If it feels like I’m repeating myself, that’s because I almost am. Another day and another Cincinnati Reds prospect has hit multiple home runs in a game for the Louisville Bats. On Sunday afternoon it was Aristides Aquino’s turn to do it. The outfielder hit his 7th and 8th home runs of the season for Louisville in Sunday’s game against the Norfolk Tides.


There have been more than a few multi-homer games for Louisville this season. And even in the last week there’s been more than a few. On May 27th Brian O’Grady hit two against Toledo. On May 29th Phillip Ervin hit two against Durham. On May 30th Ervin hit two more against Durham. On June 1st it was Nick Longhi who hit two home runs against Norfolk. Five games with a Louisville player hitting two home runs in a game within the span of a week.

For Aristides Aquino, Sunday’s outburst pushed his season total to eight home runs. When looking at the league leaders, that doesn’t seem like much – but Aquino missed a month of the season with a shoulder injury. He’s also racked up seven doubles – giving him 15 extra-base hits in just 29 games. He’s currently hitting .330/.379/.623 on the season.

Miguel Hernandez hits his first homer of the year

It’s been quite a while since Miguel Hernandez last homered. In 2018 he spent almost his entire season in Greeneville, with a late call up to join the Billings Mustangs in the final week of the season. That season he had two home runs with the last coming on August 16th. Entering Sunday he hadn’t homered for Dayton on the year. He was the only hitter with more than 27 at-bats to not have homered for the Dragons. He was leading the team with 172. That all changed in the 4th inning when he went deep to right-center for a 3-run homer.


One thing that’s been interesting this season with Hernandez is that I feel like the ball has carried a bit more off of the bat than I’ve expected. That sounds like a strange statement given that he had not homered yet this season until Sunday, I know, but he’s hit more than a few balls that off of the bat seemed routine, only to make it to the warning track over the outfielders head. While he’s probably not ever going to be a power hitter, as his body matures and he gets stronger, some more over-the-fence power is going to start showing up.

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  1. wizeman

    Thanks for this Doug. It seems to me that while the starting pitching other than Sims at Louisville is thin…. the outfield has components that could help if Puig is dealt.
    Have to banish from memory Scheblers horrible early part of this season… yet Ervin and Aquino seem pretty solid pieces.
    Aquinos strikeout rate is down although in a smaller sample size….
    I realize that I have probably heard this before but is there a comparison between their defensive abilities? Does Aquino compare with Puig defensively?
    Thanks in advance

  2. RojoBenjy

    I hope the Reds are past putting hope in a marginal player’s past performance, sitting around hoping that he gets back to a performance he’s only had for half of one season.

  3. Wes

    We should start a pool and bid off every starter in Louisville daily. Whenever a bat hits two homers in a game the pool pays out. Until then it rolls over and new bidding daily.

  4. cinvenfan

    The Dodgers trade is not developing as expected. But I don’t blame the FO but the players (Puig) and bad luck (Woods). I’d still do it without the benefit of hindsight.

    Now, it’s clear Puig’s value is down so the return will not be great. Trade him ASAP if possible and let guys like Ervin and Aquino fight for that RF spot the rest of the season.

    Winker is another guy who needs a waking call. With guys like Trammel, Siri and the guys in AAA, no spot has to be just handled.

    • MK

      Just don’t see it happening as they have too much marketing money tied up in Puig and at the end of the day it is about the money. There is a bobblehead, Friday t-shirt promotions through the end of the season, and his charity poker event. Puig is here for the season in my thinking, deserve it or not.

      • cinvenfan

        Probably you are right. After all, it’s a business, but from a pure baseball standpoint it’d be adviceable to let ‘the kids’ play, see who might be part of the future o who doesn’t. Options and roster time are running out for some of them (Aquino, Ervin) and would be a shame to see them part for nothing and blossom elsewhere.

  5. kevinz

    Hard to tell if it is real. Seems most players numbers are up at AAA.
    Aquino I read a good report on him at the end of last year.
    Mentioned he has much better chance now since He has less Holes in his swing.
    Also said with his Work ethic plus his feel to hit that he was a player to watch this season.
    I wish i remembered which site i read this at. I know was from a Nov 2018 article though.

  6. MK

    Maybe being taken off the 40-man roster was the inspiration Aristedes needed to re-boost his prospect status.

    • cinvenfan

      You know pretty well how latin players develop. Most take a bit longer so seeing him put things together at 25 is about the norm. Hopefully it’s the case because Aquino is the perfect substitute for Puig at league minimum.

  7. CP

    Will the Reds have to do anything to keep Aquino in the system this offseason?

    • Doug Gray

      Yes. Either add him back to the 40-man roster, or he’ll become a free agent again.