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The Louisville Bats won 2-0, lost 5-0 in a double header.

Game 1: 2-0 win. Box Score

Game 2: 5-0 loss. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 7-6. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 8-4. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons lost 8-3. Box Score

5/16 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 17-22 N/A 6:35pm Gutierrez Here Here Here
Chattanooga 21-17 N/A 7:35pm Moss Here Here Here
Daytona 20-18 N/A 6:30pm Orewiler Here Here N/A
Dayton 13-25 N/A 7:05pm Marinan Here Here Here

40 Responses

  1. Mustang John

    My goodness gracious what is happening to these Reds. I’ve been a fan since 1970 but this is getting ridiculous.

    • Cguy

      What’s happening to these Reds is that they’ve become competitive. A year ago the Cubbies came to town and took 3 of 4 from the Reds. The combined score was Reds 7 , Cubs 28. So far this series, Reds are right with the Cubs(who are arguably playing the best baseball in the NL). Tomorrow the Reds send their ace out to try to take the series. Mind you I said the Reds are competitive, but not yet playing winning baseball. They have yet to get over that hump.

      • Patrick

        Last year the Reds had a winning record at home vs the CUBS

    • kevinz

      If they could hit much better on the road. This team could be close to 1st place. If the Pitching Holds up, Reds could make a nice Run. Mayb 2nd in Divsion. Big if but Possible.

  2. kevinz

    Glad India making me Eat my Words.
    Nice to see Siani with a good Game.
    Fairchild needs many Games like this, to make me forget passing on Waters.

    • SaveTheFarm

      I never knew why people were so down on India after half a season of rookie ball. He went from college to Greenville, to Billings, to Dayton. He was probably exhausted both physically and mentally. You can’t rack up the numbers like he did in college and totally forget how to play baseball in 3 months.

      • kevinz

        I was down on him only because was worried. He had one Great year in College. I was expecting him to start like Senzel did. Each player different though.

    • Puig66

      I was interested in Waters as well before the draft and was disappointed when the Reds took Fairchild instead. I hope he proves me wrong but I still believe Waters would have been the better pick.

      • donny

        FYI @Puig66 and @kevinz it wasn’t Fairchild that the reds drafted instead of Waters . It was Jeter Downs.

      • kevinz

        Thanks Donnie i always mess that up lol i just wanted Waters badly

      • kevinz

        Like to add Reds picked Downs at 32 in that 2017 draft. Then Picked Fairchild at 38. Waters went 42. So i guess not really wrong lol

      • donny

        Yes , you’re right . I thought Fairchild was at 48. LOL

  3. SteveO

    Looks like Byrne back to the pen for good. Starting experiment doesn’t work, but at least they gave it a try. Now, he should be able to move up the system faster. Powers deserves a shot in Louisville. Gutierrez better as a reliever I think. Any word on Finnegan getting out of EST soon?

  4. Wes

    Had a little girl today. She’s 1-0 life time as a reds fan!

    Nice win by reds tonight. The major league team needs to keep adding talent vs subtracting. Puig is good for reds. Keep this core together and keep adding talent to it vs subtracting at deadline for players who may never even play in majors

    • Bob Anderson

      Puig is gone in July, could really care less about him

      • Shawn

        Wow Bob, that’s a rough take. If we were to rip off 8 out of 10 would you feel the same. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Puig. By the way, I love America, so I totally understand and respect your rough take.

      • kevinz

        I agree. If reds resign someone i hope its Dietrich . Both he and Puig closer to 30 than not. Call me Crazy but I rather play Peraza at 2nd. Then DD plays RF.

    • Shawn

      Have to trade 1 year rentals if you ain’t going to resign them. adds talent that can either help you next year or trade for players that can. Silly to add players at the deadline if you don’t have a good chance of making the playoffs. I don’t mean 6 games out with 4 teams between you and the last spot.

      • Wes

        Reds are under salary budget still. So if u add controllable talent- that makes sense even if ur out of playoff race.

        You keep the guys in hopes you can resign em. If u can’t then u can offer puig arbitration and maybe wood if he comes back healthy and productive. Yeah you over pay but highly unlikely either of them turn down 17-20 million to play next season seeing where salaries are at. Better option than trading a guy for a fringe top 10 organizational prospect who’s probability of making it to bigs as a productive starter is less than 5 percent.

    • MK

      Congratulations. Put the cigars in the mail. Agree with you Puig has had a very positive effect on the team and looking forward to his bat heating up with the weather.

      Chris Okey is quietly having a nice offensive season so far. Think he should be over .280 now. Need to be some big catching roster decisions this fall as I think Okey and Stephenson will need to be added to 40-man. With Farmer, Barnhart and Casali that would be 5 of the 40.

      • Matthew O'Neal

        Thinking about additions and rule 5 draft are always one of my favorite end of season/off season debate topic. That said, I don’t think Okey warrants a 40 man spot, unless there happens to be an extra one.

      • reds

        Okey is hitting .281 after only 9 games in AA, small sample

    • Ryan

      Congrats Wes. Hopefully she brings some much needed good luck for our Redlegs!!

    • Michael Smith

      Congrats Wes!!! Girls are the best until boys enter the equation

    • Stock

      Congrats Wes!!!

      Make sure she stays a Reds fan.

    • Jonathan Linn

      Congrats! My baby girl is due June 29!! :)

    • Shawn

      Congratulations. My little girl is 5 months old and it is special. Enjoy every minute, they grow so fast.

    • Wes

      Thx for all the love reds fam !

      MK- love the name! If we have one more and it’s a girl- it’ll make the short list. This one is Sullivan (Sully) Geneva Fust

  5. icehole3

    Loved Joe Morgan’s take on the Reds last night. Said Votto’s problems are mental takes to many strikes right down the pipe. Said the cold played a big part early.

    • MK

      I always wonder why it seems the cold only bothers the Reds.

    • Jim M

      Its not just cold,. his batting stance is nothing like it use to be. To much lower in the stance, his hands are to low and he looks lost. Look at a youtube video of him batting ag Cueto May 2016 see attached

      He is more fluid in his swing and look at his hands.. higher than he is now which is awful by the way..he is crouched down, his hands are lower now.. He needs to go back to the batting stance from 2016 in this video on YouTube.

  6. The Duke

    Both players in their age 22 seasons
    Nick Senzel in 62 games in Daytona: .304/.371/.476/.847
    Jonathan India in 36 games in Daytona: .276/.370/.485/.855

    If India stays hot and gets his average closer to .300, then he’s going to outstrip what Senzel did in Dayton by a good chunk. Definitely showing the plate discipline and power. India just had that ice cold start, but has been pretty dang good since then.

    • donny

      You mean Daytona ! India might outstrip what Senzel did in ”Daytona” by a good chunk.

  7. Cguy

    Nice to see Scott Schebler finally have a good day with 3 hits & a couple walks.

  8. MK

    Dragons have a weird roster tonight as they have demoted infielders Bren Spillane, Jonathon Willems and Dylan Harris and bring up outfielders Zeke White and Brian Rey. Leaves them with three infielders, three catchers and six outfielders. I imagine Shard Munroe will play a lot of first.