The Dominican Winter League Championship Series came to an end on Wednesday night with Estrellas Orientales taking the series 5-games-to-1 over Toros del Este, winning 4-0 in the clinching game. Jose Siri went 2-5 with a stolen base and he drove in two runs – including the go-ahead run in the top of the 5th inning.

Cincinnati Reds center field prospect Jose Siri took home the Most Valuable Player honors for the series. There was only one game during the six game series in which he didn’t reach base at least twice. He began the series by going 4-4 with two doubles, two runs, two RBI, and a stolen base. The next night he went 2-3 with a walk and another run scored.

The third game of the series was the only one in which he didn’t reach base multiple times. He went 1-3 in the game. The next game saw him go off once again, going 3-4 with a double, home run, steal, and he scored two runs. In game five of the series he went 1-3 with a walk, run scored, two steals, and he had an RBI. And then there was Wednesday night. He finished the series with a .591/.625/.864 line, going 13-22. He also stole five bases.

The Caribbean Series will feature the champions from Cuba, the Dominican Winter League, the Venezuelan Winter League, the Puerto Rican Winter League, and the Mexican Winter League. There will be a round robin five days of baseball before two semi-final games that’s followed by a championship game. The games will start on February 2nd and run through February 8th. The event was scheduled to take place in Venezuela. With what’s happening right now down there, it would not surprise me if it were moved.

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  1. jim t

    Jose has all the tools. His development is huge for the organization. I think he is a year away from being our starting CF’er. He fields, runs and hits with power. If he can put the ball in play and drew a few more walks he could be a big contributor. I think if he started today his production would be greater then Billy’s. Hope he stays healthy and puts together a nice season and gets a Sept. call up and takes over CF in 2020. He could be a very exciting player down the road.

  2. jim t

    Siri’s potential is why I do not sign or trade for anything more then a one year stop gap for 2019 in CF. If he can become a ML CF’er we use those resources to fill other areas of need. I give him this year to build on his potential before I head in another direction.

    • Alex

      Siri, Trammell, and friedl should all be ready for the majors next year! Between the 3 of them I’d guess that one would stick in cf. I’m definitely excited to see Siri though. I don’t get to see him play much and he seems like such an exciting player to watch.

  3. James Phillips

    That kind of average is unrealistic in the majors. I’d expect he’s probably a .400 hitter with maybe a .500 OBP. :)

    • Big Ed

      He still won’t walk much, so the Reds may have to live with .400/.450/.825.

  4. CP

    I will be very interested to see how both Siri and Trammell do this year in the minors. Trammell has the higher floor, and seems more of a sure bet to contribute in the majors one day, but man I think Siri has a higher ceiling. He just could do it all. Key word being COULD. Siri seriously has the tools to be and MVP caliber kind of player or he could miss making a major impact in the majors all together if he can’t wrangle in his SO’s and draw more walks. I love his passion too. He is the kind of guy, like Puig, that wears his heart on his sleeve and can really be a spark for your team. I’m really pulling for this kid and would love to see him at the top of the Reds line-up for years to come. I would love this to be our 2020 line-up by Sept:

    Barnhardt/T. Stephenson*

    *This may be too soon for Tyler Stephenson to get a call up, but I would love to see him getting a cup of coffee by September of 2020. There could also be one of our better hitting SS prospects getting closer to pushing Pereza by this time as well. Which would be one of our only average hitting spots left in the line-up after Tyler Stephenson couples with Barnhardt at catcher. Love the way things are lining up!

    • Stock

      The days of getting a cup of coffee should be in the past. Why give up a year of control for some meaningless games in September. Guerrero and Eloy Jimenez never made it to the show last summer for a reason.

      That said Cincinnati has proven time and again that they don’t understand this concept.

    • Redsvol

      I admire your interest in prospects but if this is our 2020 starting lineup we’d better have Chris Sale and Dallas Keuchel in our starting rotation because that is a below league average offense. That outfield could be atrocious.

      Better sign Puig or someone else for a corner outfield position that can hit.

      • CP

        How would that outfield be atrocious? I assume you probably mean offensively based on your comment about needing to sign Puig because he can hit? If Siri and Trammell fulfill their potential, which is what I was basing my post on, that outfield would not only be above average defensively, but also offensively. And the rest of the offense would be fantastic. Your looking at above average offensive production for every position except for maybe two defense first positions of C and SS.

  5. Big Ed

    I know Doug wants Siri to start at AA to allow him to dominate there and then move up to AAA, but perhaps the Dominican league this winter will have served the same purpose. Siri’s team was stacked, and included Fernando Tatis, Jr. and Miguel Sano of the Twins.

    Siri has almost an unlimited ceiling, hinging on continued improvement at plate discipline. (And, of course, he could still flame out.) He isn’t ever going to have Votto’s approach, but they can live with him if he cuts down his strikeouts. They could live today with his speed and defense.

    I am interested in seeing how the return to Chattanooga will play, especially for Trammell.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t want him to dominate there and move up. I’d like to see him have some general success against Double-A pitching for more than a few weeks. Last season he struck out 32% of the time in Double-A and hit .230.

      The Reds have consistently over promoted him, and he’s consistently struggled, and then the next year, figured it out at the same level in which he struggled. Stop over promoting him, put him where he should be, and let him develop without so much struggle.

      • Oldtimer

        Like Tommy Helms in 1960s. He had better numbers than Rose at Macon in 1962 but Reds kept him in MiLB for 3 more season and he became ROY in 1966 and multiple All-Star and Gold Glove winner for Reds next 5 years.

  6. Jim t

    The teds ran Billy out there for the better part of 5 years. I would bet Jose would put produce Billy right now if given the job this year.

    • Oldtimer

      Billy Hamilton scored close to 50% (not quite but close) of the time he got on base over the past 5 years. He played outstanding defense in CF.

      Siri is a better hitter but not faster and not better on defense.

      • Jim t

        Siri fields the position very well and he is also very fast. There isn’t much difference between them on base paths or in the field He hits with much more power then Billy and will OBP close to 300 same as Billy. He will produce many more runs then Billy.

      • MK

        There is not much difference speed wise. Since Billy seemed to lose a little speed on offense in 2018, Jose might be faster.

      • Oldtimer

        I highly he will score more runs than Billy Hamilton. Maybe someday but not soon.

      • Michael E

        “Billy Hamilton scored close to 50% (not quite but close) of the time he got on base over the past 5 years”

        The key part is “…the time he got on base…”. I doubt Siri would be worse at that even given his high K%. Billy Hamiltion was one of the five worst hitters in MLB the past 5 years. Very good fielder, but a net negative player.

  7. scottya

    That’s fantastic news. He’s looking more and more like legitimate prospect that will impact the Reds in the fairly near future.

  8. Reds schotzie

    The Reds have made a lot of trade chatter this winter, but publicly Siri’s name has never come up as a name “team’s have mentioned wanting.” Of course we’re not privy to what’s said in the actual room and outside the web, but I at least find it somewhat curious he has generated zero buzz in trade circles.

  9. KSoze

    It could be exciting if Siri and Trammell are both ready to go in 2020. It seems a little far fetched, but both have loads of talent. With their speed and defense, and the improvements Winker has made in the outfield we could be A OK next season.