The Cincinnati Reds got their 6th win of the spring earlier today, beating the Texas Rangers in spring training action by a score of 5-2. A 4-run 5th inning gave them all that they needed on the day. You can see the entire box score for the game right here.

For the second day in a row the Reds got strong starting pitching. While it doesn’t matter how guys put up stats during the spring, it certainly *feels* better when they perform well. Anthony DeSclafani got the start and allowed one run in 5.0 innings with seven strikeouts. Jared Hughes, Wandy Peralta, and Matt Wisler all tossed a shutout inning of relief each. Raisel Iglesias allowed a run in his inning of work.

At the plate Cincinnati got home runs from Tucker Barnhart and Phillip Ervin. Blake Trahan got things started ont he day, singling in the 2nd inning and driving in Scott Schebler. The Rangers tied the game up in the top of the 5th inning. The bottom of the inning didn’t go well for the Rangers. Ervin hit a 3-run homer to put the Reds ahead. That was his 5th homer of the spring. Barnhart would add a solo home run later in the inning. It was his 1st of the spring. Michael Lorenzen, center fielder, went 1-1.

Here’s how all of the minor leaguers performed on the day:

These guys are scheduled to pitch on Sunday for the Reds: Luis Castillo, Zach Duke, Matt Bowman, Jesus Reyes, and Ian Krol.

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  1. MK

    Nice to see Mile Gordon in action as he missed the last half of seconf half last season with a bad ankle.

  2. Bill

    Ervin continues to make a strong push for the 25-man roster. I’m beginning to think Winker may be the odd man out: coming off shoulder surgery, .188 OBP this spring. Winker may need more time to hone his swing.

    In CF, I’d give the edge to Schebler over Senzel (no walks so far in the small sample size). Perhaps an opening day OF with Kemp, Senzel and Puig and Ervin as the 4th OF.

    • Bill

      Meant to say perhaps an opening day OF with Kemp, Schebler and Puig and Ervin as the 4th OF.

    • Norwood Nate

      If Spring Training stats mattered, then Ervin would have one of the best cases to make the OD roster. Unfortunately for him, his fate was virtually sealed when we brought in Puig and Kemp, stated Senzel’s best bet was to make the team as an OF, and will likely go with a 13 man pitching staff. At this point it’s a numbers game, and he’s got options. Barring a trade of Kemp or an injury to an OF I don’t see Ervin getting much of a chance this season.

    • Dollar Bill

      I am thinking Ervin ahead of Winker too but that would make Bell contradict himself.

    • Big Ed

      I agree. You can learn something by a hot spring-training bat, because it is hard to fake hitting a bullet home run, but a cold spring means almost nothing. Winker had a .405 OBP last year, so they know he can play.

      • Reaganspad

        The Reds have enough tools in the outfield to start this year that we have to get over the Billy Hamilton type of thinking where he makes the team and plays cf regardless of what our eyes see. Wink looked great on the lead off home run a few weeks ago. But he is coming off injury and there is NO reason for this team to carry an injured player for 8 days versus having him on the 10 day DL for instance like we have done for the Dusty Price days.

        Kemp, Puig and Schebler are all ML players who are having great springs. Kemp was an all star last year, a story as good and as flawed as Scooter.

        Schebler has now walked 10 times with 2 strikeouts. No wonder he is hitting 400. That to me is the story of the spring. Everyone but Scott Schebler is saying that Senzel is going to beat him out for CF. but in my eyes Scott Schebler is starting in CF on opening day and through May at least given his past ML experience (30 HRs at the ML level) and the improved eye we are seeing this spring. Schebler looks like a 300 hitter, despite the weird posts that say he should be DFA’d. His box score in this game is Votto like.

        The other story of the spring is Anthony DiSclafani. No one is projecting improvement from either of them, but penciling in Senzel and Mahle. Right now, even as well as both of the kids are playing, they have not beat out the major leaguers who currently have those jobs

      • Wes

        Nice take Reagan. We are speculating on winker being hurt. He may just be in a slump too. He came out hot last year, cooled a ton, then lit it up before he got hurt.

        Disco was solid last year- hes era was just a little bloated. I always thought of him ahead of Roark and Castillo in rotation. Roark is very streaky. Hopefully this streak he’s on rolls into the reg season.

        Reds will never hold up progression of senzel in favor of Schebler but Schebler is going to save reds a season of senzel. Most value reds will likely ever get out of him. He will cool and senzel will start walking in AAA and they’ll swap sometime this spring.

      • Bill

        If it’s only a cold spring I agree. However, Winker is coming off shoulder surgery. I assume he is healthy, can’t imagine why he would be playing if he wasn’t healthy. Healthy doesn’t mean he’s refined his mechanics and timing to point where he is ready to play.

        For some contrast, Votto and Suarez are both pretty cold, too, but both are getting on base even while their averages are low.

        The depth acquired in the offseason gives the options to start the season. Ervin is not only hot right now, he played well all year last year aside from some defensive lapses. He’s been solid defensively this spring. Schebler has proven above average when healthy. I’m not trying to knock Senzel or Winker, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see both start the season at Louisville as it looks like there may be stronger options right now..

  3. jbonireland

    Still 11 days to go before opening day, some of the names discussed may not be here by then. There really are some tough decisions to be made. If Castillo lays another egg today I would have no problem with him starting in Louisville and Mahle getting his first couple of starts. The next 10 days should be interesting, especially for the relief corps. Wisler, Bowman, Peralta are all pitching well but who do you take off of the roster…..wonder if a significant trade could happen regarding one of the outfielders and say Hernandez or Iglesias? Just a thought.

  4. MK

    For now Mahle and Castillo will both be in the rotation with Wood on the DL. Let the first month determine how to move forward. If they both click maybe Wood goes to bullpen.

    • Wes

      Wood is the most consistent pitcher on this team and it’s by such a gap u can’t even put another starter in his company. His spot is secure in rotation when he’s ready. Only person ahead of him is gray and that’s only bc of contract commitment.

      I really hope wood is ready soon! Reds desperately need him to compete this year.

      • MK

        Except right now he can’t pitch because of a bad back. This is something he has fought before and those type injuries do not tend to get better with time. Best case scenario he is ready by mid May, as he will need at least a month of extended Spring Training. If Castillo and Mahle as well as the other three are being successful at that point I am not going to screw them up for a guy who is going to be around four more months.

  5. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Has Ervin been getting his dingers against quality pitchers? How much are hot spring numbers looked at in comparison to the quality of the pitching faced?

    • Simon Cowell

      Why don’t we use the same metrics during the regular season to determine a quality MLB season?
      A walk is a walk
      A dinger is a dinger
      doesn’t matter against who or when.

  6. Simon Cowell

    If spring training stats don’t matter then why do managers, players, and fans alike get excited when someone is ripping the cover off the ball in March? Why even bother having matchups at all if they don’t matter?
    The fact is that they do matter. It shows a players level of preparedness. It shows focus, health, and ability.
    I would much rather see the Reds winning in spring than losing. It gets the blood pumping and the fans amped for the season. If we were sporting a big fat ZERO in the win column or our best hitters were struggling to get their first hit, yeah I’d be hugely disappointed.

    It is particularly nice to see some of our pitchers coming around.

  7. Simon Cowell

    Castillo is being absolutely crushed during the spring. 12.46 ERA. How much further has the speed dropped on his fastball? The Reds wouldn’t be stupid by not starting him until he figures out how not be a human launch pad.
    Something is wrong with him. Not sure what but he isn’t ready. I wouldn’t be surprised if not only isn’t on the 25 man but makes his way to the DL

    • Cguy

      Puig was a monster at the plate today. That being said, if Schebler is playing right field in the 2nd inning the Indians probably score no more than 1 run off Castillo. Puig & Senzel let Santana have a “can of corn” double, then later in the same inning I believe Yasiel overthrew the cutoff man & allowed the eventual 3rd run to go to 2nd base on a single. Castillo continues to have problems maintaining his poise in the face of adversity.

  8. Adam

    Here is how I deduce to rotation will start: