With the political situation in Venezuela getting out of hand once again, and with Venezuela slated to host the 2019 Caribbean Series starting on Saturday, things had to change. Last week the Caribbean Federation got together to try and figure out a solution. One option that was on the table was to simply cancel the event. To the rescue comes Panama, who has stepped up to host the event.

Panama has not been a regular participant in the Caribbean Series since 1960. They were not scheduled to be a part of this one, either. Jesse Sanchez of MLB.com notes that this could possibly lead to Panama becoming an active member in the yearly series, and maybe Nicaragua and Colombia could, too. All three have winter leagues, though they are not nearly as popular as the ones in the other leagues.

The Caribbean Series will now begin on February 4th, which is next Monday. The series will run through February 10th and take place at Rod Carew National Stadium in Panama City. The schedule doesn’t seem to be out yet. Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Panama will all participate.

The series usually has a round-robin opening series. Then the top four teams play in a semi-final, and it’s followed up by a championship game. I would imagine that it will still be something similar to that, but when you make assumptions….. It’s good to see that this event is still going to take place. And it’s even better to see that it’s going to take place in a safe environment for both the players and the fans.