The Cincinnati Reds are off today. No games. No practice. Well, except for Sonny Gray and some of the minor leaguers. Gray, who signed a 3-year extension with a 4th option year over the offseason, hasn’t pitched yet this spring. He’s been dealing with some elbow soreness. He threw a side session and passed that test. Later today he will pitch against live hitters from the minor league side of camp.

On Monday the Reds played two games. One of those games was at Talking Stick against Arizona. There’s a Trackman installed at the ballpark, giving us some information on the pitchers who were on the mound during the game. Let’s take a look at the Cincinnati pitchers, their pitchers, and their velocities on the day.

Pitcher Fastball Change Up Slider Curveball
Anthony Bass 96.8 N/A 89.7 N/A
Jimmy Herget 94.2 87.4 83.8 N/A
Keury Mella 94.1 83.1 N/A 79.1
Tanner Roark 93.6 85.1 87.2 75.9
Buddy Boshers 92.2 86.2 80.5 N/A
Ty Boyles 89.2 82.3 N/A N/A

The velocities listed above are peak velocity, not average velocity. With that said, one thing jumps out on the above chart: Anthony Bass. 96.8 MPH is nothing to sneeze at. Toss in that it came on a sinker and now you’ve really got my interest. Bass has always thrown a sinker. In 2018 he averaged 94.6 MPH on the pitch in the Majors over his 15.1 innings. It was the first year he averaged more than 93.6 MPH. Big peak velocity isn’t out of the norm, though. Back in 2015 he peaked at 99.4 MPH. The 96.88 that he threw on Monday, though, was the highest that his sinker has been before or since that 2015 season.

Raisel Iglesias hadn’t pitched in a game yet this spring until Monday. He was healthy and he was throwing – he just wasn’t getting into games. That was by plan. The right-handed pitcher started pitching early in the spring of 2018 and said he felt tired by the end of the spring. So this season he asked to start throwing in games a little later with the hopes that the same thing didn’t happen. In the game against the Cubs he allowed a run on  a walk and a double in an inning of work. He also added a strikeout.

15 Responses

  1. pw

    Wasn’t Alex Wood scheduled to pitch in this game? Have I missed something about his progress this spring, or lack thereof?

  2. Oldtimer

    I saw Bass pitch in one of the two Reds ST games I attended last week. He looked good to me. Maybe a contender for 7th or 8th seat in the bullpen.

  3. The Duke

    That 7th (and maybe 8th) bullpen spot should be wide open. Iglesias, Garrett, Lorenzen, Hughes, Hernandez, and Duke are locks. If Bass brings it in spring and wins that spot, then we shouldn’t be worrying about losing Bob Steve (although with as much time as he has missed, he might start the year on the DL) or Wisler. Herget shouldn’t be dismissed making the team right away either. He just keeps going out and putting up 0’s.

    • MK

      Where is the discussion for sending Herget to the minors for 12 days?

      • Oldtimer

        Highly doubt Herget and Senzel are in the same ocean (much less boat) as prospects.

  4. Optimist

    Any word on Bowman? Still think he could be a steal, though wonder if the medical recovery may take until mid-season.

    • Krozley

      I saw him on Saturday working with the other pitchers on some fielding and pick-off plays where throwing was involved so I’m guessing he is getting close to getting in some action.

      • Optimist

        Thanks – between the lat injury this spring, and the unusual hand condition (IIRC) from last year, they should, and can, take a long time getting him ready, perhaps even the DL to start the year.

  5. Mbushskbum

    Reed also pitched in that game, stood right above the bullpen for his warm up. When he entered the game no pitch speeds showed on the scoreboard. Odd, don’t know why. You don’t have his data either. ????

    • Doug Gray

      Every so often the system craps out. Guessing that’s what happened.

  6. Choo Choo Coleman

    The best pitcher all spring has been V. Gutierrez. Hands down. Won’t make the team, but should not be ignored as a potential starter in 2019.

    • The Duke

      I won’t disagree that we could see him in 2019 because I thought that before the spring started. We need to not get too hung up on spring training starts/stats. Some hitters are looking at extra pitches they normally crush just to see more pitches. Some pitchers are working on specific pitches, or just arm conditioning, or focusing on a weakness. Never read too much into spring training.

      That said, I think Vlad Gut could be in for a big year. 2 years removed from his long layoff now, 103 IP in 2017, 147 IP in 2018 so now he is essentially ready for a full starters workload. Probably don’t want him to do too much more than 180 IP, but I doubt he gets above that anyway. Was just about at 9 K/9 in AA last year.