Friday afternoon saw things go south on the scoreboard, quickly, for the Cincinnati Reds. They jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the top of the 1st, but Kansas City tied the game up in the bottom of the inning. Then they added four more runs over the next two innings. The Royals would go on to win the game 8-3. You can see the entire box score for the game right here.

Offensively the big contribution came from Jose Peraza, who went 1-3 with a 2-run home run. It was his first of the spring. Eugenio Suarez went 2-3 with a double. Phillip Ervin and Kyle Farmer also added doubles in the game.

On the mound things didn’t go well for Vladimir Gutierrez who allowed five runs on eight hits in 1.2 innings. Raisel Iglesias allowed a run in an inning of work. Jared Hughes, Ian Krol, Keury Mella, and Lucas Sims threw a shutout inning of relief each. Here’s how all of the minor leaguers performed on the day:

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  1. Doc

    How far into spring training do you get before you become concerned? While some MLB studs, Scherzer as one example, are looking to go 5-6 innings and 60 pitches in their next outing, our boys are managing a couple innings at most, and not doing very well at that.

    I guess Vlad Gut can now come down off the pedestal of performance in ST that people have put him on, and resume his place on the pedestal of potential!

    The further we get into the spring, the more things are looking like previous years: starters hurting, replacements getting pounded. Better keep hoping spring doesn’t mean anything.

    • Wes

      I’m concerned. Reds need a relevant rotation. Doesn’t have to be national quality though. That being said our ace hasn’t pitched and Castillo is getting shelled. Reds spent millions and millions to build fan interest to this point- id run best 5 starters out there even if it’s not Castillo or gray and start senzel day 1 in center. Do what u can to keep as many people watching as possible and hope you can string something together early.

      • Dollar Bill

        When is it time to get concerned about Votto? He is looking for walks again and not trying to do damage. He will soon start his first pitch switching . Several times this spring he has taken 2-1 pitches for a strike instead of trying to drive the ball.

      • Stock

        If you are going to play the 5 best ST pitchers then you should do the same for OF. Ervin, Schebler and Kemp become our starting trio. Senzel gets sent to the minors to save service time as does Winker. Puig becomes the #4 OF. Dietrich becomes the super sub we thought we had in Senzel. We need to keep Farmer as a 3rd catcher and great bench bat.

      • Stock

        We get concerned about Votto in May. ST rarely treats him well and April is not usually a great month for him either.

  2. MK

    I’m not real concerned about results yet but I am surprised about the shortness of the outings. I thought maybe the one inning thing was just the first time through. Back in the day the first outing was three, then 5 then 6, then as many as they can go. Maybe the problem with performance is running up the pitch count too much. New pitching coach, new philosophy or maybe they just need to cut some pitchers.

  3. Wes

    Jose Peraza is going into his age 25 season w 1382 career plate appearances to his credit. Nick Senzel is going into his age 24 season with 16 plate appearances. This is gonn Be perazas breakout year ! He’s the best player on red 25 and under. Better than Castillo or senzel or trammell. Get pumped up for him.

    • Stock

      Peraza has 1482 PA. But the reason I looked it up is because I didn’t understand where you got 16 at from Senzel. I would not count ST PA as total PA.

      I do agree every raves about Senzel and Castillo but no one looks at Peraza. I know Peraza does not take a walk but he does everything else well. Last year I felt Gennett was our most under-rated player. This year it is Peraza and Schebler. Last year Gennett kept Senzel in Louisville. This year Schebler will send Senzel back to Louisville and many of you will cry roster manipulation.

      • Mo Sanford

        Careful putting a Schebler mention under a Wes comment, especially if it has a positive spin.

      • wes

        I don’t hate on schebler half as bad as stock thinks Puig is irrelevant. But since you set me up Mo-

        Puig and Schebler are the same age. Puig has a career war of 18.6 vs 3.3 for schebler. All of Puigs stats are superior to Scheblers in every aspect. Puig is THE biggest acquisition in cincy since Junior came and if the Reds go anywhere this year it’ll be behind his bat (and improved rotation). He will be the biggest draw to GABP this year- more than votto or senzel or Gray and it won’t even be close. I would even venture to wager that Puig has sold more jerseys since coming to reds than schebler has since becoming a red.

        In a much more realistic comparison- maybe schebler is better than winker, but Jesse Winker has the ability to become one of the premier hitters in all of baseball and Reds won’t stall that potential for the likes of schebler. Scott Schebler won’t get a chance to be the player stock believes he can turn into. He had the past two seasons and it’s clear with the acquisitions and talk Schebler doesn’t have a significant role on this team.

        I don’t want the best 5 spring starters nor would I ever think to start 3 best outfielders if Puig isn’t one of them – I’m simply saying if Castillo is getting rocked everytime out its a poor choice to just give him a spot in rotation. Reds did a fantastic job this off season getting fans buzzing and need to start hot to keep fans interested. So if Mahle seems more likely to be that guy in rotation- let Castillo start in Louisville before he gets his act together.

    • MuddyCleats

      Dollar, I’ve always had the same concerns. No doubt, JV is a great guy, teammate and very good player. Likewise, NO one wants him swinging at trash getting himself out. However, a walk or base hit to LF once or twice a game is NOT worth 25M a yr! Too often Joey watches very hittable pitches in the K zone even w/ runners on base. Likewise, he watches too many 1st pitch strikes. Luv to see him be more aggressive in those situations, ambush some 1st FBs and do damage. Just don’t think that’s who he is which makes him the Reds salary elephant in the room IMO. Also hard to understand why a great player like Votto wouldn’t want to compete for a WS before he hangs it up. Just don’t see Reds ever being all in ??

      • MuddyCleats

        P.S. Nice game by B. Hamilton today. Wishing him the best, but I don’t think AL pitching will be kind to him ??

      • Hanawi

        Salary elephant in the room? Dude is #2 in OPS among active hitters, He finished 35th last year, only the 2nd time in the past 10 outside the top 10 and the first time outside the top 4 in the past 4 years. It constantly amazes me the hate that he gets from Reds fans. He is literally one of the top 3 Reds hitters of all time. Quite possibly the best ever.

        And even last year, a “down” year where he led the NL in OBP, he was the best defensive infielder on the team and finished 3rd on the team in WAR.

      • Stock

        I am with Hanawi on this one. I think Votto has 2/3 great years left. Followed by some good years. Votto has already earned his big contract. It is just that the Reds sucked in his prime.

      • Norwood Nate

        Agreed Hanawi. Don’t understand the hate he gets by some around these parts.

      • Dollar Bill

        Vottos OBP last season was almost higher than his slugging %. Not what I am looking for from a middle of the order 25 million dollar bill.

        Pretty sad when a guy like Peraza has more HR .

        Choking up like Felix Milan and crouching over like Pete is ridiculous. Joe thinks he is HOF bound on his OBP laurels.

      • Simon Cowell

        Votto is a very good player. Not a great player. In this generation, if you aren’t hitting 30 dingers annually you aren’t HOF material. Just the way it is. I’m not a fan of the long ball only approach to MLB but with the new rules that are being tried out it will only increase the likelihood of dinger or nothing mentality that has become the idea of modern-day baseball. Look at how they evaluate by position. Power is almost always a scouting factor. Votto will never have another 30 homer season. He will be lucky if he has another 20 plus. Good…. Not great.

      • Earmbrister

        Muddy/Simon: You’re nuts if you think that Votto is merely a good or very good player. He is worth every nickel of his contract and then some. A guy that is repeatedly in the running for MVP is not just a “very good” player.

    • Wes

      Votto does same thing every spring. ST is a time where all he does is see how many times he can walk. Nothing to worry about- just a little queer watching him since there’s never been another of his likes

      • Pokey Reese's Red Hot Bat

        I think he’s said previously that in spring training he likes to see as many pitches as possible to get his eye in.

        He’s not concerned about results in Spring Training but preparation.

  4. Oldtimer

    The Royals CF had a good game against the Reds. ST numbers don’t mean anything but he had a good day yesterday.

  5. Cguy

    Just got back from my first foray into Reds ST baseball. I saw the Wednesday & Thursday games. I was most impressed with Matt Kemp Wednesday. He’s in good shape & moved well in LF. He had a strong throw to get an assist. He also signed the most autographs prior to the game. I’d say that Matt Kemp deserves a better fate than to be the Reds 4th outfielder in 2019. Thursday’s game was with Seattle & Ichiro started in LF. Seattle fans love that guy. It’s a Rose/ Bench/ Morgan type of relationship. I’m glad I got to see him on the field. Goodyear is a great place to watch a baseball game in March.

  6. Dollar Bill

    When guys like Dave Parker can’t get in the HOF I am not sure Votto will have much of a chance. Besides OBP his numbers are nothing special especially if he continues to decline.

    • Doug Gray

      Joey Votto has already had a career that’s 50% more valuable than Dave Parker’s. And it’s not over yet.

      • Dollar Bill

        Parker has 1000 more hits and 600 more RBI and 150 SB . Not sure I can agree with you on 50% better production but I will try because I respect your opinion. Parker’s drug usage may have been a factor in not making it. But he did come clean and admit everything.

        I hope Votto makes it in he has always been one of my favorite Reds. I can’t help but feel he could have done more with his elite skills.

        I always felt like Dave Concepcion should have made it in.

        Can you tell me what Parker’s career WAR is please? I don’t know where to find that.

        Thanks for giving us a great forum and all the work you put in.

      • Doug Gray

        By WAR, Joey Votto’s sitting at 56 and Parker’s at 41. It’s not quite 50% more, but it’s almost there. Parker not being good enough, for long enough, is why he didn’t make it. He’s a Hall of Very Good, guy.

      • Simon Cowell

        WAR only is your measuring stick? If so I agree with you. Votto still needs to put up 2 or 3 more Great years otherwise he is not HOF bound. Sorry Doug, you are a Votto worshipper I get it. He’s been great for the Reds but compare him to the type of hitters that are elected and he isn’t it.

      • Doug Gray

        See, here’s the problem, Simon: You’re wrong.

        The average Hall of Fame 1st Baseman has a WAR of 57 for their career. That’s where Joey Votto is today. He’s going to retire well ahead of “Hall of Fame First Baseman” territory.

      • Platediscipline

        To realistically get to the HOF, JV is going to have to break new ground. Modern hitters have to get to 3000 hits. JV has no real chance for that. I’m betting it’s a no for him.

      • Doug Gray

        No, hitters from 20 years ago did. The voter pool is going to be very, very different in a decade when Joey Votto hits the ballot. He’s a lock, short of something crazy happening.

      • Krozley

        How about comparing Votto to Aaron, Dimaggio, and Ott, the three players he is tied with in all time OPS+ for 22nd all time. Yes, he will most likely drop a bit as he ages, but Votto only needs a few more seasons to pad the counting stats and he’ll be in.

      • Oldtimer

        Votto is 5th all-time in Reds WAR. Pinson is 8th all-time in Reds WAR. Votto will probably finish #1 all-time in Reds WAR when career is over.

    • Oldtimer

      Votto will make HOF. Not sure if first ballot or not but he is best Red since Barry Larkin. One of best Reds of my lifetime (born 1951).

    • Pokey Reese's Red Hot Bat

      Nothing special?

      His OBP numbers are 12th all-time.

    • Simon Cowell

      It sure isn’t looking good. So far the arms are disappointing. But hey Senzel is supposed to win all of the games for us though.

    • Wes

      If Keuchel was available- he would already be a red. He made it very clear cincy wasn’t his destination. To the tune I’m sure he’s gonna take 10s of millions less in guaranteed money to not be a red.

    • Simon Cowell

      How many homers does Votto have? that is the what HOF voters will be looking at. Not WAR and not slugging %. Homers, RBIs, Hitt, batting average. That is what voters will be looking t probably in that order. Walks and OBP are not what makes a HOF candidate.

      • Doug Gray

        Joey Votto’s going to be a Hall of Famer. This is only a debate in the minds of those who think baseball is still judged by 1973 standards.

      • Simon Cowell

        As usual, you are argumentative and talk down as if you know more than the rest of us. you are wrong. Baseball cares more about the long ball than they do the walk. Sports Writers are always going to consider 40 homers as the marker for a hall of fame first baseman. Walks and high OBP might be the signs of an excellent hitter (though no hitting is involved go figure) but it isn’t what the voting committee looks at. Sabermetric nerds that think stats are everything… Yes. But how many of those votes count towards the Hall? Does your opinion count more than the rest of ours?

      • Doug Gray

        The current generation of sports writers are the ones that are going to be voting on Joey Votto. They all understand that he’s an elite level player and aren’t looking at “the long ball”. The guys you are thinking about are not the sports writers who will be voting on Joey Votto.

        In this case, my opinion counts more than yours because it’s based on an actual understanding of the current crop of sports writers who will be voting on Joey Votto when he reaches the ballot in 12 years. We can see what they think by looking at the awards they vote on and what it is they actually care about.

      • Dollar Bill

        Jim Kaat 283 wins and didn’t make it in.

        Al Oliver 2700 hits Buckner 2700 hits , Pinson 2757 hits, Baines 2866 hits,

        Votto has 1729 hits right now

      • Oldtimer

        At the same point in their careers (11 full seasons and part of a 12th) Pinson and Votto were not comparable. Votto averaging over .300 (Pinson wasn’t) after 12 years. Votto MVP once (Pinson wasn’t). Votto 6-time All-Star (Pinson twice).

        I am all in favor of Pinson as possible HOF in future but Votto is very likely to be HOF when he retires.

    • Dollar Bill

      That means he is in the bottom 49%

      Sounds average to me

      • Michael Smith

        @dollar bill. Top 1% and 51st all time. Not sure whi I replied since you are trolling.

  7. Dollar Bill

    I read it wrong my bad. That is impressive for sure.

    • Michael Smith

      @dollarbill my apologies I assumed you were trolling.