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The Louisville Bats lost 7-4. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 8-6. Box Score

Game two of the scheduled double header was postponed.

The Daytona Tortugas lost 4-3. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons had their game suspended by rain in the second inning. It will be resumed in May when Lake County returns to Dayton – but the exact day in which that will happen has not yet been determined.

4/15 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 5-6 N/A 7:00pm Sims Here Here Here
Chattanooga 4-4 N/A 7:15pm Johnson Here Here Here
Daytona 4-7 N/A 6:30pm Lilly Here Here N/A
Dayton 3-7 N/A 7:00pm Heatherly Here Here Here

38 Responses

  1. Jim t

    I thought I’d throw this out there to see what you all think. We talk a lot about what the reds should do at the deadline. Here is a thought, I think we should make Votto available as well as others. Kemp, Wood, and Roark. Of course I’m hoping there is a market.

    Joey is still very good at getting on base but his power numbers are declining and his range in the field and foot speed on the bases are below average. My thought is to move Winker to 1st base. With Trammell looking like he will be ready sometime next year left field with his arm would be his best position. Senzel goes to cf and in two years India goes to 2nd. I think it’s improves our outfield defense and puts our next contending team on the field. Tyler Stenphesion May be our catcher

    Joey will always be one of my favorites but it’s always better to move someone a bit early then a bit late. It may already be a bit late. His power is gone and he plays a position that should be a guy who provides a little pop. I think we will have to eat some salary in any deal. I think this would imply us offensively and defensively. Schebler or Puig could be retained to play RF if Siri doesn’t step up.


      • Simon Cowell

        This x1000. He will probably never collect 3000 hits or 300 homers and yet we drool over him like he’s a god. He’s probably still the best Reds player and he is very, very good. But no he isn’t Paul Goldschmidt or Albert Pujols in his prime. He’s a sabermetrics Idol because of his high OBP against flailing pitchers and AAA teams such as the Marlins. I wouldn’t trade him though. I want him to retire a Red. I like Votto despite my above rant. He is the best Red of this generation. I hope that he truly retires as a Red instead of doing what Ichiro did. Once you have Yankee smell you always have Yankee smell.

      • Jum t

        I like Joey but all athletes go through this. In my mind it’s why owners are being so careful about the contracts being offered. Bad contracts with unproductive years at the end.

    • Wes

      Who’s to say they haven’t been shopping him in the past already ?

      I think he’s the perfect fit for Yankees and play him at first. Bat him before Stanton and judge and we might walk 200 times.

      That being said, mlb seems to be shunning teams who go above salary cap that requires you to pay double on those dollars. Reds will either eat most of his salary or get nothing in return. Or most likely if they trade w yanks they’ll eat his salary and get nothing in return

    • MK

      I wouldn’t mind seeing the move but and it is a big but, Joey has a no-trade clause in his contract and he says he will not waive it. He wants to end his career where it began. For whatever reason he wants a one-stop career. Reds are stuck

    • Oldtimer

      Sorry but no. Joey Votto is the best Reds hitter (by the numbers) of my lifetime (born 1951). Frank Robinson and Pete Rose are close. No other Reds hitter is. He should be a lifetime Red.

      • jim t

        Was born in 1953. Broke my heart when they traded Frank Robinson but in todays game and the financial parameters we are forced to operate in sentimentality is a potential recipe for lots of losing seasons.

      • Oldtimer

        Rose had some of his best seasons from age 35 to 40. So can Votto.

        F Robby was 20 yo rookie in 1956 and tailed off in mid 1970s but still very good at age 35 in 1971.

        Votto can do what Rose and Robinson did.

    • Biblo

      Why do you believe that this would improve us offensively? Votto was better offensively last year than Winker(837 OPS vs 836 OPS). Votto was better offensively than Puig last year(837 OPS vs 820 OPS and was better the previous 3 years). Votto was better offensively than Scott Schebler last year(837 OPS vs 777 OPS).

      Keep in mind, this was a down year for Votto(who is a year removed from an 1000 OPS season). Will he reach that height again? Probably not. But Votto has already started better than the other 3 major leaguers you mentioned(small sample size alert).

      As far as the other moves go, if Senzel can handle CF(and it appears the Reds think he can), then he should be there everyday. A future outfield of Winker/Senzel/Trammell is likely what is best for us going forward. I dont see Puig getting a contract.

      India being the 2B of the future also makes sense, although i wouldn’t be surprised if Scooter gets extended.

      • Jim t

        Your dreaming if you think Scooter is getting extended.

        As for the outfield Winker is not a good fielding outfielder. While Votto is a great player guys numbers go down as they get older not up. Winker will I,prove and Joey will regress. Just a fact of life.

    • Shawn

      He can’t be traded without his consent. He has been worth every penny we have paid him. He’s not going anywhere.

  2. Michael Smith

    Joey has full no trade clause with his 10-5 rights

    • Jim t

      Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t accept a trade. If not then we need to reduce his playing time. Are we going to sit or bury players in the minors to play a guy who’s greatest attribute is he walks a lot?

      • Big Ed

        JIm, where exactly would they trade him? Are there any rich, contending teams that need a first baseman or DH? I don’t really see one.

        The Reds are under water on the balance of the Votto contract. Even if Votto consented to a trade, I doubt any team would pay the full freight of his contract. The Reds would have to eat some of it, which I doubt they will.

        Stay tuned, though, because Votto has a knack for age-defying hot streaks.

      • Jim t

        Ed know doubt the reds would have to eat some salary but unless they are willing to trade young team controlled players they really don’t have any options. Winker is a bad fielding outfielder and Trammell’s best spot is left field. India can play 2nd and is a 1st round draft pick. We have jerked Senzel around enough.If they were willing to eat some salary I think it would still be tough to move him.

        In 2 years we are looking at

        Senzel. CF
        Trammell LF
        Schebler/Puig. RF
        India. 2B
        Peraza. SS
        Suarez. 3b
        Barnhart/Stephenson. C
        Winker. 1B

        That is not a batting order just how I see us in the field.

  3. Kap

    Keeping an eye on Alejo Lopez. He typically hits for a high average and gets on base, even if his power is down a bit. Could be an option at 2nd in the future. Anyone know how his defense is? Never seen him play

  4. Cguy

    You’re right Jim, it’s already a bit too late. Reds could have traded Votto a couple years ago & maybe got a return. Now it’d be about eating salary. Votto should continue to perform well vs rhp & be a good pinch hitter, but he’s probably not an everyday 1st baseman too much longer. Curt Casali hits lhp very well & started 6 games @ 1st base for the Reds last year. I say give him some starts vs lhp this year. Votto remains the face of this franchise & should remain with this team. Reds would have to eat most of the money anyway.

    • Shawn

      He will be an above average player for the rest of his contract. Probably not MVP level but above average.

    • Jonathan Linn

      +1 – I thought the same thing.

      Joey has over performed his contract by a long shot…

      • jim t

        Not arguing that point at all. He has been a great player for our team and earned his compensation. Compensation he will get regardless if he is a Cincinnati red or not.. Age as well as market value catches up to all of us. This isn’t about how much we love joey its about what is best going forward for the team. If we move Joey it opens up 1st base for Winker and LF for Trammel. This improves our team defense and I believe our offense.

  5. wes

    Bobsteve/Garrett/WandyP combined- 19.2 innings, 22K’s and gave up 3 earned runs. Nice start for 3 youngsters!

    • jim t

      I mentioned on another site yesterday it may be time to get Wandy and Bob/Steve some opportunities in higher leverage situations. As you pointed our all 3 have started the year very well.

      • Doc

        Their time will come. The season is young. Duke is working hard to open a spot for a reliever and Disco is working hard to give Wood a slot in the rotation. Never know what will happen in the next couple of weeks by the time Wood is ready to return but it already looks as though the situation is sorting itself out a bit.

        Yesterday is a good example why I like the proposed three hitter rule for relief pitchers. Garrett spent all that warmup time to throw one pitch. I have no sympathy for managers like this when they claim their bullpen is being over worked, and derive no enjoyment from that segment of the game. Either require a minimum number of batters faced or limit the roster to 11-12 pitchers.

      • Wes

        Wood was the most consistent player they acquired in the offseason. If he’s healthy- he’s a lock for rotation. Disco is competing and loosing to mahle for last spot.

  6. Brad

    I have said this seemingly all off-season, but this Reds season will come down to what the team does in July. They did enough to fake competitiveness with off-season additions. I think they overpaid for Sonny Gray in terms of Shed Long + Comp Balance A pick and I think they would re-think Tanner Roark acquisition if order of operations was different. That said, Gray has been good and Roark is necessary with Alex Wood hurt.

    Season comes down to what decisions are made around the value of:
    And the biggest to me…Iglesias

    I hope Reds can recoup some prospect talent similar to the Downs, Gray, Long losses of the off-season, save ~$17M. Iglesias value to me is crucial for next competitive window. Would the Braves trade 3 of their SP prospects – Anderson, Wentz, Muller for him? He has been consistently productive and on a relatively cheap contract for a multi-inning RP ace.

    • Stock

      I think the Gray trade is the best trade they made this off season. I am not sure what he has to do to make you think he provides more value than a utility player or super sub (Long) but a 2 ERA is a pretty good start.

      If the Reds could rewind a trade right now I think they choose the trade with the Dodgers.

      As it stands now: Bailey WAR +0.3
      Puig, Kemp, Wood WAR -1.0

      Plus Gray has been great for the Dodgers. Really hope he isn’t the piece they regret giving up.

      • Brad

        I don’t mind trading Long for Gray. Did not like including CB A draft pick.

  7. Stock

    Jim T.

    1. Why is Puig a better option than Votto? This really confuses me. He was a platoon player in LA. He has done nothing here. Puig would cost $15-$20 million a year (Minimum) if he puts up Votto stats this year. Once you eat $10 million of Votto’s contract it becomes more expensive to keep Puig.

    2. I like what India has done the past week but he is still hitting .200 with a 30% K% in A ball. Plus he is playing 3B in Daytona right now.

    • Hanawi

      Agree. Reds’ fans way, way overrate Puig. He would barely be playing for the Dodgers. I’d be surprised if he extended by the Reds. That whole trade was kind of a godsend for the Dodgers. They would have DFA’d Kemp. And Wood was their 6th starter. They basically ate a few million to get two really good prospects and clear space on their 40 man. I’m a broken record, but giving up Gray was just dumb. The Reds have almost no good pitching prospects in the low minors.

    • Wes

      Easy to love/hate Puig, but the talent is there. Outside of votto/suarez/Castillo- how many reds are of equal or greater talent than him ? He’s going to get some 550 more at bats this season and he’s still in the 3 hole. Plus he’s as streaky as they come. And when he was hot for dodgers- he was elite at times. Not saying I’d resign Puig at expense of votto but WAY to early to write him off.

      Wood statement is pretty crazy. He’s a career 3.3 era guy and 2 seasons ago he was sub 3 w 16 and 3 record. That puts him behind Kershaw in my book and that’s about it. He’s better than maeda, hill, and ryu and homer bailey. That being said- it’s certainly disappointing he hasn’t played all season. What happened from time of physical to start of camp ?? Did reds miss something ?? That’s more disappointing than trade. Got to give something to get something and reds got a ton of buzz for 2 prospects they gave up.

      • Hanawi

        The Wood statement is reality. He was behind Kershaw, Hill, Ryu, Maeda, and Buehler. They also have Urias and Stripling that can start. He was excess to their needs.

      • Stock

        I am between the two of you. At the time of the trade the clear #1 was Kershaw and the clear #2 was Buehler (since you didn’t mention him I am assuming you forgot about him). To put Wood above Buehler makes no sense to me. The clear #3 in my book is Ryu. Major injury problems (like Wood) but when he is healthy his 2 ERA from last year tells the story. Stripling would be #4 based upon talent and results but his ability to pitch in the BP made him #6 I think. Wood and Hill are toss-ups. If no trade happens they open at 4 and 5. But that is Hanawi’s point. By trading Wood their SP got better. Trading Puig and Kemp allowed them to sign Pollack so their OF got better. On top of that they get Gray.

    • Jim t

      It doesn’t have to be Puig. It could be Schebler or Siri. Joey has been a good player but his performance will slid. Just a fact of life.

      • Stock

        Point taken Jim, but if we are going to trade Votto because he is pretty much done who wants him. The Angels would trade Pujols in a heartbeat. But no team wants any part of him. It is kind of like where the Reds were with Phillips several years back.

        However, according to fangraphs Votto’s value last year ($28 million) exceeded his salary. I think he will earn his contract in 2 or 3 of his final 4 years.

  8. Jim Delaney

    If REDS are clearly out of division and wild card by mid-July then they need to move as many of the one year contracts they have on there books for prospects- all of Puig, Wood, Roark, Hernandez, Hughes, Gennett, etc. should be available. Dietrich, DeSclafani and Schebler should be available as well. The ownership group pushed the front office to try and be competitive this season, if they aren’t viable in mid-July they should BLOW it up.
    If they aren’t contending by mid-July though I expect the front office will be BLOWN up first and will be interesting who will be calling the shots if that happens. So first move would be to detonate DICK Williams and then BLOW up the roster.