senzel. Following the surgery he remained in Goodyear to rehab at the Cincinnati Reds complex. He’s been there all offseason, too. Some of that time has been spent working in the outfield, where big league manager David Bell recently had a chance to see him play. It’s been a non-stop offseason, making one wonder what the word “off” actually means. The 23-year-old will be doing everything he can between now and the end of March to find a way to make the big league club. His most likely spot could be as the center fielder. But there’s a chance he could be used in a super-sub role and play all over the infield and outfield.

11 Responses

  1. Wes

    Reds should sign pollock to a short term deal, send senzel down for service, and when u bring him up play match ups w senzel, pollock, and scooter.

    Then sign two rebound pitchers to compete w current crop. I like Ervin Santana a lot as a bounce back guy.

    That’s a reds to team ready to compete next season

    • Shawn

      Pollock will probably find a 4 year deal somewhere. He’s the best Center Fielder available

      • Ghettotrout1

        I doubt he gets 4 he is never healthy and as the off season drags further along I see him lowering his asking price that being said I still don’t really love the idea of picking him up unless it’s cheap.

  2. Justin

    maybe the reds overpay for a one year deal. just like the brewers did for grandal. everyone is wanting to get into next years free agency.

  3. Simon Cowell

    If this was the league minimum kind of a player I’d feel sorry for him. but as it is he signed a lucrative signing bonus, is almost certain to see the majors in 2019, and is practically guaranteed to make 100’s of millions of dollars. I hear pity in him having to work what 4 hours a day 6 days a week during the offseason? If you like you job, love your job, don’t you do things to improve your career? How is it that he is working “overtime” when he is just like everyday Americans trying to improve his odds of success? Sometimes I think we look at our sports figures as being greater than ourselves. They are not. Nick Senzel has to put in his dues just like the rest of us. The only difference is that he was given millions in advance pass or fail.

  4. Bernie

    I think he will likely prove he belongs on the major league roster in spring training but I’ll be shocked if the Reds don’t send him back down to get that extra year of control no matter how good he looks. I think he is going to be a very good player but that vertigo issue scares me; I am old enough to remember Nick Esasky and his problems.

    • pog

      Redleg Nation did a good article on Senzel and vertigo last May. I think its a stretch to compare Senzel with other extreme cases of vertigo. Esasaky was a worst case scenario. I don’t think Senzel is anywhere near that yet.

      One caution is that his second instance may have been caused by physical contact. That’s probably not ideal for a player who is looking at a spot in the outfield but you can’t predicate a players whole career on just a couple of incidents.

      A talent like Senzel is generational. Nothing to do but let him play up to his skill level and hope for the best.

      • Bernie

        I am probably more concerned than most about this because I have suffered with BPPV vertigo for almost 20 years now. I have had the Epley maneuver 3 times and it does work but only until something causes another problem. The contact thing is the main reason I think the Reds are foolish playing him in the OF but I know collisions can happen at any position or he could be hit in the head by a pitch. This is the reason, the only reason, I would be willing to trade him in a deal for an ace SP. I think the Reds are going to keep him and I keep my fingers crossed and also hope for the best.