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The Louisville Bats won 7-3. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 5-4. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 5-4 in 10 innings. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons lost 8-4. Box Score

5/20 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 18-25 N/A OFF OFF Here Here Here
Chattanooga 21-21 N/A 7:35pm Santillan Here Here Here
Daytona 23-19 N/A 5:30pm Naughton/TBA Here Here N/A
Dayton 14-28 N/A 7:00pm De Jesus Here Here Here

22 Responses

  1. MK

    Dragons are home again Monday. I can not remember a season when I have been less interested going to a game.

    • Ryan

      They are shamefully bad this year. Its not like they are the Bakersfield Blaze, drawing 600 fans a night. 4 straight top 10 draft pools and a 3rd rookie team to boot.

      Position player wise they are at least intriguing but outside of Lyon Richardson and maybe Diaz they have zero pitching. Once again shame on the org and i couldn’t blame the season ticket holders for being upset with the lack of talent on that roster.

    • RojoBenjy

      At least you won’t have to watch Jeter Downs take plays off anymore.

      • MK

        Jeter was just so self absorbed. Here is an example, our Booster group would provide the team a meal whenever they went on a road trip. We also provided some healthy snacks to take with them. One of our members is quite a baker who made some sort of flavored bread (pumpkin bread or something like that) Jeter came through the line and there were several pieces left. One team member had peanut allergies and this was the only baked good with no peanuts. Jeter was informed of this and that his teammate had not come through yet. He said I love this and a picked up all the pieces left and put them in his bag. After that we had to hide some for the peanut allergy kid to be sure he got some.

      • RojoBenjy

        MK- I always gathered as much from your tactful comments in the past.

        Reds were wise to let him be someone else’s problem.

  2. kevinz

    keeping fingers crossed that India is Okay. HBP’s must be catching up .
    I was Hoping too see him and Garcia play together for a Longer Period of time.
    Both are like 1st rd picks to me talent wise. Both very Important to the future.
    Greene getting Hurt has me Following rooting for Garcia like The Reds 2017 1st rd Pick.

    • Ryan

      Touching base on the HBP, it shocks me that not every single ML ballplayer isnt “armoured” up these days. Minor leaguers at least have the excuse of maybe not being able to afford the equipment(bad excuse Reds, MLB). Your going to see someone throwing 95+ every day, and it only takes 1 bad pitch to break something.

      • MK

        All the equipment they want, especially safety equipment, is provided, except shoes and gloves. Most in fact have agents that get them the shoes and gloves. I am sure there are some marginal prospects who do not have these resources. The only one I ever knew that bought his own shoes was Sammy Diaz. He lived with us and went to MC Sporting Goods to buy shoes. The plus for him was he started dating the shoe girl.

      • Michael Smith

        @ryan I wish I could put a GIF of the Mountain up on this site. That is how much protection I would wear against any Pirates team.

      • Ryan

        Thanks for the info MK. Thought they had to provide their own equipment but I am glad i was wrong.

  3. Cguy

    Unfortunately it looks like Puig could be bound for the IL list today or tomorrow. I’m hoping that Aquino gets the call-up in that case. I don’t think Schebler is quite ready yet. O’ Grady, Longhi, Refsnyder, & Colon are all hitting the ball in Louisville, but Aquino offers the best speed & defense in rf along with a hot bat. How about them concrete exposed walls with nice sharp corners at GABP? I hate to nitpick, but facilities engineering is a little more advanced than that isn’t it?

    • RojoBenjy

      Aquino is not on the 40 player roster. They’d have to make a move to put him on it. Zack Duke, anyone? Lol

      It does seem odd to have concrete exposed, but on the other hand, I wonder if any right fielder from not just Reds but any opponent has been able to get up and over like that in order to expose himself to it? Yas had some respectable air under him on that one.

      I think Sheldon reported that it was his right shoulder that he landed on that ended up injured anyway.

    • MK

      Since it is an injury Van Meter can return before his 10 days are up.

  4. Norwood Nate

    The 4-A All-Stars at Louisville are fun to follow. Dudes are crushing the ball.

    • jbonireland

      I wonder if the major league baseball could be part of the answer. I don’t remember former Louisville teams hitting this many homer runs.

      • Doug Gray

        Of course it’s a part of the answer. Every team in Triple-A is hitting more homers than every before. Things are getting WILD in Triple-A. You really have to feel bad for a few teams pitchers in the PCL….

  5. MK

    There is always discussion about how PEDs have tarnished long held records. But what about equipping. How many home runs would Ruth have hit with the modern ball?

    • Doug Gray

      How many fewer would he have hit if he had to play against the best competition rather than just the best white guys born on the east side of the Mississippi River?

      • Mjc

        He would have averaged about twice as many hrs per season as the guy who came in second place. Just as he done when he played.

      • Doug Gray

        We’ll never know, but increased competition certainly would have lowered his numbers, and there were almost certainly some guys who weren’t allowed to play who would have put up some challenges in offensive categories along the way. Josh Gibson waves hi from 1930 on, in particular.

      • RojoBenjy

        I suspect Ruth never saw a fastball at 95-100 mph.

        Wouldn’t have been able to even get his lumber off his shoulder before the ball was past him.

        Doug- ever been to the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City? I agree some of the most fantastic baseball players never saw MLB.