The Cincinnati Reds have already kicked off their spring training efforts. Pitchers and catchers reported for Major League spring training on Tuesday. On Wednesday that held their first official team workouts. The position players that haven’t already reported will show up in a few days.

For the Minor Leaguers who are not on the 40-man roster, and those who didn’t receive an invitation to Major League spring training as a non-roster invitee, they’ll have to wait a few more weeks. For the Minor Leaguers, pitchers and catchers don’t report until February 28th. Position players don’t report until March 6th. Games won’t start until about a week after that (the schedule has not yet been released).

We do have the list of all 171 players that the Cincinnati Reds will have in minor league camp at the start. As the spring goes on some players will join the backfields as they are sent back from Major League camp. Some guys, unfortunately, will also be released as the spring goes on. For now, here’s the list of the players that will be in Goodyear when camp begins:

First Last Position DOB Age B T
Juan Abril RHP 3/11/98 20 R R
Jose Adames RHP 1/17/93 26 R R
Jesse Adams LHP 8/12/93 25 L L
Tim Adleman RHP 11/13/87 31 R R
Luis Alecis RHP 6/7/97 21 R R
Tejay Antone RHP 12/5/93 25 R R
Mariel Bautista OF 10/15/97 21 R R
Wendolyn Bautista RHP 3/27/93 25 R R
Brantley Bell SS 11/16/94 24 R R
Michael Beltre OF 7/3/95 23 B R
Connor Bennett RHP 4/10/97 21 R R
Tommy Bergjans RHP 12/1/92 26 R R
Clayton Blackburn RHP 1/6/93 26 L R
Robert Boselli C 4/17/96 22 R R
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Ty Boyles LHP 9/30/95 23 L L
Cassidy Brown C 7/21/94 24 R R
Michael Byrne RHP 4/16/97 21 R R
Manuel Cachutt RHP 6/7/97 21 R R
Ryan Campbell RHP 1/11/96 23 R R
Carlos Carreno RHP 9/4/98 20 B R
Cash Case SS 5/12/99 19 L R
Lorenzo Cedrola OF 1/12/98 21 R R
Alberti Chavez SS 7/21/95 23 R R
Hendrik Clementina C 6/17/97 21 R R
Andy Cox LHP 10/23/93 25 R L
Jonathon Crawford RHP 11/1/91 27 R R
Narciso Crook OF 7/12/95 23 R R
Connor Curlis LHP 11/29/96 22 L L
Calten Daal SS 8/1/93 25 R R
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Jerry D’Andrea LHP 5/23/96 22 L L
Noah Davis RHP 4/22/97 21 R R
Jhon De Jesus RHP 1/9/97 22 R R
Daniel De La Fuente RHP 7/18/97 21 R R
Eddy Demurias RHP 8/1/97 21 R R
Alexis Diaz RHP 9/28/96 22 R R
Carlos Diaz LHP 2/3/92 27 L L
Jose Duarte C 4/23/93 25 R R
Ryan Dunne RHP 3/17/95 23 L R
James Dykstra RHP 11/22/90 28 L R
Sebastian Elizalde CF 11/20/91 27 L R
Edward Escoboza RHP 12/5/95 23 R R
Stuart Fairchild OF 3/17/96 22 R R
Claudio Finol SS 4/13/00 18 R R
Aaron Fossas RHP 9/2/92 26 R R
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Emilio Garcia OF 6/15/99 19 R R
Jose Garcia 2B 4/5/98 20 R R
John Ghyzel RHP 5/18/96 22 R R
Elvis Gomez C 5/27/99 19 R R
Alberto Gonzalez RHP 7/26/99 19 R R
Luis Gonzalez SS 7/28/94 24 R R
Miles Gordon CF 12/3/97 21 L R
Hunter Greene RHP 8/6/99 19 R R
Edward Guzman C 9/30/99 19 R R
Kyle Halbohn RHP 1/19/93 26 R R
Nick Hanson RHP 6/10/98 20 R R
Junior Harding RHP 7/21/96 22 R R
Dylan Harris 3B 1/27/95 24 R R
Courtney Hawkins OF 11/12/93 25 R R
Jacob Heatherly LHP 5/20/98 20 L L
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Cory Heitler RHP 8/27/97 21 R R
Ryan Hendrix RHP 12/16/94 24 R R
Miguel Hernandez SS 4/13/99 19 R R
Raul Hernandez RHP 2/2/99 20 R R
Nick Howard RHP 4/6/93 25 R R
Brian Hunter RHP 11/22/92 26 R R
Jonathan India 3B 12/15/96 22 R R
Hernan Iribarren IF 6/29/84 34 L R
Ibandel Isabel 1B 6/20/95 23 R R
Johendi Jiminian RHP 10/14/92 26 R R
Sherman Johnson 2B 7/15/90 28 L R
Francis Jones RHP 12/6/96 22 R R
Andrew Jordan RHP 8/3/97 21 R R
Raul Juarez IF 5/21/98 20 R R
Ricky Karcher RHP 9/18/97 21 R R
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Stephen Keller RHP 11/19/97 21 B R
Perez Knowles LHP 7/6/95 23 R L
Ian Koch RHP 8/18/97 21 R R
Mark Kolozsvary C 9/4/95 23 R R
Joel Kuhnel RHP 2/19/95 23 R R
Danny Lantigua OF 3/7/99 19 B R
Gavin LaValley 3B 12/28/94 24 R R
Nick Lee LHP 1/13/91 28 L L
Ernesto Liberatore C 3/26/96 22 R R
Ryan Lillie RHP 5/1/96 22 R R
Morgan Lofstrom C 8/17/95 23 L R
Nick Longhi OF 8/16/95 23 R L
Luis Lopez SS 11/30/99 19 R R
Alejo Lopez SS 5/5/96 22 B R
Carlos Machorro RHP 9/20/96 22 R R
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Joe Mantiply LHP 3/1/91 27 R L
Pabel Manzanero C 1/30/96 23 R R
James Marinan RHP 10/10/98 20 R R
Juan Martinez 3B 11/8/98 20 R R
Valentin Martinez C 9/21/96 22 R R
Juan Martinez LHP 7/15/92 26 L L
Yomil Maysonet RHP 1/9/00 19 R R
Andrew McDonald RHP 12/24/94 24 R R
Justin McGregor RHP 12/13/95 23 R R
Patrick McGuff RHP 3/30/94 24 L R
Miguel Medrano RHP 1/4/98 21 R R
Yonathan Mendoza SS 2/10/94 25 B R
A.J. Moore RHP 1/4/96 23 R R
Dauri Moreta RHP 4/15/96 22 R R
Parker Morin C 7/2/91 27 L R
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Jon Moscot RHP 8/15/91 27 R R
Scott Moss LHP 10/6/94 24 L L
Drew Mount OF 3/24/96 22 L L
Reshard Munroe OF 6/15/96 22 L L
Packy Naughton LHP 4/16/96 22 R L
Mitch Nay 3B 9/20/93 25 R R
Jeffry Nino RHP 9/26/96 22 R R
Orlando Noriega RHP 5/15/99 19 R B
Moises Nova RHP 8/2/95 23 R R
Ryan Nutof RHP 11/2/95 23 L R
Sarkis Ohanian RHP 8/6/93 25 R R
Ryan Olson RHP 11/22/94 24 R R
Austin Orewiler RHP 5/18/93 25 R R
Reniel Ozuna OF 7/29/98 20 R R
Victor Payano LHP 10/17/92 26 L L
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Matt Pidich RHP 12/25/94 24 R R
Carlos Reina C 12/11/98 20 B R
Brian Rey OF 2/22/98 20 R R
Josh Rich RHP 2/26/96 22 R R
Lyon Richardson RHP 1/18/00 19 B R
Patrick Riehl RHP 5/19/94 24 R R
Carlos Rivero SS 4/30/97 21 L R
Adrian Rodriguez RHP 8/8/96 22 R R
Wennington Romero LHP 1/29/98 21 L L
Victor Ruiz 3B 10/20/99 19 R R
Connor Ryan RHP 11/20/94 24 R R
Eduardo Salazar RHP 5/5/98 20 R R
Ricky Salinas RHP 3/26/96 22 R R
Reiver Sanmartin LHP 4/15/96 22 L L
John Sansone 2B 9/15/93 25 R R
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Leandro Santana 3B 2/19/97 21 R R
Mac Sceroler RHP 4/9/95 23 R R
Johnnie Schneider RHP 6/30/97 21 R R
Jay Schuyler C 4/11/97 21 R R
Leonardo Seminati 1B 1/2/99 20 R R
Kevin Shackelford RHP 4/7/89 29 R R
Mike Siani OF 7/16/99 19 L L
Ricardo Smith RHP 2/16/96 22 R R
Jared Solomon RHP 6/10/97 21 R R
Taylor Sparks 3B 4/3/93 25 R R
Bren Spillane OF 9/21/96 22 R R
Michael Spooner OF 2/17/97 21 L R
Brandt Stallings OF 9/5/96 22 R R
Jesse Stallings RHP 10/27/94 24 R R
Wyatt Strahan RHP 4/18/93 25 R R
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Andy Sugilio OF 10/26/96 22 B R
Daniel Sweet OF 12/28/93 25 B L
Logan Taylor OF 6/21/94 24 R R
Jose Tello C 5/21/98 20 R R
Rylan Thomas 1B 6/25/97 21 R R
Cory Thompson RHP 9/23/94 24 R R
Nick Travieso RHP 1/31/94 25 R R
Chad Tromp C 3/21/95 23 R R
Jake Turnbull C 2/16/98 20 L R
Stuart Turner C 12/27/91 27 R R
Jose Valenzuela RHP 5/5/98 20 R R
First Last Position DOB Age B T
Josh VanMeter SS 3/10/95 23 L R
Seth Varner LHP 1/27/92 27 L L
Randy Ventura OF 7/11/97 21 B R
Raul Wallace OF 8/19/95 23 R R
Zeke White OF 1/7/97 22 R R
Jonathan Willems IF 11/7/98 20 R R
Rob Wooten RHP 7/21/85 33 R R
Jake Wyrick LHP 11/14/95 23 L L
Bruce Yari 1B 12/5/94 24 L L
Edwin Yon OF 7/24/98 20 R R
Aneurys Zabala RHP 12/21/96 22 R R

There’s only one thing that really jumped out to me when looking over the list of players: Only two players are going to be in spring training from the Dominican Summer League Reds from 2018. One of them is Raul Hernandez, who was one of the players injured in the car accident during the offseason that took the life of one of the Reds players in the Dominican Republic. The other player is outfielder Emilio Garcia, who was also involved in the accident. It’s possible that they are in Goodyear simply to continue their rehab.

The youngest player in camp will be Claudio Finol, who won’t turn 19 until April 13th. He is one of three players that will be in camp that were born in the year 2000. 2018 draft picks Lyon Richardson and Yomil Maysonet were also born this millenium. I won’t speak for you, but I’ve never felt older.

There will be 79 right-handed pitchers in camp. There are only 18 left-handed pitchers that will be in camp. That leaves 74 spots for position players.

32 Responses

    • Doug Gray

      As far as I know he still is. Why he’s not listed here is not something that I currently have an answer for. I didn’t get this roster until very late last night. I gave it a cursory look – not an in depth one. I’m going to go over it a little deeper today and see if I notice anyone missing from the list and see if I can find out why.

  1. Clammy

    is Jake Turnbull still at C? I thought they moved him to 1st Base. Didn’t know Stuart Turner was still with the organization. Seems like we have some decent Catching depth past Casseli for Louisville with Farmer and Graterol in addition to Turner all having brief major league experience.

    Some names that caught my eye: Zeke White was the 3rd piece in the Straily trade. Still only 22 and flashed at times last year. Jonathan Crawford and Nick Howard both former 1st round picks. Crawford came over from Detroit in the Suarez trade. Taylor Sparks was a fairly high pick (2nd round?); he’s still hanging around.

    • Doug Gray

      I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the listed positions. While this list is from the Reds – I didn’t edit it at all other than remove some information – position listings have often been incorrect in the past and have been “old” positions for more than a few guys.

      • AirborneJayJay

        That’s good about position listing. Jose Garcia listed as a 2B threw me a bit off. I was reading into that with Downs now traded that the Reds have moved Garcia to 2B more permanently, taking him off of SS. I know he did play a little 2B last year though.

  2. Michael Smith

    Does the team pay for for transportation to spring training for players?

    • Doug Gray

      This is a good question and one that I don’t have the answer to. Maybe MK will be able to chime in with some help on this one.

  3. Big Ed

    It’s amazing that this will only be Hunter Greene’s age-19 season.

  4. Tampa Red

    Nick Travieso is 25 and Nick Howard will be 26 in April. Dang, those are some painful first round misfires.

    • The Duke

      Wacha was the guy I was high on the year we drafted Travieso. He’s struggled staying healthy, but dang he’s provided a lot of MLB value already. Corey Seager went after Travieso as well, but I he wasn’t a consensus guy we passed on or anything.

      • Tampa Red

        Man, when you put it like that it makes it even worse. Hard not to imagine where the Reds would be today as an organization had those two picks not gone so spectacularly bad.

      • Doug Gray

        Michael Wacha couldn’t pass a physical pre-draft. I wouldn’t have drafted him either. It worked out, ultimately, but that’s not a risk I’d have been willing to take. Hindsight always helps.

  5. The Duke

    Guys who I think are in make of break years:

    Mariel Bautista – At age 21 and only in Low A, this is the year where he has to start moving. There are examples of international guys who become something that are on a similar age path, but most who make it from the intl pool, show up in this level sooner.

    Ty Boyles – If he’s going to be a future BP lefty, this is about the time he’s going to have to start showing some results after floundering as a starter but showing some promise in the pen in 2018.

    Calten Daal – Injuries have derailed what looked like a promising SS prospect. One more significant injury and that’s all folks. Might be there already, but as a SS who has shown a high contact rate, it’s tough to give up on a guy like that, especially when he’s had a lot of bad beats.

    Gavin Lavalley – He’s likely 1B only but maybe he can be a backup at 3B. He’s got to hit and hit and hit a lot more than he has if he is going to be more than org depth.

    Wyatt Strahan – I’ve always liked his arm talent, but felt he was a bullpen arm all along. At age 25 it’s time to start showing some dominance that I think he is capable of if he is going to force his way into a crowded queue to get a shot in the big league bullpen.

    Nick Travieso – Hard to blame a guy when he’s been injured, but the next wave of arms is already starting to pass him by. Assuming he’s healthy, this may be his last shot as a starter to show something. Maybe in a bullpen role he can let it fly and focus on 2 pitches and speed up his timeline.

  6. Cguy

    Did Chris Okey get an invitation to ML camp? He’s on Chatanooga’s roster but not on this MiL list.

    • The Duke

      Yes, Okey is one of the 6/7 catchers in big league camp already

  7. Krozley

    Over half the AZL roster from last summer is missing including Debby Santana and Fidel Castro. I’m guessing they’re still around, just not on this list for some reason. Maybe since they won’t be considered for Dayton, they don’t have to be there until later in camp since they will be at the complex for the 1st half of the year anyway.

    I noticed Victor Ruiz listed at 3B instead of C.

  8. AirborneJayJay

    Tejay Antone. I am really looking for good things by Tejay in 2019. He had a pretty decent rebound season last year after missing all of 2017 with TJ surgery. He got the rust off and really finished on a positive note at Daytona. His ERA is only skewed by one bad game where he got lit up on the 4th of July like a fireworks stand by giving up 9 earned runs in 1.1 IP. He had a really positive August. And now with a regular off-season regimen he should be poised for a good season. He should be starting out at AA. Chattanooga will have the makings of a good rotation with Antone, Scott Moss, and maybe Vlad Gutierrez will have to start out there at AA depending on how the AAA rotation fills out. I think the Reds will keep Despaigne around at AAA for some experience depth. That might keep Vlad at AA at least to start out 2019.
    But I really am looking for a great breakout from Antone. He was on the cusp of a breakout when he injured his elbow.

    • Tom

      This isn’t directed at you, but in general each year the rotation has looked good in AAA and AA and A+ but the results have not been there in the win column. Would like to see a winning org this year. It does matter.

    • MK

      Louisville has so many starting pitching candidates, which is a good thing, but they might need to piggyback start them.

  9. The Duke

    Jim Bowden at The Athletic is releasing a top 200. 200-101 released so far:

    159. Mike Siani
    125. Tyler Stephenson

    Some questionable tools rankings throughout the list, Siani with a 50 Defense caught my eye. 55 run seems light too.

    • Amarillo

      It’s Bowden, what do you expect? Bowden never exactly was confused for someone with scouting experience.

  10. Bill

    Doug, I know this was time-consuming … thanks for putting this together!

  11. Jeremy

    Doug, I’m always interested in who keeps plugging in the minors and who fades away. Any idea if these folks from last year are still with the Reds’ organization? … Garrett Boulware, CJ McElroy, Malik Collymore, Joel Bender, Kevin Canelon, Zach Neal, Evan Mitchell, Brennan Bernardino, Daniel Wright, Justin Nicolino

    • Doug Gray

      He’s due in Goodyear in two days when minor league pitchers and catchers are expected for camp.