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The Cincinnati Reds hold the 7th overall pick in the 2019 Major League Baseball Draft. It will start on June 3rd and run through June 5th. Today we will take a look at the infielders who could be potential targets for the Reds in the first round. Last week we covered the starting pitchers, which you can read all about here. You can read all about the top five players in the infielders group, which we covered on Friday, here.

How is this group?

It’s a pretty strong group, with the top four prospects in the draft all playing on the infield. Behind them is plenty of depth in that middle-first-round talent range, too.

The Rankings

Earlier in May I went through the rankings for several national publications and averaged out their rankings to give an “overall” ranking for the Top 30 players in the draft. Here’s how the rankings lined up for the infielders, with their overall ranking in parenthesis:

  1. Adley Rutschman – C (1)
  2. Andrew Vaughn – 1B (2)
  3. Bobby Witt Jr. – SS (3)
  4. C.J. Abrams – SS (4)
  5. Bryson Stott – SS (10)
  6. Josh Jung – 3B (13)
  7. Michael Busch – 1B (15)
  8. Will Wilson – 2B (16)
  9. Shea Langeliers – C (17)
  10. Brett Baty – 3B (18)

That’s the extent of infielders in the Top 20. There’s 10 of them, with an even split among those within and outside of the Top 10. Today we are going to look at the guys ranked 6-10 within that top 10.

Josh Jung Scouting Report

The 6′ 2″ and 215-pound third baseman out of Texas Tech is having an outstanding junior season. Josh Jung has come out and basically repeated the season he had as a sophomore. He’s hitting .355/.491/.634 on the season through 46 games played. That’s come with 19 doubles, a triple, 9 home runs, 45 walks, and he’s struck out 31 times.

The bat is the selling point for Josh Jung. He’s got an above-average hit tool and above-average power potential. His walk rate, and his strikeout rate, are both up this season as a junior, though he’s still making plenty of contact. Where the concerns come with Jung is whether he can stick at third base or if he’ll wind up moving over to first base. Some believe he can remain at third thanks to a very strong arm and enough athleticism to make it work. Others are less sure about that and think it’s more likely he ultimately winds up at first base sooner rather than later.

Michael Busch Scouting Report

The 6′ 0″ and 207-pounder has watched his stock take a step back this spring a little bit. The power for Michael Busch is up as a junior for North Carolina, but he’s hitting .285/.447/.543 with 50 walks and 34 strikeouts in 51 games played.

The selling point has been the bat, but he’s not exactly lighting the college world on fire right now, either. His hit-tool grades out as potentially above-average, but isn’t showing much of that right now. The power grades out as above-average to plus in the future. There are concerns that he’s not too athletic, and is going to be limited to first base defensively, though he could potentially play in the corner outfield.

Will Wilson Scouting Report

The 5′ 11″ and 175-pound infielder for North Carolina State has taken a step forward each of his three seasons in the ACC. Last year he posted a .964 OPS for the Wolfpack. This year as a junior he’s taken things to the next level. Through 46 games played he’s hitting .337/.420/.674 with 26 walks and 39 strikeouts. The power is up, as are the walks and strikeouts.

None of the tools for Will Wilson jump out at you, but none of them are really below-average, either. He’s played some shortstop in college, but pretty much everyone believe he’s going to be a future second baseman in the professional ranks. The fact that he’s struck out more than he’s walked as a junior is a concern, particularly when you also consider that there’s seemingly a high upside leaves some concern with the selection of a second base prospect in the first round.

Shea Langeliers Scouting Report

When the season began, Shea Langeliers was in the top 10 of every draft ranking around. But early in the season he broke his hamate bone and missed a lot of time in the spring. The 6′ 0″ and 190-pound catcher has returned to the field since then, but his stats haven’t jumped off of the page. In 35 games played he’s hit .318/.388/.493 for Baylor. That’s come with 6 doubles, a triple, and 6 home runs, along with 15 walks and 23 strikeouts.

It’s never been the bat that was the selling card for Shea Langeliers. With that said, it’s not that he’s perceived to have a weak bat. His hit-tool and power both grade out as future average, which as a catcher would stand out. It’s the defense behind the plate that has been the calling card for Langeliers, where he’s got a plus arm and above-average to plus defense.

Brett Baty Scouting Report

The only high schooler on this portion of the list, Brett Baty is a third baseman who hits from the left side. The 6′ 3″ and 210-pounder is already 19-years-old, so he’s on the old side for his class. He will turn 20 in November.

He’s a good athlete who has a very interesting that that is the selling point on him. While he’s a college-aged hitter feasting on younger high school pitchers, his hit tool grades out as future above-average and his power is on the plus to plus-plus side of things. There’s some risk in that he’s not exactly facing quality pitching while doing what he’s been doing, but that’s built in for just about every high school hitter in the country. Defensively he’s at third base for now and he’s got a chance to stick there, but there is some concern that he’ll eventually have to move over to first base if he doesn’t take care of his body. His arm plays very well at third, and would be wasted for the most part if he had to transition across the diamond.

For the Cincinnati Reds

Including the previous five players along with this group, the Reds have been linked to several of them. While they’d love to see a guy like Adley Rutschman fall to them, there’s almost no way that’s going to happen. They’ve been said to like guys like Bobby Witt Jr., Andrew Vaughn, Hunter Bishop, and CJ. Abrams. There’s been rumors of a possible selection of Shea Langliers as a possible underslot signing that lets them spend more later in the draft. And in early April there were links to Josh Jung, though those rumors have faded a bit the deeper into the college season things have gotten. It seems that much of the information is that the Reds don’t expect any of the top 5 guys to be on the board for them, but if they are, whoever it was would be their pick.

9 Responses

  1. kevinz

    Jung From the reports here hope reds choose him. I like the chances of a college 3rd baseman making the show. Plus more Power needed in the system.
    Also like HS SS Henderson. He is 17 so feel like his upside is really high. I like Wyatt as well. Louisville has been producing hitters. So I like his chances . 3rd base college players have a High Rate of making the Bigs.
    The Big guys who might be 1st Baseman have a high Rate of making it as well.
    If they can Rake take them. Find a spot where to play them later.

      • kevinz

        Possible that kinda where was going with it. Also usually fastest to the Bigs. Less chance of a bust. I wish Vaughn would drop lol.

  2. MK

    I have watched Jung play on television. Wasn’t overly impressed and he was coming back ftom an injury. After watching the bottom levels minor league pitching the last couple years they need that worse than another third baseman.

    • kevinz

      I agree need Pitching. I just rather trade for it. Reds stink at developing it. Let other teams develop the Pitching. Grab as many Pure Bats as you can. Flip some for Pitching.

      • kevinz

        I see why the Reds Drafted Greene. They signed Garcia too so that makes sense.

    • terry m

      What about all of those international arms you posted about the other Day ? Except for Salinas as he was drafted in 2018 !!

      Take the best player available period…

  3. The Duke

    Unless one of these 6-10 ranked infielders fall to our 2nd round pick, I don’t want to see them. I get any wariness of us going after HS arms as well as the Reds just don’t seem to be that good at developing them. A polished college guy? Yeah, that might be worth a pick. HS hitter? We have some success stories with those so i’m game, and who doesn’t love a polished college bat with upside? My ever changing at the moment top 10 prospects for the Reds are:

    1. Adley Rutschman, C, Oregon State
    2. Bobby Witt Jr, SS, High School
    3. JJ Bleday, RF, Vanderbilt
    4. Andrew Vaughn, 1B, Cal
    5. Riley Greene, LF, High School
    6. Bryson Stott, SS, UNLV
    7. Nick Lodolo, LHP, TCU
    8. Gunnar Henderson, SS, High School
    9. Hunter Bishop, CF, Arizona State
    10. CJ Abrams, SS, High School

  4. haven

    Fun fact the reds have only taken two college pitchers with their top pick since 2000, Mike leake and Nick Howard. I really think the farm needs more arms, I know you don’t pick for need but I think Lodolo really provides bpa with need.