Nick Senzel was noticeably missing from the lineup when it was put out on Wednesday afternoon. While a player not in the lineup usually wouldn’t be much to note, the fact that it was a night game made Senzel’s absence noteworthy because of the fact that the team stated they wanted to get him time in center under the lights. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer just reported that Senzel’s out of the lineup because he’s dealing with tightness in his hamstring. It’s not serious and he could be back in the lineup tomorrow.

Obviously it’s not a big deal if he’s likely to be ready to play tomorrow or Friday. But it is one less chance to get in some game action under the lights if that is something that the team was hoping to do.

Full Minor League spring training is underway

Today is the report date for position players in Cincinnati Reds minor league camp. Pitchers and catchers reported on the final day of February. Players will go through their physicals today and things get moving at full capacity on the backfields in Goodyear tomorrow. If you missed it, or just wanted to look at it again, here’s the full spring training roster (though it certainly may have changed in the last 4 weeks with a free agent pick up here or there) for minor league camp.

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  1. Reds Suck :(

    Very talented player, but always seems to be injured or banged up. Likely starting the year in the minors.

    • Doug Gray

      “Always” is a real stretch. From his freshman year of college through the end of the 2017 season he missed a grand total of 12 games.

      • The Duke

        To be fair since the start of 2018 he has dealt with:

        Elbow procedure
        Broken Finger
        Tight Hamstring

        Hopefully, this is nothing, just noteworthy that he has dealt with more than usual in the last year.

      • Doug Gray

        Sure. He’s been injured/unhealthy a lot in the last year. That’s a far cry from “always”, though, isn’t it? He’s had a dowright terrible stretch of health in the last 18 months.

    • doofus

      Did you spill your dip cup on your lap this morning?

  2. Klugo

    One of the real challenges for young players is learning and committing to taking care of their bodies to handle the rigors of being professional athletes. Granted, some injuries are just pure luck. Bad luck. But like someone really important and famous once said, “the harder I work, the luckier I am”.

  3. Simon Cowell

    First his head (vertigo)
    Then his finger
    Then his elbow
    and now his legs.
    Should this be a red flag? What does this do to Doug’s prediction of 155 games in CF?
    Well for conspiracy theorists this gives the Reds further ammo to not have him on the opening day roster.

    • Shawn

      Doug actually changed my mind about bringing Senzel up at the beginning of the season. He has to stay healthy tho of there will be a real reason to keep him down for a while

    • Colorado Red

      Misses one game for the Hammy being tight, and you want to amputate it.
      Come on man.

    • Doug Gray

      Doug literally did not predict 155 games in center field.

  4. IMHO

    Give him a break.. this guy is under the radar every day… if it was just another player no one would care nor would it be posted… tell me something about a guy you don’t know but is busting his butt…ya can’t because everyone is focused on the “chosen” few.

    Give the guy a break.

    • MikeinSoCal

      Another trade sure would be nice. Ervin and Farmer deserve roster spots but that’s not going to happen under present circumstances. Any other time Kemp would be great to have but he won’t be here next year. Ervin will be losing valuable experience. Farmer seems like a great bench piece with his versatility.

      • CP

        Having the kind of depth that pushes guys like Ervin and Farmer to AAA is where good teams find themselves often. I’m ok with those guys spending another year in AAA and waiting for their opportunity if better guys are ahead of them. Now what is a concern is what might happen with Bob Steve/Wisler and losing them to a waiver selection because they don’t have any options left. This is also part of having great depth, but you hate to completely lose guys out of your organization.

  5. Oldtimer

    Eric Davis was oft injured. So was Ken Griffey, Jr. I’m glad both were Reds anyway.

    • Matthew

      Yes or else ED never would have hit that 2-run jack off of Dave Stewart. I was a wee lad of 18 months during that match-up. I’m glad I was able to find recordings of the series to watch!

  6. Oldtimer

    Interesting stat. ST numbers mean nothing but Votto has .091 BA but still .412 OBP.

  7. Redsvol

    Lets face it, Senzel is not what one would call durable. If he can’t handle a little spring training in center, then 150 games in the major leagues with all the travel is definitely out. Send him to AAA to play 3 games a week in CF and 2 in the infield. We need to see what he can handle before we start his arbitration clock. This team isn’t built for the post season this year anyway so we don’t need to get worked up about it.

    • MuddyCleats

      Tend 2 agree. IMO, team is still short quality ML SPs, and many of the guys that were brought in to make things better will more than likely be moved at the trade deadline? Still feels like Reds wanted a better team for 150 yr celebration events early and then the ability to sell them off as needed at the deadline?

      As for Senzel, could it simply be infielder body type trying to play in an ML OF type of thing?

  8. MA

    Wow, the comments section on this page (and really any comments page) has really become unreadable. It is truly unfortunate because the quality of the writing on the site has only gotten better and better. The comments used to be something I came back to multiple times a day due to the quality of the banter among the readers. I didn’t and don’t comment much as I consider myself still very much learning baseball in the 21st century. Aside from a few, it is now really bad hot takes, truly misinformed opinions, emotional meltdowns and what appears to be people just wanting to be a jerk.

    • Big Ed

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that, as well. I hope it will go back to normal when the actual season starts.

      It really is not a sign of the Apocalypse when a guy sits out ONE spring training game to prevent an annoyance in the hamstring from getting worse. Senzel and all other players are getting plenty of work on the practice fields all morning, every morning.

      There is an irrational segment of this board who just don’t like Senzel and and who want him to fail. Who knows why. Another segment actively roots against Hunter Greene, for reasons that equally elude me.

    • Kindell

      You are completely correct MA. I have typed out a similar message several times over the last few days.

      I have read this site since I accidently stumbled on it in 2007. I was drawn to right away because of the passion Doug showed in his content. I also thought it was refreshing to see someone interact on their site.

      No one is going to agree with every single thing written, but I have never seen so many people not allow for opinions. I have read over and over people saying that it only makes sense to send him down and there are no other arguements. Those same people attack Doug or others who try to bring different views to topics.

      By the way, I have played 100 baseball games in a span of several months twice in my life. You can not imagine the wear it puts on you mentally and physically. You are talking about a special breed of people who can fight through that every year. Its easy to sit behind your keyboard and call someone injury prone. He might be just fine if this was the regular season, but its not worth risking anything for a Spring Training game.

      • Matthew

        That’s correct. I know a guy who is a personal trainer. His clients come from all walks of life, including athletes from several different sports. When talking about baseball he said something to the tune of “I don’t understand the stigma that baseball players get about not being athletic or in good shape. Their endurance and stamina are other-worldly.”

        He’s absolutely right. 162 games every year. Granted, most player don’t play all 162 games, but most of them play at least 140-150 of them. Add travel, timezone changes, maintaining your strength and athleticism, being sharp and ready to play at the top of your game against the best players in the world every single day. I’m not saying other sports aren’t tough. Most professional sports are physically and mentally grueling. Even NASCAR, which some may debate on whether or not it’s a sport, is extremely demanding on the body.

        To summarize, it’s easy for people sitting behind a keyboard to criticize. Being a person that takes physical fitness seriously, I can back these athletes up. Even with willpower and motivation It’s very difficult to maintain a certain level of fitness, plus maintaining the skill to throw or hit a 95 mph fastball (among other things).

    • Matthew O'Neal

      Unfortunately, I agree. I stumbled on this site a few years ago looking for Reds trade rumors, and would look forward to reading the comments and discussions in the morning and during my lunch break. Now I pretty much come for the article itself, and scroll through the comments looking for a few specific usernames.

      Side note, keep up the great work, Doug!

    • Wes

      There’s a large community in all fashions that enjoy commenting online. In regards to baseball- ESPN and MLB both shut down the commenting sections on their sites bc they were more concerned about being the pc police than clicks, but to be fair- it could get real nasty mlb (I don’t visit espn gossip site) Then the portion of those who are reds fans looking to comment go else where and end up here which created a flood in past few months. If I say something people don’t agree with or read something I don’t agree with- then that’s the right we all have to speak our minds freely and I’m grateful for that liberty as I have the liberty to ignore dumb comments from discouraged red fans. I love the comment section here and although it’s been deluted a bit of late- I’ll take that over not being able to comment every day.

    • The Duke

      It’ll pick up once there are games to talk about. Only so many ways to rehash the same arguments over the offseason.

    • Klugo

      My advice would be to not take any of this stuff too seriously. No one holding any weight at all within the Reds organization reads any of this; especially the players. So, really none of this matters. It’s entertainment and dialogue. We are all connected by our love for Reds baseball. Yet we are all different on so many levels. Take the good with the bad and learn to let it go.
      Go Reds!

  9. CP

    This isn’t big news on Senzel so far. Unless this causes him to miss more time its just a blip on the radar. As far as labeling the career of Senzel being injury prone, that is just a recency bias. He has struggled, like Doug said, the last 18 months to stay healthy, but before then he has been just fine. We need to have a larger scope of perspective for this guy’s health.

    I hope to see him manning CF again soon, including opening day at Cincy!!