On Wednesday night Chris Okey began the game with zero home runs on the season. The catcher began the season in Louisville, but he was sent back to Double-A after the first two weeks of the season. In the month with Chattanooga he had only played in 10 games. He had hit when he played, but wasn’t getting much action. Wednesday was his first game since the 18th and he made sure this one counted.

In the 2nd inning he came to the plate with Gavin LaValley on first and took a 1-0 pitch and crushed it to left field for his first home run of the year. The next time he came to the plate was a similar situation. LaValley, who singled earlier, was on base once again, and Okey again got ahead 1-0 in the count and crushed a 2-run homer to left field. The next inning he came back to the plate. Mitch Nay and Gavin LaValley were both on, and with the Lookouts down 6-4, Okey took an 0-1 pitch and gave Chattanooga the 7-6 lead with his third homer of the game – this time to left center.

The big game pushed Chris Okey’s line with Chattanooga to .316/.395/.658 through his 11 games played. It was his first multi-homer game in his career. More interesting was that May is now only the second month of his career, dating back to when he was drafted in 2016, where he had more than 2 home runs in a month. He hit 6 in July of 2016 with the Dayton Dragons.


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  1. cinvenfan

    If only he develops that bat it would be huge to the Reds as only him and T Steve are considered real prospects behind the plate.

  2. donny

    I am concerned about J.Votto, but most concerned on how the reds will handle the situation if the Votto era is coming to a end and it is what it is today. Bob. C is not a guy that i have a whole lot of confidence in when it comes to understanding baseball and situations based on past experience. He’s a guy who thinks individual players are what puts fans in the seats. When we all know winning is what put fans in the seats. I just don’t want to see the reds do or go through what the Angels have gone through with A. Pujols over the last 4 or more years. This today, is my biggest concern. No matter how you look at it , it will always affect the players knowing that the best players and team is not on the field. So if this is the Votto today, then the reds need to consider making him a bench player for club house support. ” I mean how more obvious does it need to be ”. Before the situation is put into consideration.

    To me it don’t matter if Votto might be the best hitter in reds history. Winning baseball is not about the past or what a guy has done in the past, but what is today.

    • John C.

      My personal feeling is that if this continues for Votto, he will walk away from his contract. He has too much pride to be embarrassed.

      • jon

        Joey has said this in the past .He won’t stick around if he’s not playing up to his standards.But it’s on may and he still has time to turn it around….i think.

      • MK

        He is not going to leave $75 million or whatever it is on the table.

      • MK

        Therebare three First round picks that have not thrown a pitch in a game yet. Traviesp, Howard and Crawford. I wonder if the Reds medical and training people are as great as we are told they are. Add Baileynto that 1st round list and that is a lot of talent that just could not get sound physically and had continual set backs trying to recover.

      • Oldtimer

        Johnny Bench walked away at age 35 in 1983. His numbers from 1968 to 1980 were superlative (13 straight ASG appearances). Halfway decent in 1981 then a shell of his former greatness in 1982 and 83. Time to go and he did.

        Votto deserves longer than 1/3 of this year to right his ship at age 35.

        Edd Roush is the best Reds hitter ever (my opinion).

  3. Matthew O'Neal

    In other news, I saw on twitter that Nick Travieso is throwing again. So, that’s a great thing to see in Reds land!

    • Jon

      Boy the reds drafting has been horrendous. Just cut 2014 2nd rd. pick.

      • Doug Gray

        There’s a difference between bad drafting, and bad luck where guys get hurt (Travieso, Howard).

      • kevinz

        I agree Join . The reason I agree is the Product on the field.
        Plus the better teams seem to find better players after Reds Pick.
        Also seems the More Hyped Reds Prospect gets outperformed , by lower Ranked Prospects from the better teams.
        Scout Reds stop following Mayo etc the so called Experts.

  4. kevinz

    Now i will say on paper they have been better since 2015. Most just hard to tell at this point. Most are from High school or just recent college draft picks.
    I just get bummed out when i see the better teams getting the better players.

    • Puig66

      An example of another team getting a better player is the Braves drafting Drew Waters after the Reds drafted Fairchild. When the Reds drafted him I really wanted Waters so no hindsight on this pick for me.

      • kevinz

        Same here Puig. By taking Downs out of HS, Reds missed out on waters from HS. Frustrating seeing other teams Prospects Light it up right away.
        I get they could all fall off, it is early. I hate seeing Riley, chalvis etc. all doing better than Our King Senzel.
        Based Off of History and the Reds Luck, Senzel will be more Swanson then Bregman.
        Now i hope i am Wrong, it is just the thoughts i have when a Reds Prospect gets Hyped up.

      • Puig66

        Kevinz, I will go hindsight on this one. In 2017 I was torn between Greene and Gore. Guess we will see what happens down the road.

        At #7 this year I would love to have either Abrams, Bleday or Lodolo. Kevinz your thoughts?

      • kevinz

        I do not trust the Reds taking an Pitcher Early.
        I prefer Bishop here is why after more Digging around. He is Young for a college bat at 20. He has the feel to hit like his Brother but with Power.
        He worked Hard changed his swing stance etc. Shows his work ethic.
        I would be happy with Bleday I would not be against it. He is Sec bat like reds have Picked before .
        If take a HS bat rather Take Henderson since is 17 as a HS Bat. So see more upside there.
        The older HS bats scare me since beating up on Younger HS players.