The rumors are hot and heavy this afternoon between the New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds. Yesterday it was reported that the two teams were still discussing a trade for Sonny Gray. Then a few hours later a separate report came out that the Reds were out and a few other teams were in. Fast forward to this afternoon and Cincinnati seems to be back in the thick of things according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

Like several other rumors, this one has been around forever. Jon Heyman says that the Yankees have shown interest in two of the Cincinnati Reds Top 10 prospects.

If this is in a straight up deal for Sonny Gray, with nothing else coming back, this seems like a hard no from me. If there’s more coming back, it changes the math. But we don’t know what it is, so it’s tough to comment on that aspect of it right now. It’s also worth noting that the tweet isn’t very specific if the deal would be Shed Long AND Tyler Stephenson, or just that the Yankees are interested in those guys as a 1-for-1 deal.

On paper, Sonny Gray isn’t much of an upgrade, if at all, over the in-house candidates for the rotation. Whether that’s Tyler Mahle or Cody Reed, or even Michael Lorenzen. Giving up a top 10 prospect in the organization for a non-upgrade, paying $7.5M for it, and it’s only for one year is a tough sell from where I stand.

Once we get beyond the top 10 prospects, things make more sense in a move for Sonny Gray. You still have to pay the salary, and he’s still only around for one year. But the prospect equity is quite a bit different. The value is more in line with what you should reasonably expect from a Sonny Gray. And none of that, of course, factors in that the Reds may also move a draft pick in the deal (their competitive balance pick that follows the first round this year).

I guess for now we’ll all just have to continue to hold onto our butts and see what happens.

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  1. Norwood Nate

    Absolutely not for anyone in the top 10. Also, no on Siani or Garcia. Anyone beyond those guys, then sure, why not make the marginal upgrade. The Reds have made smart moves up to this point, don’t undo all that good will by making a dumb one now.

  2. Nep O'Tism

    I still just have no idea why the Reds have such a fixation on acquiring Gray.

    It’s bordering on obsession and it boggles the mind.

    The last 3 years Gray has averaged 24 starts, 136.2 IP (5.2 / start), with a 4.59 ERA, 1.382 WHIP, and 93 OPS+.

    What part of that screaming trading a Top-10 prospect and pay $7.5m for 1 year? I would much rather throw some extra money at Gio Gonzalez instead of the prospect if they’ve given up on getting a #1 pitcher for whatever reason.

    It’s not even really the prospect that makes me say no to Gray. I am just not sure I want Gray to be the final addition to the rotation even if he cost the Reds a bag of balls. It would also then just put the Reds right back where they were this offseason with a rotation in 2020 of just Castillo and maybe DeScalfani if he’s healthy.

    • Norwood Nate

      Reminiscent in the Reds obsession with acquiring Peraza as well. They had two separate deals lined up to get him in the organization. And for what? A guy who doesn’t truly have a position he excels at in the field and doesn’t walk nearly enough? Peraza had a pretty solid season last year, and has room to grow, but I never got the tunnel vision the Reds FO had on acquiring him.

      • Little earl

        Or the money they gave out to Alfredo. That head scratcher makes one fear what theybwill do here.

      • Norwood Nate

        Yeah, you’re right, they even paid him more just to wait until the next signing period. The 9 million dollar glove who couldn’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag. I’ll never understand the obsession with him either. The Reds paid him way more than any other team would have.

      • Andy

        You get he’ll only be 25 right? Seems like a good trade to me.

      • Norwood Nate

        You missed the part where I said he had a pretty solid season and has room to grow? Never insinuated that it was a bad trade. Just that the Reds became fixated on getting Peraza in a similar way they seem to be fixated on figuring out a Gray trade.

    • Dollar Bill

      I would prefer Wade Miley over Gray. I am all against a trade with the Yankees for the most part. Reds FO is outclassed and will only get fleeced. Again.

      • RedsinWashst

        Again Mr. Bill, a different regime is in now. Although some were around they weren’t calling the shots.

  3. Greenfield Red

    I get an uneasy feeling when the Yankees are involved. It seems they treat the rest of MLB as their minor league feeder system. Like was said yesterday, nothing more than Mella for Sonny Gray. No on Stephenson. No on Long. No on Siani. No on Gutierrez. Just no. Please don’t do this.

      • StevieGunz

        LOL Def sounds like a Yankees Troll, im a Yankees fan and I know nothing of your Prospects so i came to see how yall fell about it. I think Sonny Gray is a very good pitcher for some reason cant pitch in NY. Should look at his stats in Yankees Stadium vs away totally different pitcher. Just telling yall that so yall can feel a little better about the move if it is made.

  4. SteveLV

    Hard to believe anything like a deal with those prospects for Gray would even rise to the level of a rumor, let alone be seriously considered.

    • Dollar Bill

      Cashman is probably calling Castellini to get this deal done. I would like to believe Nick n Dick are smarter than this.

  5. Puig66

    Any chance that Hicks or Gardner might be included with Gray?

    • Bill

      I’m not sure why the Yankees would even consider trading Hicks–he’s affordable, they need him in CF and he’s coming off an outstanding year. Gardner would make sense for both teams.

      I’m not all that convinced that Shed Long is going to be even a platoon/bench contributor at the ML level. He’s a bat first player coming off .765 OPS, 27% K rate season at AA and a middling performance in the AFL. Personally, I don’t see him in the Red’s Top 10, but nearly everyone else does, so I’m an outlier.

      Back to Gray … he’s only worth a marginal prospect. Otherwise, just hang up the phone and tell the Yankees to call back when they are serious.

    • StevieGunz

      Yankees Fan here, The Yankees are in LOVE with Hicks so he def wouldnt be apart of any deal. As for Gardy he had a terrible year but the Yankees ( as well as myself) love him as a player Blue collar hard working player always hustling. with the lack of left handed bats i doubt they would trade him either but I wouldnt mind him being in the deal if we give Clint a chance in LF/

  6. SaveTheFarm

    How’d the last trade with the Yankees work out?! Just sign one of the free agents out there and keep the prospects. Gray hasn’t been good in 3 years.

  7. Jim Delaney

    REDS ownership is trying to sell tickets, after 5 straight losing seasons their fans aren’t buying what they are selling. Ownership is pushing to try and be competitive. The current ownership group doesn’t seem to get it that there FAN base wants a clear plan, and a clear plan that includes having someone running the organization isn’t tied to the Ownership group. Due to Castellini being unwilling to hire an outsider to run the show and upset the minority owners, we have the current show of grasping at straws and throwing darts at the board.

    • earmbrister

      Because every team, every organization of any kind, shares their plan with the general public? Just because YOU don’t know what the plan is, doesn’t mean there isn’t a plan.

  8. Redsvol

    I REEEAALLY hope we don’t give up a top catching prospect for one year of Sonny Gray. Not only is it one year but its a fairly expensive year. I’d rather see us sign Miley or Hellickson if we can’t get Keuchel. We need a pitcher signed that is going to be with us beyond 2019. I would be concerned These pitchers on last year of control are going to bolt after pitching in GABP rather than resign.

    Yankees rumors rarely resemble what ultimately happens so at least there is that.

    • Joe

      Agreed. If Keuchel is not viable, then Miley or Gonzalez would seem to be able to give them what Gray would

  9. Rob

    I would be fine with Shed Long for Sonny Gray. Second base will be locked up with Senzel. Less enthused with Stephenson going.

  10. MikeD

    I would rather have signed Billy Hamilton the 7 mil and let him pitch! No way can they give up a top 15 guy for Gray. God no, no, and hell NO!

  11. Joe

    My concern is that the Reds would be loading up on assests that are all on one year deals, including 3 starting pitchers. Prefer they bit the bullet and sign Keuchel

  12. Cguy

    Practically every single top 20 prospect in the Reds minor league system has been mentioned in connection with trades during the last week or 2 on MLB trade rumors. What’s not to like?

  13. RedFuture

    I don’t feel like there is any reason to change the pitching coach unless the last rotation slot is reserved for one of the young pitchers to step up to his promise. It could be Lorenzen (my choice), Mahle, Stehpenson, Reed or Romano.

  14. Klugo

    Shed Long,Tyler Stephenson, and a draft pick for Gray and Giancarlo Stanton. Shake on it.

    • Klugo

      Seriously, though, they can’t expect much for one year of control.

  15. Wes

    A shed long level prospect is what they’ll end up getting for him. A fringe top 100 guy. I hope they don’t just for the sake I hope they add some one better than gray.

    Only gray they should be considering is Doug “E Fresh” Gray.

  16. JoJo

    If Hicks is included, is do something like that. No way I would trade either of those guys for one year of Sonny.. I don’t think our FO will either, they should be smarter than that

  17. Bernie

    I am all in favor of acquiring Gray but if that is the price I would pass quickly.

    • Hunt4redsoct

      What about Thomas Kahnle being included for the pen?
      If he could get back to for of a couple years ago, could be another lock down set up man.

      • Stock

        I have heard Jonathan Holder may be traded now that they have Ottavino but his GB% is terrible and his HR/FB ratio of 4% will not be repeated.

        Gray is the odd man out in the rotation. Holder is the odd man out in the bullpen. Just like the Reds to take the Yankees trash (see Chapman trade).

        So disappointing.

      • JoJo

        You’re so disappointed in a rumor? Why does everyone get so mad over every little thing mlbtr posts? I can understand analyzing it, but it’s just 1 of 100 that they’ve come up with in the last month

      • Bill

        Stock, I’d love to get Holder; he really looked great last year and is under control for 5 more years.

        Kahnle on the other hand declined across the board last year–I’d pass.

  18. Stock

    I don’t see Gray as an upgrade to my idea on the Siri post earlier in the day. In fact it may be a downgrade. I am okay trading Long. I don’t think he is more than a marginal prospect anyway. But i would not trade Stevenson for Gray. Just as bad as Stevenson would be the competitive balance pick.

    Interesting that all the players the Reds are pursuing are for one year deals. Kemp, Puig, Roark, Wood and now Gray. Why is this?

  19. Alex Reds

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It might be worth considering to take on the salary just to hope and pray he’s Gray from 4 years ago, but definitely no meaningful return. It’d be hard to even give a top 20 prospect. I don’t see a point, he is literally no better than the guys they are paying ~500K as candidates. This also takes another roster spot, and that’s a big deal when one of our last starters may end up actually becoming a real bonafide #3/#4/#5 starter, this takes that opportunity away, and they may not even make the roster to get that opportunity. This is a joke, he is horrible in small stadiums and the Reds have one of the smallest.

  20. Stock

    per MLBtraderumors: Lorenzen working in the OF.

    Hybrid role.

    • Bill

      Even as bad as he was at the ML level last year, that’s a big-time overpay.

  21. D Ray White

    The Yankees attempting to Chapman the Reds again. No, just no. If the Reds don’t sign a FA pitcher for the rotation, I’d like to see one or two of three things:

    Acquiring a few useful bullpen pieces that could be incorporated into a Rays opener strategy and/or provide additional bullpen flexibility and deadline trade chip options. Allow the new pitching coach to work with the glut of post-prospect arms at the back of the rotation to work after the opener pitches their stint.

    Finding a trading partner for Gennett and installing Senzel at 2b. Gennett would profile well in the AL with a hybrid DH/2B role, but the problem is finding a partner. Holding onto him and getting nothing after this year seems short-sighted. Overpaying after next offseason for an aging bottom 5 defensive 2b also seems foolish, especially with the glut of 2b’s in the pipeline headed by Senzel.

    Flipping Kemp to an AL team for a DH role for a decent-ish, A-level/high upside prospect, even if the team has to eat some salary. Kemp is not in the future plans here, but has some value, moreso in the AL.

    • Bill

      I’m really not worried that any trade the Reds make will resemble the Chapman trade. Totally different circumstances. We’re well into the offseason, Reds front office has not rushed into anything.

      Gennett’s trade value is suppressed by the glut of 2B on the market this offseason. Marwin Gonzalez is still available and probably will not cost more in terms of AAV. Reds need to be patient for the right opportunity.

      Similarly, which competitive AL team needs a DH? The Kemp idea is sound, I just don’t see any takers.

    • Nep O'Tism

      Kemp is actually of decent use on this team if they’re trying for the wildcard, in my opinion.

      I see Schebler as a #4 OF kind of guy, and even if Senzel can play CF, he won’t be in the Majors for a few weeks (for control reasons, but it’ll be called defensive polish or something). That means your Opening Day OF left-to-right should be Winker, Puig, Kemp. Then you probably swap to maybe Winker, Schebler, Puig in larger outfields on the road until Senzel gets that 7th year of control and can be called up for CF duties.

      Senzel has his health concerns, Winker is coming off being hurt, Schebler has been hurt every year, I think.

      So Kemp is a pretty good role for initial starter before Senzel comes up, and a corner backup for rest/injuries later while being a potent bat off the bench. Then if they’re not in contention at the All-Star break (maybe because they did something silly like trade for Gray to be their final addition to the rotation and expect that to work) they can trade Kemp before the deadline.

  22. Patrick

    No, no, and no. I’d do it for a 20-30 ranked prospect, but no more. Don’t let the Yankees get away with a trade like the one for Chapman. That was a complete disaster for Reds.

  23. MIKE@theD

    Three way deal in is the works:
    Yankees get Madbum and Shed Long, Vlad
    Giants get Tyler Stephenson, Mella, Greg Bird
    Reds get Sonny Gray, Will Smith, and Aaron Hicks

    • Oldtimer

      Sounds like Reds would get MLB experienced SP, RP, and CF.

      Reds would give up MiLB prospects.

      Good for 2019 season.

    • DanD

      If the Giants get T. Stephenson do you think they will include Joey Bart in the deal coming back to the Reds? Lol

      Great suggestion but the Giants catching prospect is better than Tyler.

    • Norwood Nate

      All three guys the Reds would get back are controlled for just the 2019 season. It would cost the Reds about $18m in salary to add those three players. The Reds would give up their #6, #8, #9 prospects plus Mella in a deal that makes them marginally better for 2019, but not actual contenders in their own division. That seems like a really bad, and shortsighted deal for the Reds to make.

      • D Ray White

        Another easy No and move on. No reason to burn capital on a long shot only to set the team up poorly for 2020 onward. I seriously hope the FO isn’t considering this. The moves they’ve made this offfseason would indicate there’s no way they would.

  24. JoJo

    They must know something we don’t, because I don’t understand this targeting of players with expiring contracts

    • Big Ed

      Well, I think the logic is that it is an inexpensive bridge to the future. Puig and Wood with decent years would merit qualifying offers, which in turn would yield post-first round draft picks. Plus, along with Roark, they could flip them at the trade deadline, or have first dibs at extending them. Gray would fit that, too, but I suspect the Reds are only interested in giving a lower-rated prospect for him.

      Kemp was the biscuit the had to swallow to get rid of Bailey. I see him starting against lefties and occasional righties, which is unlikely to keep him sharp. You would think the Reds would agree to eat most of their part of his salary to trade him.

      A year from now, the Reds should have a team ready to break through, with a TON of money coming off the books. Siri, Trammell, Santillan and Long should be nigh ready, and Derek Johnson will have had a year with Reed, Stephenson, Mahle, Garrett (whom I believe he will be very effective with), Lorenzen, Jackson Stephens and others.

      They would be a lot better offensively only by adding Senzel and a healthy, full-time Winker. Add Puig, and they will tally some runs.

      At least I think that is what they are doing.

      • JoJo

        I like the sound of that, hopefully they’ll be able to resign a couple of them if they have solid years. I think it’s a terrible idea to pin hope on a bunch of unproven prospects. More times than not prospects don’t turn into anything

  25. Norwood Nate

    Another “update”. Heyman expects a deal to get done over the weekend. It’s gone from bad to worse though on the reported return. Now saying Long AND T. Stephenson AND a draft pick would be going back to the Yankees. That would be incredibly STUPID and would totally discredit any positive moves the Reds have made up to this point. Wow! I can’t believe what I’m reading. What is it about dealing with the Yankees that makes the Reds front office completely lose any concept of value?

    • Puig66

      If true Aaron Hicks better be part of the deal or the Yankees paying most of Gray’s salary so the Reds can sign Pollock.

      If more than Long and a 20-30 prospect I would prefer to sign Miley for 2 yr/15 million deal.

      • Norwood Nate

        Hicks is on a one year deal. I’d rather have Frazier and Holder come back.

        If the trade is Long, T. Stephenson, and the pick for Gray, Frazier, and Holder I would understand that a lot more. As it is currently rumored, it makes zero sense.

    • AllTheHype

      Nate you need to read the tweet again. It says “one of SL and TS may go”, not both.

      • Norwood Nate

        The MLBTR report says “two prospects and a draft pick the expected return for Gray. Long and Stephenson are the prospects most likely to be headed to New York.”

      • AllTheHype

        Read the tweet Natem sheesh, just read the tweet. MLB Trade Rumors gets info from the tweet. The tweet says “one of”, not both.

      • Norwood Nate

        I have read the tweet. My comment was about the MLBTR update. If you have a problem, then you have a problem with what they’re reporting. Heyman says two prospects and a draft pick. These are the two prospects mentioned. Don’t know why you’re trying to come at me when I directly quoted the report from them, as have several other posters here.

    • Mjc

      Nate. I just read the same thing on mlb trade rumors.extreme overpay I’ll be sick if it goes thru as there reporting. I wouldn’t trade T.Stephonson straight up for him .Long yeah. The draft pick is just icing on the cake. STUPID!!!

      • AllTheHype

        Read Heyman’s tweet, linked in MLB Trade Rumors article. MLB Trade Rumors misquoted his tweet just like Nate did. It says “one of SL and TS may go”, not both.

      • AllTheHype

        Heyman’s exact verbiage “One of 2B prospect Shed Long and C prospect Tyler Stephenson may go.” You either didn’t read the tweet (from which mlbtraderumors linked and got the info), misconstrued it, or misquoted it. One of those 3.

      • Norwood Nate

        I referenced the update from MLBTR. I directly quoted what MLBTR said. That’s the only quote I put up here, so I can’t misquote anything I didn’t quote. You said I misquoted, I did not. Don’t know why you’re trying to start ish with me. Go troll someone else.

      • AllTheHype

        Not trolling, just get the facts right is all I’m saying. Your first post referenced the Heyman tweet buy you have the facts wrong. Don’t trust mlbtraderumors for the facts either. Always read the source information.

      • Norwood Nate

        Facts? Facts? So all these beat writers only report the facts? What about the fact that as of the other night the Reds were out of discussions? There are no facts, just rumors. It’s actually in the website’s name, rumors. You’re shooting the messenger, as I’m just passing on information from another site. You may have an issue with the way they reported it, but don’t take it out on me. Be better man.

    • Wes

      Nate I’ll be shocked if that’s the trade. Reds have been extremely reserve on trade front and have done fairly well since Dick Williams has been in there. So I don’t see how they can be ultra conservative and then blow the farm on a guy who’s not considered a big upgrade of any of current staff.

      However if that is the case and that trade goes down as stated- what that means is no pitcher wants to come to cincy bc there are 2-3 free agent pitchers who are better than gray and they should sign one of them vs giving up prospects. That realization is worse than getting ripped off by yanks.

      • Norwood Nate

        I’d be shocked too. Which is why it’s so mystifying that these are the names being discussed. The moves up to this point have been good and made sense, this one has had all the makings of not making sense based on what’s being reported. I just read the update that the Reds want to keep T. Stephenson out of it. And things now focus on Long. If anyone in the top ten is more expendable than the rest it’s Long. I’d still think it’s a little on the high side, especially when attached with another prospect and a pick. But it’s much more understandable, especially if another piece comes back to the Reds.

  26. Bromleyjake

    Are the Reds expecting a lot of cash in return? I like others don’t understand the fixation on acquiring Sonny Gray unless they think they’ll get enough cash in return to allow them to still pursue a big name free agent.

  27. jbonireland

    People, People, People… Dick Williams and Nick Krall are not Walt Jocketty. Just because some sports writers who want to see their faces on MLB tonight say it is so doesn’t make it happen. Why not stop calling everything you hear the Res are going to do is stupid and wait and see what happens. Still have 25 days until spring training. And please lets keep the profanity off of this board.

    • Oldtimer

      Walt Jocketty was hardly stupid. He got Reds back into playoffs in 2010 and 2012. He made several good trades to make Reds better. Suarez and Desclafani come to mind. Scott Rolen another.

  28. Ryan

    Stove is getting hotter… Heyman is saying Gray is moving this weekend and Reds are inching towards a deal sending 2 prospects and a draft pick.

    100% on board with 2 previous trades, 100% agaisnt this trade, at that price or anything in that stratosphere. Dont want Gray to begin with and will lose some faith if they make this deal. Not an upgrade and thats a valuable pick, and the prospects mentioned could bolster a package for an actual upgrade.

  29. Puig66

    I would only give up the comp pick (#36 I believe) for Kluber, Bauer, Thor or Greinke. A #1 or 2 with controllable years. No way the Reds give up on Stephenson with no other catching prospects in the system. It would be different if the Reds were guaranteed one of the top 2 catchers in the draft.

  30. Foxred

    Long, Stephenson and the comp pick???? If that is true then mgmt is out of rheir minds to keep their promise. This whole winter turned I believe because they could not entice a single free agent to come to Cincy. So many equivalent pitchers have come off the board and they could not find one they liked to come

    • Bill

      I’m sure the offseason is nerve-racking for the mid-tier FA that are left hanging while the premium guys work towards big deals. Holland is an OH native and may have been willing to sign, but other mid-tier guys remain available such as Gio Gonzalez and Wade Miley. Both would be solid choices for a fifth starter.

  31. Bill

    Acquiring Gray makes sense if, the Reds are confident we get the pitcher that pitched away from Yankee stadium AND we preserve our best prospects that it would take to bring in Kluber AND we avoid having to sign a FA w/a QO that would require us to forfeit our 2nd round pick.

    I do not think Tyler Stephenson should be traded–he’s the only legit catching prospect we have on the farm right now.

    We have a chance to have another really good draft this year picking 7th overall, a first round CBB pick and a high second round pick. That will be a top 5 or better signing pool. Drafting and developing talent is critical to building a long-term sustainable competitive franchise.

  32. MikeD

    I think the Reds are setting themselves up for enough cash to go all in on Mike Trout in 2021.

    If they trade Stephenson for Gray, I may be done with this team. Truly would signal total incompetence.

  33. Optimist

    If Stephenson is included there better be multiple controllable MLB players coming back – Hicks and one of the RPs. Shed alone for 1 yr of Gray is bad enough.

    Hope there is a 3rd team involved and the deal is enlarged.

    Gray seems to be the Scooter of pitching – one possibly good year, which doesn’t matter that much to the Reds plans.

    • Oldtimer

      Scooter Gennett is rated #6 best 2B in MLB. The Reds acquired him on waivers. And yet…

  34. LeRoy

    If the Reds trade for Gray, they will have traded for at best 3 pitchers who will struggle to win half of the games they pitch. The Reds will win about 80 games and in 2020 will be in worse shape than they are now. The goal is to compete for titles not just be in the middle of the pack. Unless they can trade these 1year players in august for good prospects, they will not only lose a year in being able to contend but have given away part of their future. Obtaining 3 average pitchers and other 1year players for a 1 year window of average performance is a terrible move.

    • Foxred

      I would not call Wood average. He would be projected a two on many teams

  35. RedFuture

    Consummation of this trade would make the Reds a laughing stock when you consider what the Yankees traded to Oakland for GRAY when thought to be a good pitcher:
    July 31, 2017: Traded by the Oakland Athletics with international bonus slot money to the New York Yankees for James Kaprielian (minors), Jorge Mateo (minors) and Dustin Fowler.

    Wow, wow, wow!!! Please don’t do this!!!

  36. Bernie

    IMO either of those players would be an overpay by themselves but the most amazing thing to me is that the Reds would even discuss sending that pick for Gray. I only hope this just a wild unsubstantiated rumor; wouldn’t be the first time for this guy.

  37. AllTheHype

    Reds have made 2 very good trades thus far this winter and I can only LOL at fans here criticizing the Reds over “rumors” that aren’t likely even close to true. Some fans even purposely ignore facts so that can criticize. Maybe wait for a trade before criticizing the FO?

    • pog

      It looks like the hold up may be the Yankees 40 man. Removing Gray and adding Long (now on the Reds 40 man) would mean the Yanks have no room for any of several other trades they are exploring. That means it’s either Stephenson (who I bet the Reds would rather keep) or adding a Yankee player from the 40 man. They have a couple of relievers who may not necessarily be in their plans so finding a fit might be the hold up

      In any event, I think Gray would be a good solid addition and would still leave us room to upgrade CF. (My info comes from an article on FanSided)

      One thing for sure, we won’t be the doormat of Central in 2019.

  38. CP

    From @ JonHeyman
    “#Reds want to hold catching prospect Tyler Stephenson out of a potential Sonny Gray deal. Now discussions center around 2B prospect Shed Long, a draft choice (sandwich pick) and a 2nd minor leaguer. There’s some optimism but no word it’s done yet.”