The crew at Baseball America have released their latest mock draft. Their projected pick for the Cincinnati Reds has not changed. They still project the Reds to select TCU left-handed pitcher Nick Lodolo with the #7 overall selection.

The Reds have long been linked to the top pitcher in the draft. They’ve been linked to several other players in the past, too – including Vanderbilt outfielder JJ Bleday, right-handed pitcher Jackson Rutledge, catcher Shea Langeliers, Kentucky left-handed pitcher Zack Thompson, and Texas Tech third baseman Josh Jung.

But the mock draft this week at Baseball America throws two new names into the mix for the Reds as potential options in the first round.

They could decide between the top pitcher in the class or Bishop, and it sounds like the Reds like Nevada-Las Vegas shortstop Bryson Stott as well. This sounds like the earliest potential landing spot for Stott.

Bishop, is referencing Arizona State outfielder Hunter Bishop. He had a quality freshman season in 2017, but struggled as a sophomore as his OPS dropped nearly 100 points from the year prior, down to .759. But he’s taken a huge step forward in the power department as a junior. He’s hitting .354/.484/.792 with 13 doubles, 4 triples, and 19 home runs in 45 games played. He’s also stolen 11 bases and drawn 39 walks – more than he had in his career entering the season. But he’s also struck out 46 times, which is 20.6% on the season – and that should be a bit of a concern.

Bryson Stott, the shortstop out of UNLV, was also mentioned as an option. His college career has been a bit different from that of Hunter Bishop. Stott has an ok freshman season – hitting .294/.359/.379. But last year he started showing some pop, hitting 30 doubles, 3 triples, and 4 home runs while walking 32 times with just 18 strikeouts. His OPS jumped 260 points to .998. This season he’s taken another step forward in the power department. He’s currently hitting .362/.494/.638 with 17 doubles, 2 triples, and 10 home runs. His walk rate is up (19.9%), significantly. But so is his strikeout rate (14.4%).

The list of players that seem to be in play for the Reds at #7 keeps growing. That’s not terribly surprising given how this draft is playing out. It seems that after the top two picks, things get a bit more wide open. Still, Nick Lodolo seems to be who everyone feels the Reds are likely to select at this point. But there’s still nearly four weeks remaining. Performance, health, money – all of those things can still be factors.

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  1. Michael

    I’m biased, but I love Zack Thompson as a prospect. The injuries last year worry me but he’s been excellent for an awful Kentucky team this year. Maybe the injuries drop him and they can go overslot on him for their second pick.

  2. RobL

    Not surprising to see Lodolo going to the Reds so much. With their first round picks, they tend to go bpa with a high floor. Lodolo fits into that top 7 players of the draft. The next grouping would contain Stott, Bishop, and Matt Allan among others. Stott does seem like a Reds pick, and they could probably get him a little cheaper than Lodolo.

    For my two cents, I would target George Kirby RHP Elon. His scouting reports all seem excellent, but for whatever reason, he is forecasted to go in the late teens. The Reds could cut a good deal and save close to 1.4 million. It will be too hard to push a top high school player down to the second round due to all the teams with multiple picks ahead of the Reds. I would use the second pick on another college arm. One who starts, but has concerns about winding up in the pen. Then with the 3rd or fourth round pick, I would go overslot like they did with Siani last year. A player whose price tag is a little higher than their current talent, but has a lot of potential.

  3. donny

    I say a big NO on Zack Thompson, Shea Langeliers, George Kirby,

    For me it’s between these 5 guys
    JJ Bleday
    Jackson Rutledge
    Nick Lodolo
    Hunter Bishop
    Bryson Stott

  4. Dan

    I’m a huge fan of HS SS Gunnar Henderson, saw him at Wrigley and Petco last year, he is not a reach, and thus far this years college pitching crop not only lacks in stats but also pure “stuff”. I would go with a kid that’s already displaying multiple plus tools.

  5. Mort

    I am sold on Lodolo. With the other options that have been thrown around, he by far is what I would like to see us get.

  6. Shamrock

    Who will get their start for the MLB Reds first:
    Nick Lodolo
    Hunter Greene

  7. AP

    There is a ton of mention of Senzel’s father, Jeff; however, I haven’t read anything on his mother, of whom, I assume is not in his life.

  8. The Duke

    I like Stott. Good plate discipline, showing increased pop, is a good defender at a premium position in SS and most think he sticks there long term even with a larger 6’3″ body. That size gives him a little room to fill out too though, and I wouldn’t rule out 20 HR seasons.

    I’d list my current top 10 options for the Reds at 7 as:

    1. Adley Rutschman, C, Oregon State
    2. Bobby Witt Jr, SS, High School
    3. JJ Bleday, RF, Vanderbilt
    4. Riley Greene, LF, High School
    5. Andrew Vaughn, 1B, California
    6. Bryson Stott, SS, UNLV
    7. Matt Allen, RHP, High School
    8. Nick Lodolo, LHP, TCU
    9. CJ Abrams, SS, High School
    10. Hunter Bishop, CF, Arizona State

    • Fish

      Agreed, when you can get a good bat at SS who could stick at SS, thats a no brainer IMO.

  9. Cguy

    I’m hoping the Reds draft a college junior position player. Bleday(if he falls to #7), Stott, or even Langeliers. Reds have not done well drafting pitchers in the first round. Bleday or Stott could contribute to Reds team in 2021 or 2022. Langeliers by 2022/2023. Reds should still be in their window of contention.

    • Gilbert Keith Chesterton

      “Reds have not done well drafting pitchers in the first round.”

      Yeah, they aren’t exactly carrying a stellar track record in that department.

      Leake in 2009, Ron Robinson in 1980, and Gullett & Nolan back in the 1960’s.

  10. todd Rhodes

    I know a lot of things can happen – but is it out of the realm of possibilities that Andrew Vaughn falls to us at 7?

    • AirborneJayJay

      Man, if he is there at 7. Big if. This year with Votto in a huge slow start, if the Reds took a top hitting college 1B/DH only player in the top-7 of the first round of the draft, does that tell you how close the Reds think Votto is to the end of his run? Two years maybe? Assuming that the Reds publicly don’t think Votto is nearing the end yet. It would be an interesting situation to watch unfold.
      Myself, I am gravitating to Riley Greene. But he keeps inching up the board. In the #3-#5 range for some mocks. Lodolo has promise.
      The first 2 picks look like a consensus. It depends on what the White Sox do at #3 that could send the draft going any number of directions, which will affect the Reds at #7. They’ve done the college hitter thing the last few drafts, so they could go college pitcher and take Lodolo which then upends what many thought would be the Reds pick. Watch out if Lodolo goes on a blistering streak through the Big-12 tournament and the regionals and super-regionals. Then comes the Marlins at 4, Tigers at 5 and Padres at 6 before the Reds. There won’t be much movement of players in the top 4 of the draft, but there will be lots of movement from the #5 through #12 spots all the way up to the draft. No way of knowing who might be there for the taking at #7.
      Hopefully this is the last top-10 draft pick for a lot of years. They really have to make this one count.

  11. Brad

    I am hoping for someone to fall or take College SS Logan Davidson under slot. Every year it seems like a position player gets overscouted and falls. I think that is Davidson this year.